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  1. I just dislike the waiting before this game is released, since Gold and silver were my fav pkmn versions.

    Me too; I've played it as a Jap rom and I really like it. Excellent remake although Red got nerfed in ability :(

    Still awesome though. I like the competitive moveset changes too.

  2. It pains me to say this, but drop Kycoo to the side. You're also running an Oppression too many in the side since you already main 3 :P

    I had 2 Oppression mained initially and 1 sided then decided to main 3; just forgot to take it out of the side XD

  3. Got bored so I put this together. Seems to test well but the side is incredibly bad right now, so apologies in advance.

    Monsters (23)

    3 Honest

    3 Chaos End Master

    3 Shining Angel

    3 Nova Summoner

    2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

    2 Archlord Kristya

    2 Sphere of Chaos

    2 Thunder King Raioh

    1 Sangan

    1 Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind

    1 Herald of Orange Light

    Spells (12)

    2 Book of Moon

    2 Creature Swap

    2 Pot of Avarice

    1 Heavy Storm

    1 Mystical Space Typhoon

    1 Brain Control

    1 My Body as a Shield

    1 Lightning Vortex

    1 Reinforcement of the Army

    Traps (7)

    3 Royal Oppression

    2 Bottomless Trap Hole

    1 Mirror Force

    1 Torrential Tribute

    Side Deck (15)

    3 Banisher of the Radiance

    3 DD Warrior Lady

    2 DD Crow

    2 Doomcalibur Knight

    2 Caius the Shadow Monarch

    1 Asura Priest

    1 My Body as a Shield

    Monster lineup needs to be trimmed, just not sure what to cut. Thinking of maining a 3rd Book of Moon and possibly adding 2nd MBASS to the main. Mind Control could do with being mained too but its being tested still.

  4. TCGPlayer is worse for that than pojo.

    On pojo you can constructively criticize them and flame them if they aren't getting the message.

    On tcgplayer you'll just get banned or get infractions

    This is definetely true. I've sadly been on the site for over two years (don't judge me for coming from there though) and the number of originality whores/idiots is sickening. It's part of the reason why I decided to join here.

  5. Yeah, first deck on here. It's probably terrible, but w/e XD

    Chaos Zombie is something I've always enjoyed, as it doesn't need many lights to run thanks to the mechanic of zombies and burial. This is what I have so far. Its testing ok so far, but still needs some tweaking.

    3 Pyramid Turtle

    2 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon

    2 Goblin Zombie

    2 Dimensional Alchemist

    2 Mezuki

    2 Chaos Sorcerer

    2 Zombie Master

    1 Plaguespreader Zombie

    1 Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind

    1 Dark Armed Dragon

    1 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

    1 Sangan

    1 Cyber Dragon

    2 Allure of Darkness

    2 Burial from a Different Dimension

    2 Creature Swap

    2 Book of Life

    1 Heavy Storm

    1 Brain Control

    1 Smashing Ground

    1 DDR: Different Dimension Reincarnation

    2 Bottomless Trap Hole

    1 Mirror Force

    1 Torrential Tribute

    1 Trap Dustshoot

    1 Call of the Haunted

    1 Return from the Different Dimension

    Side Deck (15)

    3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

    2 Lightning Vortex

    2 Soul Release

    2 Dimensional Prison

    2 Legendary Jujitsu Master

    3 Royal Decree

    1 Mystical Space Typhoon

    Extra: relatively obvious

  6. Been on a lot of forums and thought I would check this one out.

    So yeah, I'm Anduril. Hey :D

    I live in the UK, play YGO and some Pokemon Platinum when I feel like it.

    Current decks at the moment are Zombies, Lightbox and X-Sabers.