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  1. State of the game

    Zoodiacs are everywhere, practically any viable deck needs to play them. There is a ban list coming out in a week or two but won't really change the format, and it will likely stay the same until August-September I think they announced. Zoodiac will still be used in everything and probably take up 90%+ of tops. I think this is the level that it is even more dominant than Tele-DAD back in the day, or at least at the same level. The ban list will at least make it so players don't take as ridiculously long turns just to draw a few cards. Also there are tons of hand traps, Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring is the new big one. Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit along with Ash Blossom are used about as much as Maxx "c" so practically staple in high numbers. Will often see triple Ghost Ogre, Ash Blossom, and possibly Flying "C" in main decks. Droll and Lock Bird is seeing some play as well. Since zoo came out they have dominated everything though. It has seemed like our ban lists are a few months behind the OCG. They ban a bunch of zoo cards, zoo ends up still the best deck somehow, then TCG does it several months later. A lot more cards are limited/banned in OCG and zoo is still dominating from what I've heard. I would personally wait for link format to see if the game gets any better. You could try out zoo on a duel simulator to see if you like the deck, but if you don't I would just stay out of yugioh for a while at least competitively. The other good deck that should probably be playing zoo in it as well is true draco which is just a new Apoqliphort Towers turbo type of thing where you just summon some unaffected by stuff big boss your opponent needs to have a Kaiju for.
  2. Thread Quality Control Center

    Starting to see more and more windwitch/eidolon summoner decks popping up and topping regionals. Would there be much interest in a thread for them?
  3. Going to be there playing zoo.
  4. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Zoodiac's are about to practically become a staple engine in every deck so they will likely go up pretty high in price after big tournament results start coming in based on OCG results. Also what do people think about running Coach Captain Bearman? With just a terrortop or barrage you can make multiple XYZs and draw 3 cards with a chance of a little burn damage. Drawing 3 cards seems pretty powerful though from just one, though shuffling back ratpiers with daigusto emerald is also pretty strong as you can leave one ratpier in the grave in case they break your board somehow and you can summon another zodiac to make tiger to attach ratpier from grave. Another thing we have which I believe OCG did not when zodiac's were released is norden which seems like it could be a really big deal. If they drancia pop or strike your normal summon play it may help alongside terrortop and barrage to give you follow up plays. TCG builds could potentially be more powerful than OCG builds were at full power with norden. I don't think we would get too much use out of the new level 5 fusion tuner but I could be mistaken. Extra deck space is an issue though. Going to be taking this deck to ycs seattle in a week and haven't really playtested at all so the above is mainly just theory-oh. Looking at OCG builds playing cards like ghost ogre or my body as a shield in the main deck just seems really strange. Fobidden chalice is also interesting, does anyone have any suggestions about the best time to hit them with cards such as chalice or ghost ogre if they try to make a ratpier play?
  5. Darklord - Discussion

    I could have sworn kristya was semi-limited for some reason but guess I was wrong. I like the idea of just running 3 kristya and no vanity's fiend, think I will test it. I like at least 2 copies of rebellion though, I found myself banishing both traps very frequently with desires when I just played 1 of each. Also how is 3 desires? Do you think we should just play 3 anyway regardless of the very high chance of drawing 2 copies with all the draw power our deck has? Another thing is maybe going to 41 to play an upstart goblin would be a good idea unless you think the life point difference is relevant. In the past going over 40 with upstart was like blasphemy to me, but now it is a card that can get banished by desires that you don't care at all about. Also the defensive celestial transformation seems a bit weak to me as they can just run over the kristya.
  6. Darklord - Discussion

    It might be interesting if you have a hand with just a darklord banishment and not much else going for you. Could also tribute the summoned monster for vanity's field or kristya. I think summoning kristya off of this would probably be bad though since it would get top-decked at the end phase right?
  7. Darklord - Discussion

    I'm enjoying this deck quite a bit. I'm playing 2 kristya and 2 vanity's fiend in my build at the moment. Kristya can also be dumped by twin twister which can be pretty relevant. I've been running 2 call of the haunted in my build though which has synergy with kristya but is pretty terrible when going second and gives your opponent something to actually hit with their twin twisters. Was considering cutting them. For those playing Morningstar (I am as well), how often do you find yourself actually using it? Kuribandit is a neat idea though, would be interesting to try out.
  8. YCS Bochum 2016

