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  1. Free Agent Thread

    Don't wanna be an ass, but do I know you? Or do you have me mistaken with the Havok Knives from IRC?
  2. Team Alpha Omega Vs. Team Death Dealers

    I lost 2-1 to Frantic.
  3. The Death Dealers

    tehaenema But anyways, I call next war.
  4. The Death Dealers

    hmm What? Red blocked me on aim, ;_; Can someone aim me Death Dealers password please?
  5. The Death Dealers

    Good Job on the Wanted war guys.
  6. Tdd vs Anti

    Yeah I lost r2 we where both toping and he fliped Des and got ROTA. r3 I couldn't draw a monster for turns. Ggs
  7. Tdd vs Anti

    I've got a hard on.
  8. The Death Dealers vs. Wanted

    FV no one runs out of oneline zingers.. www.greatonelinezingerstowintheinternet.com Gl Death Dealers.
  9. The Death Dealers

    invictus tested me out awhile ago. He told me to post again though.
  10. Whats up?

    I believe there is another one from IRC. Not me sorry
  11. The Death Dealers

    Ya man I still want in. Knives | TehAenema | Versatile
  12. Whats up?

    I came here last summer, and a little bit during this summer. College and shit is done, so i'm going to be playing/posting again.