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  1. joke ------------- your head
  2. the game is over stop fucking talking about it you nerds holy shit
  3. @ACP requesting ban mafia is POS REP ONLY ZONE
  4. i don't even like my cat he's an asshole who won't get out of my chair i pop balloons baby A) cause you're a bad guy B) i said he's cool
  5. start posting about ygo or get the fuck off this site
  6. that was pskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk im sorry kiss me
  7. db says him, kahu, and malcom are all on the same alignment if we believe him that makes malcom and kahu town at the very least it makes just kahu town, and blaze said that him and malcom are town to cover themselves i don't suspect this is what happened so maybe killing malcom down the line isn't the worst idea solstice is the best lynch today tho
  8. w/e dude man bro go watch a shitty fuckin star war lynch order should go solstice, soph, blaze, psk and if that shit ain't workin then kill me. again lol
  9. guys i think i actually like mark now but my objective is to still kill him in every game we play together
  10. cum town: gems, antag, faint, kahu, malcom, nelrick mascis, me. , islickz scum butts: solstice, soph possible buttfaces: darkblaze, psk darkblaze could be a big liar with the alignment nonsense, psk's role causes confusion and doesn't necessarily mean that he's town
  11. did slickz claim or did i miss it?
  12. i should have used the vig shot on myself