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  1. Going to try to get on later tonight, have to take care of a few things first.
  2. Going to try to get on later tonight, have to take care of a few things first.
  3. Going to try to get on later tonight, have to take care of a few things first.
  4. There are two Arabs N Scarabs on Dueling Network.  Should I be looking for the one with a blank space before the username, or the one without the extra space?
  5.   So, when we do the Tele-DAD format one day do we plan to ban CCV in that as well?  It was a big part of the archtype, and many players consider that to be an amazing format.  I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm just really not seeing the difference.  It seems like we're setting up to have a double standard on cards that will lead to nothing but conflicts in future formats.     What I'm suggesting is that if something is going to be banned from a format it needs to be because it was not available to the masses at the time, not because it could potentially be "too good."  I believe it needs to be the same across the board, for every card, in every format.  If the plan is to not include CCV, then Gold Sarc should not be included either.  In my opinion, it needs to be both, or neither, for the sake of standardizing what we do and creating some consistency.     If the powers that be disagree, that's fine, I just thought I would mention it.
  6. Just curious, why is Gold Sarc going to be legal and CCV will not be?  If I remember correctly, they were both only out as an SJC prize card at the time of this format.  I'm not suggesting that Gold Sarc and CCV are even close in terms of power level, but if the ban on CCV is due to it not being available to the masses at the time, shouldn't the same restriction be placed on Gold Sarc?  If anything, wouldn't banning Gold Sarc be a good thing, as it would take another tutor away from decks like DDT and Necroface?
  7. Won 2-1 against sunnyd.  Awesome games dude.
  8. And got sqirmy 2-0 again on the run back.  Even better games the second time.
  9. Got sqirmy 2-0.  Good games.
  10. Happy ten year anniversary of Goat Format!
  11. I had some good games with Jazz in this format a couple nights ago.  This one is worth checking out.  Like Soul said at the beginning of the thread, the lack of Nobleman of Crossout can be painfully obvious sometimes in this format, but the games are really back and forth regardless.
  12. Oh yeah, triple Gateway Samurais.  What an awesome format...No I remember you.  I actually watched one of your goat format matches on YouTube pretty recently.  You remember, the one where you could have won the game like five times over but missed it for some reason or another?  Yeah, you probably forgot.   B}
  13.   Thanks!  Good to be back.
  14.   Don't feel bad about it.  We like what we like.  I could never stand Troop Dupe or Bazoo Return, but they were a huge thing.
  15. When is the next DGZ Goat Format tournament taking place?