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  1. is an iPhone 6 too old for it to work normally? That's ridiculously stupid.
  2. Every time I sign in I get GPS location not found. Where is the high accuracy location option I keep hearing about?
  3. I have this same problem. What's worse is Snorlax and Chansey are the only things I need to complete the USA Dex.
  4. Came in 102/74K in the $5 one I entered winning $150. Would've been 413/154K in the Milly for $250. Highest I've ever scored in DK with 200.26.
  5. This was my cash lineup! My tourney is: Cousins Mccoy Belll DJax Gabriel Hilton Brate Robby Anderson Bucs D i ended up not cashing cause Lions and McManus sucked. Upset at cousins for not steamrolling.
  6. Luck is playing like absolute trash right now so please get your money back. Desean Jackson 80 yard bomb! I had DavJohn in every cash lineup I made (4) with Bell, hoping he atleast 2x but Palmer is worse than Luck right now. Cousins Bell Johnson Hilton Diggs Sanders Ertz McManus Lions DST is the lineup I decided to roll with.
  7. ah alright thank you. I'm trying new things.
  8. I have a few plays that I would never touch in cash. I will look into the single entry gpps though.
  9. Yea I was trying to decipher who's WR1/WR2 but idk. If I was multi entering the Milly I'd have a lot of DJax but I'm only entering 1 and not sure I can do that. Not locked on any WRs really atm.
  10. For cash that's fine no? What about Desean Jackson? Could be narrative game in a couple ways, getting more chances to catch a couple bombs in Philly. Plus aren't the Eagles good over the middle and shaky on the outside?
  11. Also I read somewhere that Antwon Blake (117/118 according to PFF) will be on Sanders at least 42% of the time.
  12. I've been following pace of play for a few weeks now and it's helpful. Market share is a lovely stat. Still trying to fully understand it. I used to read those Silva matchups but stopped. I'll start to go back to those. I wanted to find out about where they lined up cause of the DVOA vs. WR1, WR2 etc.
  13. Double posted cause I'm on mobile.
  14. Where can I find where WRs lineup most? Is that only on PFF?
  15. Username is epikoh and level 28.5.