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  1. Many of you probably remember a few years back where magic player Korey McDuffie came into US Nationals and both qualified and won with a deck he was mostly unfamiliar with. While this isn't quite as dramatic as that (Oliver has been slowly rising in the MTG community) something fairly similar happened a few weeks ago. Dragon Duel World Champion Oliver Tomajko recently became Magic's National Champion and as such had the opportunity to compete alongside America's leading pro Reid Duke, and Nationals runner up/Platinum Pro Gerry Thompson as team USA in the World Magic Cup. They performed relatively well losing a win and in for top 8 on day 2. More importantly however they basically did the entire tournament in a bandit keith cosplay:
  2. Australia/NZ

    Going to end up in the area for a few weeks next year. Any must do/see places? Going to be traveling all over so don't worry about locality and recommendations around different areas would be appreciated.
  3. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    Wasn't able to get a hold of @MZAAZM until Wednesday, or setup a time to play until yesterday. Got online today at our agreed upon time, pinged him several times through discord where he moved from online to idle. Have a lot of projects due today and may not be able to reschedule. Tomorrow I'll be at drill most of the day and likely won't have access to a stable internet connection (or free time) most of the day. I'll try to make something work if he ever responds to me but it's looking more and more like we're not going to be able to actually play this round.
  4. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    That was absolutely something I was not here to witness. If that's still the case then sure I concede. If not I don't see a problem. Honestly that could be a way to filter out people who don't belong here anyway.
  5. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I assumed this would be the response I'd receive. To be blunt I don't think false reporting would be an actual issue and if it were it's a self correcting one if you're choosing to do it through discord bots. You cannot report without tagging someone. It stands to reason that if you are tagged you're going to see it and be able to easily dispute it if necessary. Still loser reporting was never necessary when reporting just happened through results of forum posts, and I doubt a medium change has affected false reporting rates (and if it has I'd imagine it's been for the better). Out of curiosity was the discord blurb in the original OP for this tournament, for I distinctly do not remember reading it? Also I think it's safe to say that this tournament moreso than others may draw out old or new faces who do not actively war here often. The blurb as is specifically mentions discord but does not mention the warbot which seems like a huge mistake since that seems to be the largest reason for the discord blurb to exist.
  6. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    To be fair this is very opposite to convention. Typically winner reports everything in nearly every game I've played. Having one report one thing and the opponent report the other seems like you're unnecessarily creating an additional point of failure.
  7. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    Anyone know a good way to get a hold of @MZAAZM? I messaged him on discord and here on Monday but have yet to hear from him. Also has not logged on dgz in going on two weeks so my hopes are low. I have drill this weekend and was hoping to get our match in either today or tomorrow.
  8. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    Apologies. I contacted my opponent through dgz. After ~24 hours he got back to me and said we could talk through discord. Thought I messaged him my username but I obviously didn't. We're planning on playing it out tonight if that's fine.
  9. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I'm not mad DGz, I'm just disappointed.
  10. DuelistGroundz username: Audioslayne Discord username: pepe-Silvia#9497 Formats: Goats Only Expected level of activity: fairly active. Nights and weekends (central time zone) mostly Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Can't be picky when you're late. (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: I'll be playing whatever list Zapp tells me is good. Sidenote: I haven't played yugioh online in quite some time. I saw the post for approved dueling simulators and I understand why we're pushing Lackey but is that what people actually war on or no?
  11. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Came here specifically to see if this was in here: Was not disappointed.
  12. Upcoming gigs you are going to see?

    Show sounds amazing. I'd pay full price just to see Tool, ATDI, and Pup alone.
  13. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    Twilight Zone Simpsons Doctor Who X-Files Mr Show Curb Seinfeld Jessica Jones GoT Always Sunny
  14. tell me about something that you like

    @Tygo I have (probably) shit taste, give me some recs? Really dig stuff I grew up on like Demetri Martin, Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, etc. Also obvious the classics that everyone likes (Pryor, Hicks, Carlin). Lately enjoying John Mulaney, Lewis Black, Brian Regan. Back on topic I enjoy the hell out of trail riding (mountain bikes). It's unfortunate because I live in Iowa and have to drive several hours to get to anywhere worthwhile to ride but I'll often go out and ride nearby trails I've ridden a hundred times over. It just makes me feel so free and keeps me in shape without feeling like a chore. That being said my bike just got stolen last summer and I haven't fully replaced it yet. It was locked up outside on the complex bike rack (with a thicker lock than anything else there by a mile) but it was literally in our lease that we could not store them inside our apartment. Normally I'd say fuck it and do it anyway but they paid us to keep our place clean and use it as a model apartment for visitors meaning they could drop in pretty much whenever during business hours and see it. I bought a piece of junk at a garage sale but I've been so busy with school I don't have time to travel and bike atm so I haven't bothered properly replacing it. Hopefully looking to move to Minnesota when I graduate though and the riding up there is so much better it's insane.
  15. Amonkhet Previews

    I'll try to find it later but I saw a version of the counterspell invocation where the bottom half of the card was the same but above the textbox with the exception of the cardname it was all just card art. That actually looked pretty dope and tells me they weren't as far off the mark as people think they were. That being said the black ones look the best and the only ones I'm interested in (barring they decide to print all the pacts in this block) are entomb/dark rit so I'm quite okay with this. The real loser here is the rules change on split cards. As someone who just received everything for the grixis goryos expertise deck I'm pretty pissed. It was a cool interaction that rewarded proper rules knowledge and was ultimately providing a t2 at best deck that didn't seem to be too bad. If they want people to not be putting in emrakuls so early just ban emrakul, it by itself is a design restriction on all reanimation spells anyway.