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  1. A sexy tutu, you never know when one can come in handy.
  2. [quote name='PROlinho' timestamp='1340912146' post='3220083'] [quote name='Model' timestamp='1340910757' post='3220059'] Allen C Pennington [/quote] [/quote]
  3. DuelistGroundz Official Store Q&A Thread

    Will you ship over sea? If so, then this will probably be where I'll get my cards from now on!
  4. Fake Spellgrounds

    [quote name='Millennium' timestamp='1339654398' post='3208348'] [quote name='Arabs N Scarabs' timestamp='1339653949' post='3208340'] How about this one [url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Spellground-Classic-Tan-2-Player-Playmat-CHEAPEST-ON-EBAY-FREE-SHIPPING?item=160811253146&cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D9122337764355538199#ht_500wt_949"]http://www.ebay.com/...99#ht_500wt_949[/url] [/quote] That clearly says it's a "Spellground Classic" those are not the same as the original. [/quote] I just wonder, is there a physical difference, or is it just age / name?
  5. [img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20061119233557/yugioh/images/9/90/ExiledForce-LOD-NA-SR-1E.jpg[/img] I like this exiled force
  6. 2012 National Season

    Norwegian Nationals top 4 Winner: An Bao Le Deck: Rescue rabbit [spoiler] 3x rescue rabbit 3x tour guide 3x sabersaurus 3x kabazaul 3x effect veiler 3x jurrac guiba 1x BLS 1x Gorz 1x Sangan 3x MST 3x forbiden lance 1x dark hole 1x monster reborn 1x heavy storm 1x book of moon 1x pot of avarice 2x solemn judgement 2x bottomess traphole 2x fiendish chain 1x torrential tribute 1x starlight road 1x solemn judgment 3x Laggia 2x Dolkka 1x utopia 1x roach 1x maestroke the symphony 1x leviathan 1x leviair 1x giga brilliant 1x temtempo 1x zenmaines 1x stardust dragon 1x AOJ catastor 2x thunder king 2x snowman eater 2x smashing ground 3x macro cosmos 2x dimensional prison 2x dust tornado 1x chain disapperance 1x vanity emptiness [/spoiler] Second place: Sebastian Klausen Deck: Rescue rabbit [spoiler] 3x rescue rabbit 3x tour guide 3x sabersaurus 3x kabazaul 3x effect veiler 1x Gorz 1x Sangan 1x neo spacian grand mole 3x MST 3x forbiden lance 1x dark hole 1x monster reborn 1x heavy storm 1x book of moon 1x pot of avarice 1x mind control 2x solemn judgement 2x bottomess traphole 2x fiendish chain 2x dimensional prison 1x torrential tribute 1x starlight road 1x solemn judgment 2x Laggia 2x Dolkka 1x utopia 1x utopia ray 1x maestroke the symphony 1x muzurhythm the string djinn 1x leviathan 1x leviair 1x photon papilloperative 1x temtempo 1x zenmaines 1x stardust dragon 1x AOJ catastor 3x snowman eater 3x macro cosmos 2x thunder king 2x smashing ground 2x dust tornado 2x maxx c 1x dimensional prison [/spoiler] Third place: Christopher Reyes Deck: Six samurai [spoiler] 3x LSS Kagemusha 3x LSS Kizan 3x effect veiler 2x grandmaster of the six 2x elder of the six 1x LSS enishi 1x spirit of the six 1x Zanji 1x LSS Kageki 3x six sam united 3x Ascetism of the six 3x shien's Dojo 2x smoke signal 2x upstart goblin 1x gateway of the six 1x reinforcement of the army 1x monster reborn 1x book of moon 1x heavy storm 2x solemn warning 1x fiendish chain 1x solemn judgement 1x bottomless traphole 1x Naturia Landoise 1x Naturia Barkion 1x Naturia Beast 1x Brionac 1x Catastor 1x LSS Shien 1x Maestroke djinn 1x roach 1x blade armor ninja 1x utopia 1x leviathan 1x x-saber invoker 1x photon papilloperative 1x zenmaines 1x temtempo 3x shadow imp mirror 3x soul taker 2x royal decree 2x rivalry of warlord 2x dimensional fissure 2x MST 1x Bottomless traphole [/spoiler] Fourth place: Stephen Adom Deck: Inzektors [spoiler] 3x Effect veiler 3x inzektor centipede 3x inzektor Dragonfly 3x inzektor hornet 3x tour guide 2x inzektor hopper 1x sangan 1x gorz 1x BLS 1x inzektor giga-mantis 3x MST 2x inzektsword 1x dark hole 1x mind control 1x heavy storm 1x monster reborn 1x foolish burial 1x book of moon 3x safe zone 2x solemn warning 2x call of the haunted 2x torrential tribute 1x solemn judgement 2x Leviathan 2x Leviair 1x grenosaurus 1x armory arm 1x AOJ Catastor 1x zenmaines 1x photon strike bouncer 1x giga-brilliant 1x utopia 1x utopia ray 1x temtempo djinn 1x melomelody djinn 1x Muzurythm djinn [/spoiler]
  7. [quote name='SUSPECT 1' timestamp='1335474963' post='3165568'] can't wait for part 2 [/quote] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad6-PaMO-a8&feature=plcp[/media] It's up! [quote name='Jeff Jones' timestamp='1335473938' post='3165559'] Ancient Dragon is something like light/dragon/4/?/? When this card inflicts damage by an direct attack: you can increase this cards ???????????????????????????? Its a rare. [/quote] The quality isn't very good in part 2, but it seems like it say attack by 600 or 800.
  8. But isn't the monster returned to the field, and not special summoned back? Interdimensional Matter Transporter returns the monster in the same position as it left, wouldn't rabbit work the same?
  9. curved foils

