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  1. SPYRAL - Discussion

    I had a big thread explaining each card but it got deleted, so here is the half-assed version just for the sake of having a thread. I'm going to work on re-writing this, but I lost two hours of work today and I don't want to not have a thread up since this deck is going to be pretty important very soon. Thanks for understanding! S P Y R A L SPYRAL was a previous TCG exclusive theme based off of James Bond lore. The Deck revolves around spying on the top cards of your opponent's deck to generate advantage by searching for cards and summoning monsters. Like all modern decks, you are attempting to build a board in which your opponent can't break. If they don break it, you can simply go off again since you gained so much card advantage. DECK B R E A K D O W N Your goal turn one to summon SPYRAL Quick-Fix to search SPYRAL GEAR-Drone, then summon Drone and look at the top three cards of your opponent's deck. From there you can go into Spyral Double Helix ---> Double Helix allows you to get SPYRAL Master Plan from your deck ---> Master Plan leads to Resort ---> Which leads you to the boss monster, Sleeper ---> Your goal is to end with Sleeper equipped with Last Resort. Last Resort not only protects Sleeper, buy allows you target Sleeper for his own effect and not have Sleeper be destroyed due to Last Resort and destroying up to two cards your opponent controls at a quick effect. The deck is effective in summoning tons of Links and has a great chunk of support options that you can play around with. Here is an in-depth guide created by The Organization that explains the Double Helix combos better than i can via text: S A M P L E DECKLIST MONSTER CARDS (19): 3 SPYRAL GEAR – Drone 3 SPYRAL Quik-Fix 1 Maxx “C” 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort 3 SPYRAL Super Agent 1 SPYRAL Master Plan 1 SPYRAL Sleeper 3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson SPELL CARDS (21): 1 Foolish Burial 3 Machine Duplication 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Soul Charge 3 Terraforming 1 One for One 3 Set Rotation 3 SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red 3 SPYRAL Resort 1 Oracle of Zefra 1 Dragon Ravine TRAP CARDS (2): 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire 1 SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue EXTRA DECK (15): 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Decode Talker 3 SPYRAL Double Helix 3 Proxy Dragon 1 Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior 2 Decode Talker 1 Borreload Dragon 2 Firewall Dragon
  2. Dragonball Fighterz

