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  1. 3 of these so your opponent can just never summon a monster
  2. I wanna go 4/4
  3. Unvote lynch tyranno vote lynch mark
  4. Boy I'm bout to do it
  5. not having 30+ page day 1s is for pussy mafia player tbh
  6. im honestly super concerned at my own sanity as i can't bring myself to vote for mark rn
  7. vig should shoot someone right now like juan or silver dude or some shit just cause i wanna make sure we kill scum today and vig = scum (you can't shoot mark cause he'll kick the gun out of your hand) (you won't shoot faint, slickz, or me because we're cute)
  8. #3 i hate this game
  9. franky change your vote to t-rex unless you hiding something from us ? idk is it majority or plurality? many questions
  10. mark's stupidity doesn't necessarily make him scum, neither does having access to a QT weird because im usually the one who wants to kill mark, but i think tyranno is still priority numero uno mark is 4th on my lynch order
  11. suck me off
  12. jizz and murk are in a qt together why are we killin bombed boys