    [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1334898182' post='3160081'] COMMONS, BITCHES seriously though I don't get what's with the shininess fetish in TCGs If I want to admire aesthetics, I will either look at the card's actual art rather than some gussied up foil nonsense, or I will get off my ass and go to a titty bar, or I will go find a bitch and enjoy some "aesthetics" in another sense. None of those options involve foil nonsense. [/quote] A problem is that a lot of cards don't exist in common. You play inzektors, you risk your zektkalibers and hornets halfpiping. You play rabbit, and your tour guides and rabbits are the same. You play wind-up? Like every card in that deck is super or over, half the deck will bend. So now I'm in a situation where I will either play everything in as low rarity as possible, and maybe get DQed for cheating, since my high rarity-only cards will be easy too see, or every card in my deck will bend because I'm max rarity.
  10. You're probably refering to Breivik when you say you can kill 77 innocent people and go to such a nice prison. Truth is, he will not go to a prison like that. The prison in Halden is for people that commit very very minor crimes. That being said, murderes in Norway still eat better food than I do. And it's no secret that some people commit crimes just to get in jail, because they live better there. Man, I hate my country sometimes.
  11. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Dr. Doom - Diabolic Genius' timestamp='1334096186' post='3151073'] What do you guys think of relegating Maxx C to the side for Black Luster Soldier and Veiler (only lights would be Veiler and Utopia) but Utopia is ridiculously easy to get into in this deck and if you are holding game with a BLS, good players know what to do... Just not sure if it is too risky because of the low light count, as well, whether or not it even fits with the decks purpose. [/quote] If you play BLS, you would probably play giga-brilliant as well.
  12. Being a dick at a YCS

    [quote name='Egnever' timestamp='1333709161' post='3147410'] [quote name='Allenpennington' timestamp='1333705608' post='3147400'] [quote name='Byte' timestamp='1333705479' post='3147398'] Another situation, person rolls dice, rolls a 4, I roll dice get a 5, opponent picks up dice again and rolls a 6 "I go first" "You already rolled" "No I was passing you the dice" >=[ fuck no he wasn't. I decided to let it go because it was first round and I didn't want to start off the day that way but it put me in a bad mood the whole day any which way. Like seriously someone pulls that shit right from the word go? Fuck. I hate people. [/quote]Roy St. Clair used to do this shit all the time. Call a judge over, they will side with you. [/quote] I usually just read the number after the roll to see if he confirms. So if he rolls a 4, I'll say, "4?" and if he nods, I'll know that he's effectively decided to 'lock in' his roll, and then I'll roll. [/quote] What if he rolls a 1 or 2, and when I ask if he confirms if it's his roll, he denies? Can/should I call a judge? And what would I say? I had the deck flipping scenario happen vs me in the European Championship last year, but I had no idea how to react to it.
  13. YCS Germany

    [quote name='Marcicus' timestamp='1330170739' post='3114065'] link to coverage? [/quote] [url="https://tcg.konami-europe.net/coverage/event/championships/ycs-leipzig/"]https://tcg.konami-europe.net/coverage/event/championships/ycs-leipzig/[/url] There's even a feature match for round one up. That was fast.
  14. YCS Atlanta, GA

    [quote name='GooB' timestamp='1329689464' post='3107844'] [quote name='Waffles' timestamp='1329689310' post='3107840'] winston was an asshole to that kid, i felt kind of bad watching it :/ [/quote] Not really. He was just asking questions everyone was wondering. [/quote] The interview is tagged as comedy on youtube.. Not really nice towards the kid.

    I think Supreme just wants his chicken