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  1. I've always wanted yugioh to have something like this, and I think the implementation of the battle packs and the draft format for the ycs was done kinda poorly i like the idea of a moden masters sort of set like you suggested. There definitely should be a mix of good cards in the set though to go along with the archetypes i think board centric archtypes are the way the way to go for this. Things like glads, black wing, fire fist, infernity, monarchs could work. You could also have Geargia, gadgets, machina, t.g., plant support, dinosaurs. Not sure what is the best combination of all these I think something like burning abyss and zodiac should be avoided based on just how powerful the things that these archtypes do. Obviously you could just curb what cards they get, but if you have to do that then why would you include them in the first place right?
  2. good games sharpman! really cool deck too
  3. i want 1 2 :^)
  4. welcome @Santy Klaus to the club!
  5. lol i really am bad
  6. i forgot why we wanted to kill you n1 slickz lol i know that we talked about killing malcolm n2 but then faint claimed and markus was outed as vig sooooooo
  7. welcome to the team @I3lacky123 ! also, week 3 vs. Pacific State
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  9. Banned to mvp and I got to beat Malcolm in the end you can't write this shit
  10. Suck it
  11. I'm not doing any kind of trick play either I'm sitting here nailing scum so comfident in yourself that you think you have this game wrapped up
  12. I'm not doing any kind of trick play either I'm sitting here nailing scum so comfident in yourself that you think you have this game wrapped up
  13. Like you actually had the post ready just in case you didn't get nk'd? Or did you type that up during the night phase since your scum buddy hammered himself
  14. Vote Malcolm idk why scum hasn't folded honestly. I guess you actually believe that you can continue pedal bullshit and get monahan to hammer the wrong person.
  15. ok i have some dumb questions about this dumb card that makes no sense to me 1) if i activate it, give my opponent a field spell, can i activate the field spell that i set? can my opponent activate the field spell i set on their field? 2) if there are two field spells set from Set Rotation, can i use another Set Rotation to set another two field spells on top of those?