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  1. didn't mean to put this here, i meant to put it in the regular general grounds lol im tired
  2. i created thing lol

    long time no talk guys how you been? click me for fun
  3. I posted a song here a couple years ago, it sucked, my new shit on the other hang is dope ya'll remember me? I guess I was a legend of this board at one point https://soundcloud.com/captin-morgan-100/dabble
  4. Which DGZer is this?

    my name in here was this <-- ps I was an internet ygo legend as well but it was probably before your time
  5. falloutboy sample

  6. its been a long time

    since i posted a song here but I'm bored so here goes nothing https://soundcloud.com/captin-morgan-100/24-hours
  7. Cute baby competition

    No dick was it's a happy wife is a happy life thread
  8. Cute baby competition

    My daughter's in a cute baby competition and today's the last day to vote, I was just hoping you would take a second to cast a vote. http://www.thecutekid.com/photo-contests/20140724/toddler-picture-contest-1406224875
  9. who thinks macklemores a fag?

      so get mad, that's funny to me, your just giving me ammo
  10. who thinks macklemores a fag?

    And you know what I hate? Fucking bigoted morons like yourself, setting the bar of humanity a notch lower, because you had to go ahead and open your fucking mouth and say some dumb ignorant shit like that. And your religion doesn't "hate" anybody, it's the small circular sect of zealots part of your group more or less that protests the gay community. Not every religion has some strict "let's call this guy a fag, and flame him for being homosexual" Which macklemore is clearly not by the way. And also using religion more or less to try and justify some act of bigotry because you're bitter about somebody being happier in their own skin than you are just makes me absolutely fucking sick. [spoiler] Requesting Ban [/spoiler]   yeah whatever, I didn't make the song for you, unless you count in the sense of pissing people like you off.. so no biggie... maybe pac tho... ooooo c what I did there
  11. who thinks macklemores a fag?

    my region hates gays, and he knows it so he dressed up like a Jew to mock us.. so fuck him i hope this blows up and he sees it and cries like the homo in denial he is.. no sympathy..
  12. who thinks macklemores a fag?

    [quote name="iDunnoBro" post="3764424" timestamp="1401318204"]i dont get the title in context with the video[/quote] Macklemore dressed up like a jew and performed thrift shop, i'm jewish so I got offended. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis = smack-a-whore and im jewish Should of prolly been because i'm jewish but fuck it to late now
  13. who thinks macklemores a fag?

    CLICK HERE http://youtu.be/2xj2FaCK8LY

    if i get upvotes it helps make my video more viewable.. the more views i get the better chance I have of going viral

    its a reddit thing