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  1. Lost

    soul charge?
  2. nice meeting you sorry about how day 2 went
  3. HERO Deck VS. Pepe (REVISED)

      90% of what he said is anecdotal shit and it really says nothing about why he played those certain cards     ninjuh is actually correct here, that's an awful example. There's a whole lot a text and a huge lack of actual content, and a few flawed arguments. Most of that post is explaining why he's not running a lot of bad choices, but there's not so much explaining why he choose the bad choices he did, or rather there's text about them but it's far from convincing and he has not presented a clear goal or win condition for the deck or how to achieve it. And things like why he's running exactly 3 traps in a meta full of dragonpit magician isn't mentioned at all.   you seem to have a poor understanding of that deskbot deck the traps are in there to back naturia beast up and going into nat beast is one of that decks primary goals.
  4. Majespecter Discussion

     I actually think wanting to go first is one of this decks biggest strengths and it should prolly be built with that in mind. taking advantage of the fact that people are going to make you go first is pretty big game.
  5. Arg Anaheim CA November 21-22

    does anyone know where I can find Calvin Tahan's list? He said on stream it would be posted tonight but I checked the top 16 lists and its not there...
  6. Why Do You Still Play Yu-Gi-Oh??

    because I get to travel to red roof inn's in places like nashville and detroit
  7. Harpist Harpies

    I would prolly try and fit in a Pleiades into the extra because sometimes you are forced into going first and you dont really have a solid play but going chann into ptol into pleiades  is pretty solid and if you ditch a harpist you can search another one and that sets you up with 2 searches before your next turn. I would also try and fit in dire wolf. 
  8. Clownblade

     you cannot make delteros as easy as diamond dire that actually makes no sense at all and your logic for not running cowboy is terrible considering time is a thing and im sure that some times you leave them at 800 or less lol. also delteros and diamond dire are not comparable at all the reason for running direwolf is mainly that you can clear a backrow for free or almost free then continue with your turn delteros is a bomb the cards have completely diff purposes in this deck.
  9. Clownblade

    I understand space is tight but I would really try to find space for dire wolf and cowboy dire just comes up in so many niche scenarios and it can be super free in this deck. as for cowboy extra deck burn is actually just so absurd it is very hard to justify not playing it in any deck with easy access to it.
  10. New format HAT

    no emeral?
  11. there is a toxic anti-sportsmanship attitude at high levels in all of these tcg's. Like yeah you could try to tilt your opponent and make the game miserable or you could just try and play better than them this whole every little edge thing is just crazy. Also I'm not sure why but for some reason people feel like they are entitled to win in a game with variance. No one deserves to win a game you dont deserve to win if your opponent is worse than you. 
  12. arg charlotte

    all I called him out for was being a hypocrite by saying he did not do scummy things by pointing out an extremely scummy thing he did that you know he did because you were sitting behind him that entire match. The image he was creating of himself in this thread does not fall in line at all with what he did at edison.He is 15 years old sure but that does not make him immune to criticism hopefully he can learn and grow from this.
  13. albums or ep's you revisit

    I hate my friends by the front bottoms. the idler wheel by fiona apple. first band on the moon by the cardigans.
  14. arg charlotte

    I'm sure this was said by Nicky during that time when he hated me because he was so very sure I was a savage thief/cheater/whatever I was being accused of that he has since conceded, so he thought I was an easy fall man, but I didn't take part in any of Nicky's deck building or discussion for that event at all. Every single one of them hated me at the time and the only person from my locals I ever even said one word to was Ryan.   Again, I'm not mad at him for saying that as I'm sure I was an easy fall guy, but whatever is being stated as being "my idea" was most certainly not as I was privately playing a Kuribandit deck and had tested nor theoried with literally anybody.   Just squashing that rumor off the bat. I can empathize with Nick's saying Naveen was a bye because he's from our area and they play at regionals a lot. They aren't friends, per say, but they are certainly acquaintances and I joke around with people of a similar relationship the same way all the time. Kind of how before Phinney and I became friends, we would always call each other utter shit. No smiles, matter of fact dry tones, but it was still clear to both of us that that was just what our relationship together was and there was no actual malice. Maybe Naveen decided to get offended, which is his right and all, but I'll go ahead and defend Nicky (even though he was so quick to throw me under the bus back then) and say that I think I can assume from his nature that he wasn't actually BMing per say.   Also, Paraliel, I don't mean this to be disrespectful, but I actually have no idea who you are. I'm sure there's a large chance we've met irl based on your activity, but I am just very terrible at user name/irl name association. Of all the people I've ever met and played against, I think that there are maybe a grand total of three that actually dislike me/playing against me. I'm sure it seems easy to say with me being me and all, but I honestly believe that I am one of the fairest and most pleasant opponents anyone could ask for, with regards to the game itself. Essentially, I find it surprising that you even think what you think, and am hoping to gain a better understanding as to why you think so. I want to clarify that I understand why people dislike me online and on here; that's anything BUT uncalled for. I've just never seen myself as an anti-fun person to play against at events.   well the main problem is that he agreed to side out emptiness for the match then he sided it back in.
  15. arg charlotte

      What was being said??   when he got the table he looked at Naveen and said "oh look a bye" which is funny considering he lost despite scumming super hard.