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  1. not so proud of this draft but i managed to draft 4 legendaries.  
  2.   A fun, probably not so difficult scenario I came across just now. The guy has one more fireball, and one more frostbolt/icelance??, and none of his ice blocks have been popped, with two cards left in deck.   How it ended: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  3. I need to watch one of yall play this patron deck because I'm not going anywhere with it lol.
  4. Outdid myself going taking 2-3 hours going from 14 to 5 with Druid. The real grind begins. :)
  5. Why wouldn't he play it out though? Is it unheard of nowadays to not see Grom in Patron?
  6. one step for man and a giant leap for mankind  :cool:
  7. when i go on dates i go into it not expecting anything and actually let it flow naturally. its not my goal to get laid. if we get along and enjoy each other's company, then great. if we have chemistry and fuck, then great. its just some of us don't weigh sex as much as others over other qualities that contribute to a potential relationship. if a soul/aaron thirsty niggas and if paul just wants to talk to someone with no physical contact then okay lol. we all have different relationship goals, and dating generally is a way see if those goals match.
  8. lol. i queued for a brawl and my teammate left, but it gave me the win because my "opponent" left.
  9. [spoiler] nick could've been on top of him and glenn would be camouflaged from all the blood? not sure how i feel about that considering it wouldn't be walker blood. he also could've crawled under the dumpster while walkers were distracted by nick but that's kind of a stretch considering there's like 10000 of them.   regardless, imbd says steven yeun is in 83 episodes when only 70 have been aired. same amount as andrew lincoln. considering that we're on episode 3 and there's 13 episodes left in the 16 episode season, i'd think he's still alive.[/spoiler]
  10. At 1632 wins with 500 of them on Druid.  =)
  11. Winning as Freeze Mage against Control Warrior feels good man.
  12. windows 10 lol
  13. track o bot   Does it track whether the wins are first or second turn start?
  14. Any of you use something to keep track of stats?
  15.   [spoiler] [/spoiler] :)   ended up with a pack and 500 gold.