    I heard there was a BA deck and a zombie turbo synchro deck.
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I mainly play yugioh but have been pretty hype for the new hearthstone set. Might try to start posting in here more and seeing archetype threads to discuss techs and things for certain deck types might be interesting. Thing's like MC tech and dirty rat techs in reno decks. Even just sharing interesting articles things from other sites and then making a discussion about it here. Currently at rank 6 with renomage and having a lot of fun. Feel like it has a really good pirate matchup. Adding in antonidas and alexstraza help massively to close out games against jade druid and adding 2-3 fireballs to your hand can deter a renolock from dropping jaraxxus. I'm mainly a miracle rogue player though (c'thun miracle rogue was my favorite, and actually managed to get to legend with it) and the last few months I haven't bothered to grind the higher ranks though the new set has me hyped. I admit in the past I've gotten hyped for new set release and play like crazy then ladder way less often in the months after. Have wanted to start going to some of the fireside gatherings and things with friends though, I think tournament preparation and choosing deck types for the tournament meta vs ladder would be some pretty good discussion topics. Or even testing in tournament formats.
  10. I have a ruling question concerning the effects of the new Darklord monsters to "target 1 "Darklord" Spell/Trap Card in your Graveyard; apply that target's effect, then shuffle that target into the Deck." For example, Darklord Ixchel includes this effect. The question I have is do you need to pay the cost of the Darklord Spell/Trap card when you use a Darklord monster's effect to "apply that target's effect" for a Darklord spell/trap card that is in your graveyard. I was not sure if would work similarly to how Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude's effect gets around paying the cost of a spell through his effect. Darklord use the wording "apply that target's effect", whereas Diamond Dude's wording is "activate the effect". I am not sure if the way it is worded makes a difference or not. Thank you for any answers.
  11. Kozmo - Discussion

    There has not been too much discussion here lately but an interesting built popped up at a YCS. This build looks pretty interesting as it does not play demise or fire king island but instead runs 3 kaiju main-decked. This is a pretty interesting way to play the deck and may get even better after ABCs come out.
  12. Hi, so the card text is as follows: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/King's_Consonance Trap: When an opponent's monster declares a direct attack: Negate the attack, then you can apply the rest of this card's effect. Banish 1 Tuner monster and any number of non-Tuner monsters from your Graveyard, whose total Levels equal 8 or less, and if you do, Special Summon from your Extra Deck 1 Synchro Monster whose Level equals the total Levels of those banished monsters. (This Special Summon is treated as a Synchro Summon.) My question about this card is would you get to perform the Synchro Summon if the attack is not negated. For example if Player A attacks with Kozmo Farmgirl and Player B activates King's Consonance, then Player A activates Farmgirl's effect to banish itself in response to the activation of King's Consonance. Since Farmgirl is not on the field, would King's Consonance be unable to apply the rest of the effect since it did not negate the attack similar to how Swift Scarecrow does not work if it does not negate the attack? Thank you for any clarification. Edit: Sorry for double-post.
  13. ABC - Discussion

    Thoughts on running traptrix rafflesia with a bottomless trap hole and/or floodgate trap hole and/or time-space trap hole? It would give an option for a defensive rank 4 XYZ as a turn 1 play.
  14. A lot of the old traps that saw play such as Mirror force, dimensional prison, compulsory evacuation device, bottomless trap hole, and many other traps that used to see play in many decks aren't seeing a lot of play anymore. There are some dedicated trap/floodgate decks that essentially use traps to stop their opponent from playing many of their cards such macro cosmos, lose a turn, vanity's emptiness, and also anti-spell fragrance for stopping pendulum decks from setting their scales. Traps too have experienced a little bit of power creep with cards like solemn strike, the new mirror force cards, and also some archetype specific traps such as kozmojo, and psy-frame overload. This card is also coming out soon which could lock a player out of their extra decks for a turn which is brutal for a deck that completely relies upon summoning one type of monster such as XYZs: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Dimension_Barrier Spell and trap removal has also seen some new useful cards released such as twin twisters being a big one. Cosmic cyclone, galaxy cyclone, ghost ogre and snow rabbit, and typhoon were some of the cards that have been released. A lot of decks also have very easy access to any card in their archetype and duels can sometimes become resource games where a player might exhaust their resources in the deck. "Making a board" is basically summoning a lot of monsters in a single turn often including some sort of boss monster with a built in negation effect that could negate spells or monster effect or some other way of disrupting the opponent on their turn, essentially preventing them from making plays. Many boss monsters have built-in negation and others have mentioned some specific card names already.