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  1. earl sweatshirt

    Btw, Earl is like... the greatest rapper ever at 16... when he gets back to the music he's going to be the greatest ever. IMO. Domo Genesis - "Breaking down bricks in my room, like I'm practicing Martial Arts." Lol wut? OF!
  2. earl sweatshirt

    In my Opinion... Earl > Hodgy > Tyler > Domo > Mike G in terms of overall rap, Hodgy > All in terms of flow. Mike G has great song concepts rivalled by Domo. Rolling Papers is my favorite mixtape outta Odd Future as well, and if your friends like Wiz and you give them Domo's Rolling Papers and they don't prefer it to Wiz's basic lyrics (Wiz has great flow), then I'd be puzzled, Rolling Papers has crazy production.
  3. 2010 FIFA World Cup

    Uruguay to top the group!1 Argentina for the cup
  4. Barclays Premier League

    =] CHELSEA!
  5. Premier League Fantasy Football 2009/2010

    The guy in first place is amazing
  6. Yo Dgz, What college are you going to?

    Ithaca College Computer Science Major Graduate 2013
  7. Barclays Premier League

    ...Didi :D
  8. Premier League Fantasy Football 2009/2010

    i have defoe
  9. Barclays Premier League

    Van Persie out for 2 to 3 months?
  10. UEFA Champions League 2009-10

    eduardo shoulda stayed banned ._.
  11. UEFA Champions League 2009-10

    He could've got up and said it wasn't a penalty... I've seen Miroslav Klose do that before.
  12. Premier League Fantasy Football 2009/2010

    fuck yeah lamps!
  13. Usain Bolt.

    he can probably do 9.4 cuz i've seen him run this fast b4 :|
  14. Usain Bolt.

    I've seen him run relatively close to this in training. He's ridiculously fast.
  15. UEFA Champions Leagues

    I would've watched Barca v Arsenal b4 the semis