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  1. GP Portland

    I'll be hitting it up for sure.
  2. Modern Format Discussion

      That's fair, I still think these unbans was a PR move more than anything. I don't actually think any of these unbans will legitimately do anything in Modern.
  3. Modern Format Discussion

    Yeah too bad Thopter + Sword + Krark-Clan Ironworks is infinite mana + infinite life. There's a good chance they fucked this one up if people want to explore this interaction.
  4. Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers

    I can't Ratchet Bomb on 0 on all the Insectile Aberrations and Elemental Tokens from Young Pyromancer either...
  5. Modern Format Discussion

      They did balance all the colors, they're all equally shit.

    Maybe this set will be the name of the new format that replaces Modern. Modern ain't exactly enjoyable to play right now.
  7. Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers

    Chandra, Flamecaller might be a strong enabler for Madness alongside Jace, Vryn's Prodigy of course.
  8. Modern Format Discussion

    #suchdiversity   In the interest of competitive diversity, Splinter Twin is banned from Modern.   Oh really? (6 Eldrazi, 2 Affinity) Probably least diverse Pro Tour Top 8 ever. Even PT Berlin wasn't this bad.
  9. I've been banned

    I had no idea they enforced this in shit in Yugioh, I thought it was normal behavior to trade with cash at YCS. When I was at YCS Seattle many years ago that shit was everywhere.
  10. Modern Format Discussion

      Permission sucks shit against cards like Ulamog that have an on-cast trigger. People are gonna realize sooner rather than later Scapeshift is actually hot garbage against any sort of fast combo deck which is what the format looks like it will be heading towards with Tron being perceived as the deck to beat.
  11. Twin, Bloom banned in Modern

    If I was to play in the upcoming Modern Pro Tour, I would be trying to find the deck that will consistently end the game by Turn 3. There's literally no incentive now to drag the game past that point right now if the pillars of the format are T3 Karn, T3 you die to Cranial Plating, T3 Kill you with a Burn nut draw. My week 1 deck of the new format would be something like Death's Shadow Zoo, Grishoalbrand, Jeskai Ascendancy with Glittering Wish, any all-in T3 combo deck. This is all possible now because Splinter Twin the natural predator of all-in combo decks is gone.
  12. Twin, Bloom banned in Modern

    Honestly, I'm just waiting for the announcement at the PT that they will do 4 Standard next year, and I'll ship my Modern into Legacy because it's legit like approaching the same levels for a competitive deck now. Spellskite $50, Eye of Ugin $40, Grove of the Burnwillows $100, Voice of Resurgence $50, and a whole bunch of shit I can't think of off the top of my head. You can get like 6 revised blue duals if you own playsets of those cards right now and can get that much in trade, like Modern's selling point of being cheaper than Legacy is starting to become less and less true now.
  13. Modern Format Discussion

    Modern is gonna become more Goldfish now, Twin was a necessary deck to police linear/combo decks. Now everyone is gonna try to shove Worldspine Wurms and Griselbrands up your ass.
  14. MTG Finance Thread

      To be fair it's been 5-0'ing modern leagues and honestly any deck could probably 5-0 modern leagues.
  15. Modern Format Discussion

      Just Vial it in, it's pretty good at suppressing Twin in that regard.