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  1. i think malcolm is vanilla town
  2. i dislike the majority of you
  3. It would be really funny if broken and walia flipped scum again
  4. You’re bad at mafia just admit it
  5. My win percentage is higher than slickz kill nelscum
  6. 1) this was posted already by the org bot 2) this list is good
  7. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Having access to rabbit and ferret with rescute gives you a new direction for the deck I'll probably have to revise the OP now to warrant the changes but emeral ban should not hurt combining ability as it was basically just an extender. We still draw cards with ningrisu
  8. ama

    What did u do to be a contributor it's secretly the best user group
  9. Blue Eyes White Dragon

    Do not listen to the antagonist he is a liar this card is rare, there are only three of them in the world. Please cherish
  10. Mafia Statistics

    My win % is 1 point higher so fuck the king
  11. Arbitrary Mafia Power Rankings

    Thank Malcolm how nice