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  1. It still surprises me how so little of the MTG community recognizes what cheating is. Almost as bad as how the judging program rules that they can't always prove intent on cheating. Regardless, glad another one got caught.
  2. Magic Changes

    Jon Finkel: http://jonnymagic00.blogspot.com/2016/04/pro-tour-player-club-thoughts.html   Matt Sperling: http://sperlinggrove.blogspot.com/2016/04/platinum-pro-club-changes-corporate.html   Both good reads. 
  3. Magic Changes

    They definitely won't get rid of Modern pptqs. Did you read Aaron Forscythe's statement about Modern?
  4. Magic Changes

    Shahar has also won 3 GPs. People joke about his luck, but Worlds is the hardest tournament in MTG. If you're questioning his skill after winning it twice... Lol. Getting rid of the Modern PT was good. Reducing HoF appearance fees was bound to happen. The system wasn't sustainable. The Platinum changes will drastically change the pro landscape, especially for non-US players. Pro play will still exist, but there is more value in spiking tham being consistent, which isn't a safe career path (on what was aleady shaky).
  5. I don't know enough about the subject to have a valid opinion, but I do hope this ends up with judges getting compensated more for their time and effort.
  6. GP LA

    80% going. Have to find a Modern deck to play and / or borrow. 
  7. Road of the King by Patrick Hoban

    RE: "I'm the best player and can team with anyone I want" Might be true for Yugioh, but not Magic. Efro is easily one of the best players in the game, but his shitty attitude left him without a team for the next pro tour. CFB split between Face to Face and Ultra Pro, neither wanted Efro, and Pantheon didn't vote him in either. Last I heard, he is high and dry. Yeah, things may be different in Yugioh because it isn't remotely professional, but the idea that you can act however you want because you're the best is wrong.
  8. Greg Leeds Resigns as WOTC President

    mtgo is pretty bad, but it's still a million times better then DN     Every time someone talks about their ranking on DN, I remember the MOCS, and laugh a little. 
  9. Greg Leeds Resigns as WOTC President

    Same. It's one reason I am not a fan of Allen's usual negativity itt. Magic actually has the potential to improve, unlike Yugioh. 
  10. Greg Leeds Resigns as WOTC President

    I'm not assigning blame to anyone in particular, i.e. Leeds. Wizards is also hiring a lot of software developers, which along with the murmuring I've been hearing, everything is pointing in that direction. I agree that Magic can't compete with Hearthstone largely because of the pricing, but Magic can also be doing a hell of a lot more. They just needs to find the sweetspot between FNM and the space Hearthstone is occupying. 
  11. Greg Leeds Resigns as WOTC President

    Compared to Hearthstone, League, etc, Magic is way too far behind. There is only so much SCG can do. I am glad Hasbro is (seemingly) making a change in this direction. Magic has the potential to be so much more than it is now.
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I don't think it's very good with Shadowflame, just feels inefficient with what it is trying to provide. I want to get ahead on board with the mana advantage, not wipe it. I also wish it was more like Fencing Coach, in not having the "this turn" restriction.
  13. Modern Format Discussion

    Hard to say, but in general, I disagree. Giving blue a draw 3 just for surviving until turn 4-5 is huge. Previously, games where largely at parity until Snapcaster took over, which didn't always work. Twin was needed to end games. Now blue decks can close out games more reliably. Ancestral Vision is much less of a free roll than in Legacy (Force of Will, Brainstorm, Shardless Agent), so blue decks do have a real cost to playing it. Remand also exists in Modern, unlike Legacy. Sword + Thopter I have less faith in, mostly because it needs to find a home. People will build alot of bad decks before a good one is made.
  14. Modern Format Discussion

    I'm not scared of a three card artifact based combo tbh. Just as vulnerable, if not more, than Melira combo, and with less searching power.