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  1. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    I'm active and looking to get into competitive yugioh again! used to war a lot back in 2010-2012 with fourshot + starless
  2. League of Legends

      try to last hit as many minions as possible ALWAYS use flash unless youre playing something like hecarim / tryndamere wards are broken, use them
  3. League of Legends

    any diamonds post in here?   add me in game   Teleport N Chill
  4. League of Legends

    honestly the new top lane meta isnt a problem.  Im a top lane main and have made it from p5-->d5 since the new servers + top meta. all you really have to do is kite and dont let them get near you.  Im playing mostly gnar + lulu top lane, just position better and you should be ok   btw hit D5 :D
  5. how to sell a runescape account

    i have 65m i can sell you grimey osrs   also have a pure with 99 mage and 99 fletch with 94 range
  6. Hello Dgz!  Most of you know this already, but there is a huge tournament next weekend in Philly.  The purpose of this thread is to have easier access to players who are looking to test for the tournament.  I can easily say that is is frustrating trying to find people to play on DN right now.  I will keep this updated for everyone!   Dn Names   [DGZ] El Pinguo Matthew Monahan
  7. DG League of Legends "League"

    Hot Balls
  8. League of Legends

      just got to plat 5
  9. League of Legends

    2-8 silver 1 LMAO
  10. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    use breakthrough skill, That is what I am using and it has been amazing for me so far!
  11. Trouble Finding Motivation / Going With It

    I am curious if you tried something new after posting this   I kind of am in a similar situation.  It feels like I'm kind of trapped in a routine.  It honestly kind of sucks, but I have still found little things here and there to improve myself.
  12. League of Legends

    I really like her champion design
  13. League of Legends

    warwick is REALLY strong in solo queue.  he can get early objectives due to his AS Buff.   when you are playing warwick, you need to force fights on the bottom half of the map.     Ulting their jungler turns off the smite
  14. League of Legends

    I really think that Santorin was a really good pick up for them   CLG Zion please
  15. League of Legends

    not enough players who are plat+