    I don’t think trunks is the worst character in the game cell is overall super solid and has no glaring weaknesses but I wouldn’t rank him as the best character I think Goku Black is easy to use and better than cell most of the time. Hit is up there but I’m not solid with is inputs so I dont think I’m maxing the value out of him Android 16 is pretty insane tho. Like his level 3 is dope and he just has great buttons Goku is another overall solid choice, Vageta has probably one of the best assist i wish 18 was better than she is, her level 3 I feel like just doesn’t hit as hard as others in the game. Still th character I’ve played the most of tho lol. Andriod 21 is super fun to play with. The grab attack to steal things is actually just a sick move on it’s own that I wish I always had access to. I wanna play more with Frieza and Adult Gohan. Ive not touched kid buu, nor either of the SSBs cause I haven’t unlocked them
  3. WORLD CHALICE World Chalice (or in OCG, Stargrail) is a new archetype introduced in Code of the Duelist. The World Chalice archetypes takes full advantage of the new link mechanic to build a board of monsters that can float into more World Chalice monsters when they are sent to the Graveyard. These Link Monsters also have pretty good effects, and World Chalice is very good at summoning these specific Link Monsters. Essentially, welcome to our new Link Overlords.dek. The common misconception about Link monsters is that they will slow the game down. While not exactly the opposite, Konami has done a tremendous job at introducing an entirely new mechanic and keeping the speed of the game about the same. Normal World Chalice Monsters These cards are actually pretty vital to the deck’s success. You need to be at minimum playing 3 Beckoned. Chosen and Crowned are not as strong, but Chosen can be summoned through Emergency Teleport. World Chalice Effect Monsters Lee is the deck's Stratos and the card that either helps you combo off, or set you up for the next turn. You are mainly searching World Legacy. Sometimes you can use it's other effect to discard a Gaurdragon and add Lee back to your hand, allowing you to use Gaurdragon's graveyard effect. Legacy is just as important as Lee. These two cards are basically what allow you to go off and end with a board of 3-4 Link Monsters. Legacy is also resilient in that it can search another copy of itself if your opponent manages to break your board. You can also use it's effect when your opponent summons a monster form the extra deck to Gaurdragon is a very linear hand trap that can only protect your link monsters. However, he seconded effect allows you to extend your combos by summoning a normal monster back from your graveyard. Non-World Chalice Monsters Venus and Shine Ball are absolute musts for the deck. They basically are the combo cards that allow you to create the strong first turn boards for the deck. Honestly, not seeing Venus in your opening 5 makes the game pretty difficult to win outright. For now, Gofu is another solid option for the deck. Despite it being a one card Link 3 monsters without using your normal summon, Gofu's end results don't quite hit as high of a ceiling as venus. Rescue Rabbit and Ferret can find you more monsters to make Links with. These aren't necessarily essential monsters for the deck, but they do provide some good support if your draws are not combo card heavy. Extra Deck Monsters Imduk is such a great card for your combos. The extra normal summon allows you to advance your board nicely. Even though the arrow on this card is terrible, Imduk is one of the key cards in the World Chalice extra deck. Ib is another essential combo piece, as it it's easy to summon and allows you to access to great Link points, giving you access to more extra deck monsters. It is also an excellent wall that can protect the monsters it points to, then you can summon another World Chalice monster! Yet another combo extender due to his effect, but also Auram has the best arrows as far as your World Chalice monsters go. He special summons ANY monster in the grave by the way, meaning that you can bring back dead Firewall Dragons or other good stuff that you just happen to throw in there. When combo'd correctly, you are going to draw three cards off of this guy right here. His effect to send to the graveyard does not target either. Basically, the Boss monster of the World Chalice is insanely good. You actually have to run 1-2 Proxy Dragons in order to combo correctly with the deck. Being a generic Link 2 means that you don't have to stress about using different types / attributes for IB. Proxy is also generally decent card to protect key cards on your board, while also triggering World Chalice GY effects. Since you are playing Normal World Chalice Monsters and Shine Balls, Link Spider allows you to have access to a Link Zone if nothing else, or turn that Normal Monster into an Effect Monster to continue comboing with. You can also get mileage out of it's effect if you open normal monster heavy. Most Link decks so far have been using him as an additional combo extended, getting out 2 of him and having one act as a Kirin. World Chalice avoids this by just having him be a Kirin for 2. Firewall Dragon is extremely powerful turn one, and luckily he is hard to get rid of in this deck. Emeral is needed to give a +4 overall. heard that drawing cards was good. Key Spells Heart allows you to recoever lost World Chalice combo pieces if they get negated, or just after you used them so that you retain even more card advantage. Thought it isn't a Rota or Barrage, it does also protect your link monsters from battle, which is extremely useful given that your goal is to end with as many links as you can. Transmodify is an absolute must in Venus based builds. It essentially functions the same as it would in Agent decks of old, however this time instead of setting up one boss monster it leads you to about a +4 overall. In the normal monster heavy version, these cards are useful in starting your combos. If you are playing a version of the deck with Rabbits and Ferrets, you probably want this card. Especially in a version with Venus as you can go ahead and do Venus shenanigans then search your Rescue friends and make even more plays. Key Combos So what are these +4 combos I keep mentioning. Well, this deck has a few two card combos that end with 7 cards in hand and a substantial board. Venus + Legacy = (1) Summon Venus -> 3 Shine Balls (2) Shine Ball -> Imduk (3) Imduk extra summon Legacy by tributing a Shine Ball (4) Legacy+ Imduk-> Aurum (5) Legacy effect -> Lee + Beckoned (6) Lee effect search another Beckoned (7) Aurum's effect pop Lee -> SS Imduk from GY (8) Imduk + Shine Ball -> Ib (9) Imduk effect SS Beckoned from hand (10) Overlay 2 Beckoneds for Emeral (11) Emeral draw effect -> Shuffle all 3 Shine Balls back. (+1) (12) Venus -> SS 2 Shine Balls (13) Emeral + Shine Ball -> 2nd Ib (14) Venus -> SS last Shine Ball (15) Venus + Shine Ball [next to Venus] -> Proxy Dragon (16) Shine Ball -> Imduk (17) Proxy Dragon + Imduk -> Ningirsu. Effect. (+3) (18) Aurum + Ningirsu -> Firewall Dragon Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Ib | Firewall Dragon | Ib Extra Monster = None 7 Card in Hand This same combo can be accomplished with Lee + Transmodify. Lee can search Legacy for you if you don't have it in your hand. ------------------------------------------------ Gofu + Legacy = (1) Special Summon Gofu -> Effect to special summon two tokens (2) Token -> Link Spider (3) Normal summon Legacy tributing Gofu (4) Legacy + Link Spider -> Ib (5) Legacy effect -> Lee and Guardragon (6) Lee effect, search any Normal World Chalice (7) Ib + Gaurdragon -> Auram (8) Ib effect -> SS Normal World Chalice from hand (9) Auram effect, tribute Lee -> SS Ib from GY (10) 2nd Token -> Link Spider (11) Link Spider + Auram -> Ningirsu. Effect. (+2) (12) Normal World Chalice + Ningirsu -> Firewall Dragon (13) Banish Gaurdragon from GY -> SS Normal World Chailce from GY (14) Normal World Chalice -> Link Spider Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Empty | Firewall Dragon | Ib Extra Monster = Link Spider 5 Cards in Hand ------------------------------------------------ Venus + Legacy + Any Monster = (1) Summon Venus -> 3 Shine Balls (2) Shine Ball -> Imduk (3) Imduk extra summon Legacy by tributing a Shine Ball (4) Legacy+ Imduk-> Aurum (5) Legacy effect -> Lee + Beckoned (6) Lee effect search another Beckoned (7) Shine Ball -> Imduk (8) Imduk + Lee -> Ib (9) Imduk eff -> SS Beckoned from hand (10) Overlay Beckoneds -> Emeral (11) Emeral draw effect -> 3 Shine Balls (+1) (12) Venus effect -> 2 Shine Balls (13) Shine Ball + Emeral -> 2nd Ib (14) Venus effect -> 1 Shine Ball (15) Venus + Shine Ball -> Proxy Dragon (16) Shine Ball -> Imduk (17) Lee GY effect, Discard the monster you had to add Lee back (18) Imduk + Proxy Dragon -> Ningirsu. Effect CL 1, Imduk effect CL 2. SS Lee from hand and then draw (+3) (19) Lee + Ningirsu -> Firewall Dragon Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Ib| Firewall Dragon | Ib Extra Monster = Auram 7 Cards in Hand *** Once Tri-Gate Wizard is legal, you can continue to this field *** (20) Firewall Dragon effect -> Get back two World Chalice monsters to your hand (one of which should be a Normal Monster) (21) Firewall + Ib -> Tri-Gate Wizard (22) Ib effect -> SS a World Chalice monster from hand (23) Auram effect, tribute that World Chalice monster -> SS Firewall Dragon from GY (effect reset) (24) Auram + Ib -> SS 2nd Firewall Dragon (1 Link) (25) Ib/Auram effect -> SS Normal World Chalice monster from hand (26) Normal World Chalice Monster -> Link Spider (to extra monster zone) Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Firewall Dragon | Tri-gate Wizard | Firewall Dragon Extra Monster = Link Spider 7 Cards in Hand Other Options The Predaplant + Brillaint engine gives you more resources to pull from, allowing you to play through traps. Invoked Gives you access to an additonal toolbox of monsters. Since the World Chalice monsters are all different Attributes, you can do your combos of summoning Link Monsters, then Banisher Aliiester and whatever World Chalice monster to summon things like Raiden and Mechaba for an additional boss monster / disruption. Essentially, there are a couple different ways to go about constructing World Chalice, and it's pretty much up to the deck builder about what they want from the deck. You should start all your lists with: Sample Builds:
  4. "Best" Game

