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  1. have fun guys!!
  2. I still haven't bought / played ashes yet lol i beat the game twice on my friend's PS4 version but when I moved out and got it on pc I got to pontiff and said fuck it lol
  3. claim: i'm not playing this game because im still banned but if i was playing i did not poop the bed. im a good boy.
  4. you want to take away solid monster that you have to flip to resolve over cards that are costless +1s? faith is checked by being a flip-effect, being hit by noc, and being sucked up by ter. normally you want to set faith when you have a trinity piece to get back obviously, but it has other functionality than just getting a spell back. being a relevant level 1 for meta and a light for bls makes it a pretty important staple of the format. the only way to beat cards like duo and pot is to either hard counter them or have sinister so duo is only a 1 for 1. i don't think anyone ever wants to solemn judgment or magic drain a pot of greed. graceful charity is checked by itself. you can activate it whenever you want sure, but you only get a plus from it if you sinister or cards that you are ok with discarding because you have things like call or prema in your hand.
  5. i think this deck is good because it takes my three favorite film series (godzilla / star wars / the wizard of oz) and uses them in my favorite game (yu-gi-oh) no fixes good job 10/10 rf my deck?
  6. duo is arguably more degenerate than pot yes. pot at least can get you back into the game if your low on cards. multiple activations of the card push it over the edge. first turn pot is pretty strong, but it's not as strong as forcing your opponent to play down 2 cards. still both of the cards are pretty annoying to play to against and don't really reward rich play experience imo goat(-) attempts to kind of solve the issue that normal goats has with all of this oppressive cards being legal, while retaining the feeling that you are still able to do powerful stuff. so yeah, i'd say there is merit to playing it. it's kinda like newgioh just without any new cards added
  7. 1) fuck you for not know who Michael Jordan is 2) please fucking leave this website
  8. damn smash'd can't let a man cook anymore can ya
  9. i made another 1000 posts apparently from January 6th to today normally i would mark such an even with Photoshop job of references to classic posts i've made in the time frame it took to get to another 1000 posts however, the majority of these posts were made from mafia (which we all know is ruining dgz as a place where we help and support each other) and i don't feel like going back and digging up all my best mafia posts in lieu of an image, here is a video that accurately represents my time on duelistgroundz during my last 1000 posts cheers queers! hi nelrick!
  10. you can do that it just cost mucho dinero my mans