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  1. So for those of you that don't have him on facebook...     Apparently Nathan OD'd, was hospitalized, and apparently just passed in the hospital.   I don't even know how to take this.  I thought he was doing better.    I just.   Fuck.     If you'd like to donate to Nate's family, send to Jesse/itswhatever's paypal and he will forward it on to them:   https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Z36S58FQ25AS2   There is also a funeral home page which in addition to containing info on his memorial services, also contains a condolence book/flower service/donation destination: http://www.gumpholtfuneralhome.com/obits/obituary.php?id=567764   As per his request:
  2. Anyone else watching this despite the negative reviews? I'm a bit of a Marvel fanboy so take my analysis with a grain of salt. I'm only halfway through it at this point but I'm generally enjoying it. It's certainly Netflix's least strong Marvel title so far but its certainly enjoyable. The acting is fine even if the writing could use improvement. The action scenes are also decent, and I feel like Danny is actually portrayed pretty damn close to how he is in the comics. The main ailment the show seems to suffer from is it's villain does not get built up well or quickly enough to be engaging. All heroes need a good villain and without proper conflict it's hard to get attached. That being said I feel like Danny was already going to be a hard sell since his general laid back light hearted manner doesn't fit well into the gritty world Luke Cage and Daredevil have set up for the Netflix marvel scene. They could have easily went a different direction with him but since they're mostly introducing him to work towards defenders they're trying so hard to make him converge. There's a reason we usually see Luke and Danny paired. They play well off of each other and provide balance, forcing one into the others role was just never going to be great. Then there's the fact that he is very Batman-esc in his origin which doesn't help him feel like anything new or exciting. Can anyone who has finished it weigh in?
  3. Mine came in, wore it to a PPTQ the next day, top 8'd. Can't say it's the reason I topped but I also can't confirm it's not. 10/10 would buy again.
  4. You're not wrong. The pro players stance is usually slightly far removed from even just the slight grinder, and modern has steadily been getting better. The main grievance pros had with it is that there's too much to prepare for and too much variance in matchups. Anything can and will show up and it makes picking a deck harder than it should be. That being said the general allure is it's a "You can play what you want, just know it really well" format which most people find attractive. Either way it's no longer a PT format and the PPTQ's for it are relatively few and far between so it's a format I'd only pick up if you plan on grinding SCG/GP's or if your local scene is thriving.
  5. Standard has the most tournaments that matter, people seem to enjoy modern the most but the barrier to entry is high, and limited is a good way to slowly amass a collection and not have to buy in to compete. Legacy is the format you play when you want to burn through your tax refund.
  6. I've found high variance amongst most brands. Assuming these are 100% cotton though because they should be fine either way then.
  7. How's the fit and what are the chances of doing a swap if the fit is off?
  8. 10/10 best new update
  9. I don't know if the tournament announcement was the initial announcement of mm3 but it's been a known set for quite some time now. You can find many articles attempting to analyze the focused sets/predict what will make its way into the set.
  10. You expect too much from me if you think I actually read through the nominations to see who nominated what.
  11. Not a weeb so I couldn't make relevant nominations but why on Earth would you nominate Edward and Alphonse from fullmetal? In no particular order a list of better characters in that show: Barry the Chopper Either of the Armstrong Siblings Mustang Hawkeye Hughes Kimblee Izumi Scar Greed Ling Slave 23 Miles Being the main character doesn't make you the best.
  12. Don't think the starting roster was that great but fuck it. Kanye Kendrick (actually difficult) Earl WhyAreTheyHereButE&AREN'T Pusha T Cole Grips M.I.A.
  13. Killers Franz Fuck this contest. Most of the best bands got eliminated way too early and others made it way too far.
  14. In no way should Franz or Arcade Fire have made it to this round and I'm ashamed of you all. (1) the killers vs. (13) streetlight manifesto (11) mastodon (7) vampire weekend
  15. ... which is already possible with a servant go the conduit on 2. Don't get me wrong I'm excited for this card, it'll sometimes do just that, it'll sometime's be a thalias lt that doesn't block. I think what's more important than the dream scenarios is you get the utility that it's decent early and late game. GW Humans is already playable at the moment and I'd be surprised if this didn't mean GW tokens was coming back especially since they have vehicles to benefit from now as well.
  16. (1) the killers (9) tv on the radio (12) death from above 1979 (13) streetlight manifesto (11) mastodon (14) death grips (10) brand new (2) arctic monkeys None of these were even close to thinkers.
  17. Wut?
  18. Someone did a write up on the decks from the WMC and where they thought they stood. I do agree that UR was a great pick there but I (like whoever wrote the article can't remember) think that it was much more appropriate there simply because it was team unified. This meant you were only at worst a 1/3 shot to play against a black midrange strategy. The UR deck seems to struggle against these much more so than the infect deck does (although it still does tend to struggle as well). The lack of non damage based protection is the thing that keeps me off UR at the moment. That being said I think it's one of the best budget friendly decks in the format and would highly recommend that instead of or in addition to the ascension deck. EDIT: It was Paulos article for CFB
  19. What is your goal exactly? Like are you trying to be as competitive as possible while respecting your budget, or just play something you like to dick around with at fnm? If you're locked in between those two choices I would go with the ascension deck because it's more of a 'real' deck and your win percentage will likely be better. That being said most of the core of that will transfer better to the UR Aggro deck (suicide bloo if you will) which while also not an ideal deck I'd say is slightly more competitive around the same pricepoint. Also a thing to keep in mind with modern is you generally want to be building towards a versatile collection when building decks, so a deck like lantern control, which is a great deck, would be a more poor investment than say the UR deck because at tleast in the UR deck you're getting fetches, shocks, fastlands, aggro creatures like swiftspear etc.
  20. Seems every game I've played in other people are just mass jumping Soldier. I know you can have duplicates but I assume that makes the team soft to hard counters and is frowned upon? Been liking Reinhardt quite a bit but I have no idea if he's actually good or if I'm just in ELO hell and he's a pubstomper.
  21. I know I'm way late but I'm just finally getting into this. Any general tips to not suck? I've only ran a few bot games so far and it seems everyone there is braindead. I was playing mei trying to use walls for choke points and set up mismatched team fights (not that you need to vs bots) and it just seemed like everyone wanted to be the hero and do their own thing. I saw grimeys recommended noob hero list two pages ago. Still current or have things changed a lot since sombra?
  22. @rei Put off buying this til I knew I wouldn't destroy my semester (focus wise) and more 1080s/70s came in stock. So I tried building one on my own and a few google searches later I realized I was on someone elses exact build. I basically just want to know how I did/how this compares to the build you suggested if you have the time. Anything I should be wary of? Does the price increase even seem remotely worth it or am I just throwing around more money at different brands? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/NX7XLD The list linked is the one someone else ended with (our major differences were brands for RAM, ssd, and case though I like this case more). I'm guessing I could go with a smaller ssd for the OS and just use a large hdd for storage to bring the price down but I don't know if the gain by not doing so will be worth it. In all honesty don't really have that much experience with SSD's