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  1. make enough money so i can buy all the ygo decks from 2008/2009 max rarity and be the ygo baller i always dreamed i'd be
  2. [Current + Goat] Iocane Immunity

  3. the saddest part about this is that you all, and now me, are posting on duelistgroundz.com in the year 2019
  4. I have tried using google and eBay but have had zero luck. im looking to purchase the player’s choice anime deck boxes they look like this (see below) pleae if anyone can get me in touch with an outlet who has them or if you have them I’m buying. Thanks!
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    The silver thing haha my goal was to win best girl day one and then join scum and probably eat a lynch for them so I didn’t have to play anymore lol Dang
  6. persona 5 mafia aftergame

  7. he's gotta concentrate on reading and driving at the same time, it's hard to replay on top of that
  8. Jazz turned into me this game cool