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  1. want pokemon cards have a ton of the older stuff

    i dunno but my friend is trying to sell em. u need anything? i live like 15 min. away from Tulsa.
  2. email me at shane96@live.com btw, this isn't me. it's my friend trying to sell.
  3. UFC 88 Discussion.

    That was brutal. Evans does indeed.
  4. UFC 88 Discussion.

    All I can say is, "WOW." Somebody got knocked the fuck out!
  5. One more time

    wb ;]
  6. Right Click

    The right click on my mouse won't work. Anyone know how to fix it? Edit: Nvm. It works now. Thanks.
  7. Savior

    Lol sometimes it is. That's only when he comes over. Not often though.
  8. Chest Workout

    Then you can benefit from this workout AND benchpressing. :D
  9. Chest Workout

    Ya rly. I thought it was pretty tough. ;/
  10. This made me sore the next day. http://www.menshealth.com/cda/featured_vid...opic=all.videos
  11. Savior

    I've been around. I don't get on AIM much since I stopped YVDing. Catch me on Live. ;D
  12. Savior

    I think they're bad ass. Good job on all.
  13. whats the last book you read?

    Pendragon: Book Six - The Rivers of Zadaa