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  1. Came here specifically to see if this was in here: Was not disappointed.
  2. Show sounds amazing. I'd pay full price just to see Tool, ATDI, and Pup alone.
  3. Twilight Zone Simpsons Doctor Who X-Files Mr Show Curb Seinfeld Jessica Jones GoT Always Sunny
  4. @Tygo I have (probably) shit taste, give me some recs? Really dig stuff I grew up on like Demetri Martin, Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, etc. Also obvious the classics that everyone likes (Pryor, Hicks, Carlin). Lately enjoying John Mulaney, Lewis Black, Brian Regan. Back on topic I enjoy the hell out of trail riding (mountain bikes). It's unfortunate because I live in Iowa and have to drive several hours to get to anywhere worthwhile to ride but I'll often go out and ride nearby trails I've ridden a hundred times over. It just makes me feel so free and keeps me in shape without feeling like a chore. That being said my bike just got stolen last summer and I haven't fully replaced it yet. It was locked up outside on the complex bike rack (with a thicker lock than anything else there by a mile) but it was literally in our lease that we could not store them inside our apartment. Normally I'd say fuck it and do it anyway but they paid us to keep our place clean and use it as a model apartment for visitors meaning they could drop in pretty much whenever during business hours and see it. I bought a piece of junk at a garage sale but I've been so busy with school I don't have time to travel and bike atm so I haven't bothered properly replacing it. Hopefully looking to move to Minnesota when I graduate though and the riding up there is so much better it's insane.
  5. I'll try to find it later but I saw a version of the counterspell invocation where the bottom half of the card was the same but above the textbox with the exception of the cardname it was all just card art. That actually looked pretty dope and tells me they weren't as far off the mark as people think they were. That being said the black ones look the best and the only ones I'm interested in (barring they decide to print all the pacts in this block) are entomb/dark rit so I'm quite okay with this. The real loser here is the rules change on split cards. As someone who just received everything for the grixis goryos expertise deck I'm pretty pissed. It was a cool interaction that rewarded proper rules knowledge and was ultimately providing a t2 at best deck that didn't seem to be too bad. If they want people to not be putting in emrakuls so early just ban emrakul, it by itself is a design restriction on all reanimation spells anyway.
  6. It's wholesome threads like this that almost make me want to play mafia again.
  7. Make it stop.
  8. If you've been paying attention at all to the SCG circuit it should come as no surprise they switched the format of this to team constructed (1 player each on legacy, modern, and standard) as it seems universally beloved by players and twitch watchers alike. I'm currently down a player for my team, and would really like to try to salvage the trip still. We would prefer a standard or legacy player but we'll take anyone in any format at this point. Obviously doing well is always the goal but at this point it's more important to me that I go than that I do well so if you're from the area and haven't played in a while you should go, I'll even supply you a deck/teach you the basics of the format if needed. Also worth noting that this will be the weekend after the pro tour for amonkhet so Standard should (barring saheeli/mardu being left fully in tact) still be fairly open. As far as other people I know Lux is planning on going up to this, anyone else I'm not aware of going?
  9. Anyone else watching this despite the negative reviews? I'm a bit of a Marvel fanboy so take my analysis with a grain of salt. I'm only halfway through it at this point but I'm generally enjoying it. It's certainly Netflix's least strong Marvel title so far but its certainly enjoyable. The acting is fine even if the writing could use improvement. The action scenes are also decent, and I feel like Danny is actually portrayed pretty damn close to how he is in the comics. The main ailment the show seems to suffer from is it's villain does not get built up well or quickly enough to be engaging. All heroes need a good villain and without proper conflict it's hard to get attached. That being said I feel like Danny was already going to be a hard sell since his general laid back light hearted manner doesn't fit well into the gritty world Luke Cage and Daredevil have set up for the Netflix marvel scene. They could have easily went a different direction with him but since they're mostly introducing him to work towards defenders they're trying so hard to make him converge. There's a reason we usually see Luke and Danny paired. They play well off of each other and provide balance, forcing one into the others role was just never going to be great. Then there's the fact that he is very Batman-esc in his origin which doesn't help him feel like anything new or exciting. Can anyone who has finished it weigh in?
  10. Mine came in, wore it to a PPTQ the next day, top 8'd. Can't say it's the reason I topped but I also can't confirm it's not. 10/10 would buy again.
  11. You're not wrong. The pro players stance is usually slightly far removed from even just the slight grinder, and modern has steadily been getting better. The main grievance pros had with it is that there's too much to prepare for and too much variance in matchups. Anything can and will show up and it makes picking a deck harder than it should be. That being said the general allure is it's a "You can play what you want, just know it really well" format which most people find attractive. Either way it's no longer a PT format and the PPTQ's for it are relatively few and far between so it's a format I'd only pick up if you plan on grinding SCG/GP's or if your local scene is thriving.
  12. Standard has the most tournaments that matter, people seem to enjoy modern the most but the barrier to entry is high, and limited is a good way to slowly amass a collection and not have to buy in to compete. Legacy is the format you play when you want to burn through your tax refund.
  13. I've found high variance amongst most brands. Assuming these are 100% cotton though because they should be fine either way then.
  14. How's the fit and what are the chances of doing a swap if the fit is off?
  15. 10/10 best new update