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is the best piece of art the meduim of video games has produced. This is unquestionable
  5. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    Japnick is so fucking regular lmaooooooo
  6. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    its a job and it's better than working in the racism factory (no health insurance)
  7. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    Go off pimp
  8. what

  9. i started to really like the cure and joy division

    Listen to migos
  10. Best Manga

    Read one piece

    Of course silverdude is a member of a website called pissedoff.net
  12. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Yeah no you’re right which is why it’s Lisa funny people debate these movies and the superhero movies so much. These movies have surface level depth despite their huge budgets like we are debating merits of a movie with a giant dog man as one of its heroes, this isn’t hamlet lol
  13. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    I’m talkin bout Star Wars as a whole
  14. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Tbh these movies are bad and have always been bad but they are enjoyable, popular, and make a shit load of money
  15. [Current/Goat] Hang Wire (ESPN2)

    reggie has been through the wire
  16. Name/DGz username: Lucas Henigan / Mascis What year did you start playing YGO? What year did you join DGz? Yugi 2002. Dgz 2009 What credentials and achievements do you have in YGO? - Dgz 2014 Exarion Goats Tournament Runner-Up - Alpha Omega Memorial Tournament Winner - A guy who worked on "Newgioh" What hours are you generally available to commentate? What hours will you be able to commentate on the following days: March 10-11, March 23-31? Weekdays currently, after 9PM EST March 10-11, All day both days March 23-31, After 7 PM EST on the Weekdays, All day on the weekends What is the best kind of YGO commentary in your opinion? What kind of commentary do you think you are best at? Informative while also being somewhat entertaining. You should be competent enough actually recognize the multiple lines of play and call out what each player is trying to do. Also tell a story, get viewers invested in players. I think i'm ok with the former and a bit better with the latter. What else do you think you can bring to the table as a commentator? i'll take it seriously, but i'll still make it fun. Also i'm not Shane.
  17. frogman is the shadow the hedgehog of goat format
  18. dude fuck the beatles

    Paul McCartney - so fuckin cool musical genius Manlet great voice great hair great face cool friends loves sheep John Lennon - Marxist Leninist weirdo glasses nerd way too into walruses is abusive but has cool T-shirt’s smokes pounds of kush George Harrison - pretty boy good attitude went to India a bunch and became a Buddhist reached nirvana invented Nirvana floated into space Ringo Starr - badass name fucking sick schnoze funny as fuck got these fuckin crazy blisters on his fingers from drumming like a freak has huge schlong fucks everyday really good at art together they are the best pop band of all time
  19. Dragonball Fighterz

    Gonna pick it up on pc lol ((((((obvi gonna play 18))))))))
  20. Great coverage for a great event. I'm more than happy to help commentate future events.
  21. arcade fire is the best band of the 21st century

    a bunch of hacks
  22. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    People should just listen to me cause I’m always right /thread for real though I’m not great at really explaining why I think the way I do on people most of the time other than “I read his posts, he’s the most scum”. Mechanics / setups I’m better with.
  23. New Years Mafia

    I did it by not doing it