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  1. I was just wondering how this is ruled if your opponent can activate another spell/trap card with both Great shogun shien and Legendary six samurai Shi-en on the field. What I have heard is that you would be able to lock your opponent so they can only activate one spell/trap and that would be negated by Shi-en and they would not be able to activate another spell/trap because of shoguns effect of only activating one spell/trap a turn. It was ruled though that if you negate a spell/trap with solemn judgment, magic jammer, seven tools, ect while you have Great Shogun shien on the field your opponent can activate another one. But since all those negations are by a spell speed 3 card I can understand that since Shogun would not know if a spell was activated. Now Shi-en negation is a spell speed 2 and negates a card, would the shogun recognize that as an activation and would not let your opponent activate another spell/trap? Or would it be ruled as you have shogun on the field and negate an opponents spell/trap card they would be able to activate another. Thanks
  2. Stardust Question

    nope, stardust is destroyed and removed. same as dd survivor.
  3. Overload Gadget March 2010

    Thanks for the input but i really wasnt focusing on the sole 1 for 1 gadget deck. This one i was going for a faster gadget machine deck that you can get chimeratech out fast with as well as loading the graveyard. the only thing that i was thinking of putting in would be call of the haunted so maybe i could get a jinzo or whatnot out if i used future fusion or something for chimeratech or something.
  4. Overload Gadget March 2010

  5. trying to make this deck really work again

    possibles to think about maurading captain? giant rat? starlight road?
  6. Overload Gadget March 2010

    Monsters: 20 Red - 2 Yellow -2 Green - 2 Cyber Dragon -2 Cyber Phoenix - 2 DD Warrior Lady - 2 Raiza - 2 Jinzo - 2 Breaker - 2 Dekoichi - 2 Spells: 13 Overload Fusion - 1 Future Fusion - 1 Limiter Removal - 1 Heavy - 1 Brain - 1 Smashing - 3 Fissure - 3 Giant Trunade - 1 Pot of Avarice - 1 Traps - 7 Mirror - 1 Torrential -1 bottomless - 2 return from dd - 1 Threatning - 2
  7. Double D Zombie

    Bored at work Monsters: 20 1 - DAD 1 - Plague 1 - Cauis 1 - Mystic Tomato 1 - Sangan 1 - Gale 2 - Mezuki 2 - Goblin Zombie 1 - Spirit Reaper 1 - Zombie Master 2 - D-Hero Malicious 2 - D-Hero Diamond Dude 1 - Stratos 2 - Deep Sea Diva 1 - Gorz Spells: 14 2 - Allure 1 - Brain 1 - Heavy 1 - ROTA 2 - Burial from DD 3 - DDraw 1 - MST 1 - Book of Life 1 - Lightning Vortex 1 - Foolish Burial Traps: 7 2 - Bottomless 1 - Torrential 1 - Call of Haunted 1 - Mirror Force 2 - PWWB
  8. Gadgets: 9 days until SJC Columbus

    Yeah true, just a suggestion.
  9. Gadgets: 9 days until SJC Columbus

    Have you ever thought of putting in a Grand Mole or maybe Compusory instead of trap holes? Just wondering. I play gadgets at my locals, but i play mine with the ulimate offering and swarm way. I know that having a grand mole can make a difference. Can get rid of stardust or any syncro monster. The compusory is a little different. I like the trap holes but only thing is that compusory is chainable(heavy, mst, synchros, etc). Trap hole is nice to get rid of the monster. hard decision.
  10. chaotic monarch

    how about jester confit does the same thing as level warrior and can acually bounce a card if kept on the field. only cant syncro with it.