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  1. Mine came in, wore it to a PPTQ the next day, top 8'd. Can't say it's the reason I topped but I also can't confirm it's not. 10/10 would buy again.
  2. You're not wrong. The pro players stance is usually slightly far removed from even just the slight grinder, and modern has steadily been getting better. The main grievance pros had with it is that there's too much to prepare for and too much variance in matchups. Anything can and will show up and it makes picking a deck harder than it should be. That being said the general allure is it's a "You can play what you want, just know it really well" format which most people find attractive. Either way it's no longer a PT format and the PPTQ's for it are relatively few and far between so it's a format I'd only pick up if you plan on grinding SCG/GP's or if your local scene is thriving.
  3. Standard has the most tournaments that matter, people seem to enjoy modern the most but the barrier to entry is high, and limited is a good way to slowly amass a collection and not have to buy in to compete. Legacy is the format you play when you want to burn through your tax refund.
  4. I've found high variance amongst most brands. Assuming these are 100% cotton though because they should be fine either way then.
  5. How's the fit and what are the chances of doing a swap if the fit is off?
  6. 10/10 best new update
  7. I don't know if the tournament announcement was the initial announcement of mm3 but it's been a known set for quite some time now. You can find many articles attempting to analyze the focused sets/predict what will make its way into the set.
  8. You expect too much from me if you think I actually read through the nominations to see who nominated what.
  9. Not a weeb so I couldn't make relevant nominations but why on Earth would you nominate Edward and Alphonse from fullmetal? In no particular order a list of better characters in that show: Barry the Chopper Either of the Armstrong Siblings Mustang Hawkeye Hughes Kimblee Izumi Scar Greed Ling Slave 23 Miles Being the main character doesn't make you the best.
  10. Don't think the starting roster was that great but fuck it. Kanye Kendrick (actually difficult) Earl WhyAreTheyHereButE&AREN'T Pusha T Cole Grips M.I.A.
  11. Killers Franz Fuck this contest. Most of the best bands got eliminated way too early and others made it way too far.
  12. In no way should Franz or Arcade Fire have made it to this round and I'm ashamed of you all. (1) the killers vs. (13) streetlight manifesto (11) mastodon (7) vampire weekend
  13. ... which is already possible with a servant go the conduit on 2. Don't get me wrong I'm excited for this card, it'll sometimes do just that, it'll sometime's be a thalias lt that doesn't block. I think what's more important than the dream scenarios is you get the utility that it's decent early and late game. GW Humans is already playable at the moment and I'd be surprised if this didn't mean GW tokens was coming back especially since they have vehicles to benefit from now as well.