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  1. Donation drive

    Will donate Thursday when i get paid.
  2. New Here

    LOL! BURN!
  3. Your current car

    Oh, wow. I must have misread that. That's very odd. 
  4. Your current car

    They usually don't use the Co-Signers credit for the loan. They still use yours, but due to bad credit they don't "expect you to pay" So they usually make sure the Co-Sign makes at least your car payment x3 monthly. (I have bad credit as well, so I know from experience.)
  5. Revealed

    kiearrawilliams is his skype btw and SuperTag is his DN
  6. Oblivion vs Revealed

    Sorry guys lost to donnie 1-2, skill drain wins games.   ggs donnie and good war
  7. Revealed

    Im back, and ready to get shit done. I finally got my internet situation figured out.