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  1. I have tried using google and eBay but have had zero luck. im looking to purchase the player’s choice anime deck boxes they look like this (see below) pleae if anyone can get me in touch with an outlet who has them or if you have them I’m buying. Thanks!
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    The silver thing haha my goal was to win best girl day one and then join scum and probably eat a lynch for them so I didn’t have to play anymore lol Dang
  3. persona 5 mafia aftergame

  4. he's gotta concentrate on reading and driving at the same time, it's hard to replay on top of that
  5. Jazz turned into me this game cool
  6. congrats to loli for coming out
  7. P sure I just had you as a good day one Lynch your votes put you as town to me.
  8. This is true although i don’t think I’m dumb enough to out myself as day like the majority of you seem to have concluded
  9. Fuck could be Soph in scum as well
  10. Vote Count: ZeroPassion (7): Slickz, Walia, Solstice, Wunter, Faint, Soph, PSK Malcolm (4): JC, Jazz, LFN, Silver Silver (2): ZP, Mascis mascis (1): Malcolm EoD vote counts, I think maybe 1 scum buses zp here. Willing to put my money on solstice town slickz jc faint walia wunter lean town soph jazz lfn maybe scum solatice antag p sure scum Silver hazz malcolm I hate mobile vote malcolm
  11. Probably, which sucks since it’s a mislynch
  12. Still going off day one and I still don’t like his play regardless. Im pretty pot committed at this point to back off now but he probably is the person I’d kill last now instead of first. That ship has sailed
  13. Been very off base in my other reads fortunately better players than me are town and are doing a good job, however some of the direction is ofF imo
  14. Probably kill malcolm i still think silver is a good kill
  15. Everyone is equal Love everyone Thanks