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  1. Watch Dogs

    You can buy the parts from Pawn Shops in the city.   Other than that, try not to attract the attention of the cops.   And Blocker/Spike upgrades are needed to continue (especially in the car chase parts) unless you are some amazing driver or are willing to spend lots of them on the chases with only crashing into the enemy or traffic lights as your options.
  2. Watch Dogs

    @Dark Cloud I felt the same way at first, I would break into a car and the someone would call the cops on me. Trying to get away from the cops or anybody on the car for that matter was a nightmare for me. But once I got the Blocker and Spikes upgrades, it got significantly easier. Still, the best way to avoid the cops are to use Jam Comms, don't be too stingy with them, you would probably waste too much time on a police chase.
  3. Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

    Mudkip can just carry you all the way to the 5th Gym which is crazy for a starter. You can just ignore training any other Pokémon till then.
  4. Noden should be cheap IMO. Korean cards are the cheapest in the world. I think a booster box of 30 packs of 5 cards costs less than $20. Not sure about the exact number of packs in a booster box though. This comes at the expense of card quality though. But Konami Korea is able to pass on the savings to the players, so it isn't too bad. It also allows them to be able to do general community related stuff such as the missing child cards way back then. I think there was a Kotaku article about it.
  5. Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

    I still have memories of when I wasted tons of time and battery power looking for Feebas. Also, the Rayquaza Tower took me really long to get through considering that I was much younger then.
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Miracle Rogue is pretty popular on the Ladder since the end of last season where the majority of top 16 legendaries played it. Its a really fun deck, however it requires you to plan out turns in advance when calculating damage or choosing whether or not to attack with your dagger. If you are good with it, I think you will enjoy the deck a lot. You get a sense of satisfaction whenever you do some Leeroy combo to suddenly win the game out of nowhere.
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Yup, Tempo Rogue is supposed to be good against Mid-Range Hunter. You can easily establish Board Control against them, which is needed.   Idk how its Druid matchup is though, seems bad to me.
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Idk, Hunter is the best deck in the game right now due to the brokeness of Unleash the Hounds. I haven't seen many standard Zoo decks either.    Have been seeing tons of Druid after DreamHack though.
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Can Urthor or somebody add me to the Skype Chat too? laurentan4@hotmail.com   Thanks in advance.
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    You shouldn't take most of the lists posted on Reynad's website too seriously. (Meaning don't commit to using your Dust to craft certain tech choices he makes)  He tests out new cards quite often, and changes them around a lot. So you could craft King Mukla, and the next day he might switch it out for something else.
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Ammit, don't watch TotalBiscuit, he is good for his WTF series and other random gaming stuff. But he isn't that amazing at Hearthstone. Same goes with many of the other famous Gaming Youtubers like Force etc. (They are good in their own right, just not the best at Hearthstone)   You can watch streams of Trump, Hafu and other Arena based streamers. Trump has also written up guide for the various Classes in Arena which you can find here.   http://www.liquidhearth.com/forum/arena-strategy/2152-trumps-arena-rankings-paladin
  12. The Walking Dead

    Haha. I mean it doesn't make sense to zoom in on the powdered milk like that. Unless they intentionally want to mislead us. As for the ending, Rick either has no clue how to save himself and just said that for dramatic effect. Or, he figured out they are doing some sort of cannibalistic ritual. So he starts a fight in the container with the guy that looks like Ron Swanson and his friends. (Possibly even biting his neck off, lol) The Terminus people will be worried that they will kill each other, resulting in the loss of their sacrifices. While trying to separate them, they make an escape.
  13. The Walking Dead

    I think the Terminus people are either cannibals or some cult group, I would go with the later since there are those candles and weird voodoo stuff and that most of them don't really look like cannibals. (Bad reason, I know) They don't kill the group because they most probably want to use them as live sacrifice to save them from this hell on earth.   I think Rick figured something out when he noticed the Powdered Milk, though he most probably still thinks Judith is dead. Tyrese, Carol and Judith should be hiding in Terminus somewhere and they should be the ones who will rescue them I think.
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    http://www.twitch.tv/pgl   Dreamhack Bucharest Stream.
  15. Yeah. You can do your own F/D Cydra and opponent's Face-Up Machine.   I remember because I used to do against Gadgets when I was playing Frog Monarchs to dodge Bottomless. Special Treeborn and Tribute Set Cydra.