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  1. United States Presidential Election

    I assume you're a troll, but there's a portion of people who actually believe this, they feel like us minorities have taken their country from them.
  2. United States Presidential Election

    Open (State-sanctioned) discrimination against the LGBTQ community, under the guise of religious liberty?
  3. United States Presidential Election

    As much as I criticize America, I've never been scared in my own country, race relations have gotten worse under Obama, and I'm not blaming him, I just don't see a world where they get better under Trump. My real concern is the validated white nationalists, xenophobes, homophobes, sexists, religious fundamentalists, the deplorables who feel like their message won, and it has. If you're a part of any minority some portion of supporters have disdain for you, how do you resolve this with the free, accepting, smelting pot America is supposed to be?
  4. United States Presidential Election

    I'm really not sure how to feel, I have started typing out a bunch of responses, I just don't know. In some respect America is getting what it deserves, but then I remember the real world consequences of this.
  5. United States Presidential Election

    Citizens who've paid their debt to society, voted, how controversial.
  6. United States Presidential Election

    Expected more Winter gloating in here.
  7. United States Presidential Election

    Fear politics wins again.
  8. United States Presidential Election

    So I'm voting for hillary because it's very likely that Colorado decides the election, and as much as I hate hillary, Donald Trump and his supporters are fucking insane, just thought I'd alert you guys that I'm a raging hypocrite.
  9. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Citra exists, but it's not good by any stretch.
  10. United States Presidential Election

    None of this actually matters, she won't be indicted before November 8th, and Obama can pardon her if the conviction comes down before Jan 19, after that she gets to hire all her would be investigators to positions of power and it goes away. Also the American public don't actually care, November 9th and you're average American goes back to ignoring politics for another 4 years.
  11. United States Presidential Election

    Voter suppression is not a thing. The current DNC head conspired with the media to give Hillary an advantage during the debates, in the emails they mention how they scheduled things in order to benefit hillary, the Hillary campaign also conspired with the media to smear Bernie, she also lied throughout about her positions on things in order to appear to be more left than Bernie because she would have lost campaigning from the right. So i guess the question is, if none of these things affected the primary why would she do them? The problem is the media is so corrupt, and our democracy is so corrupt that we've been taught to believe corruption is normal, lying, cheating, suppressing the vote, are just normal facets of our so called democracy.
  12. United States Presidential Election

    She stole the primary from the man who should be our President.
  13. United States Presidential Election

    I guess I'm just confused why you believe anything a proven liar says.
  14. United States Presidential Election

    A quick google shows he was: Anti the whole transgender bathroom Anti the repeal of dodt Anti a law protecting LGBT in a work place. I guess the real question, is how do you call yourself an ally of the LGBT community when you openly oppose it's equal protection? Being forced into something by your constituents, is not a sign of support.