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  1. See you in hell, Yogg-Saron. Fuck that card.
  2. Sun definitely wins out for me.
  3. I hit like rank 5 Wild last month with something super similar. Midrange Hunter is fucking crazy in Wild.
  4. Snorlax holds that new Z item and turns into the fucking Flash. Holy shit
  5. Did an arena last night for the first time in a while. I got 3 Fireland Portals. That shit was easy afffff
  6. Monarchs without Magical Explosion lol
  7. Off-topic: I wish they would go back to the norm for the NX tbh. The norm is what would save a franchise like Paper Mario.
  8. Game looks fucking unreal, y'all niggas bein' too critical worrying about frame rates and shit too much
  9. I lost every game this Brawl when I played vs Priest. Mind Control too strong.
  10. It felt good to brush off the ol' Dr. Boom for this Brawl. Ah yep.
  11. Pikipek is adorable. I am all about the super cute Pokemon this year.
  12. This is different than the Christina Grimmie thing, right? Because she was also shot and killed in Florida yesterday. Didn't know if the two events were connected somehow or not.
  13. I mean I guess chocolate vanilla swirl doesn't happen that often, but that's still only twice in one show.
  14. Season was insane, fuck u mean fam
  15. Fuck all of you guys I think the Simba looking legendary looks dope as shit