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  1. Opt in: both
  2. Starwind was a good sport. Jeff probably cheated to win that game. Starwind was a much better player than him at the time.
  3. what about magic reflector
  4. that depends on what the definition of "is" is
  6. how come nobody on dgz plays arena? i love it personally and find constructed really rather boring and more about memorizing situations and decklists than creative gameplay. i do hate that theres no ranking system or tournaments/prizes though, so thatd be a valid point. just interested in other opinions
  7. hmm, id say turning off your computer, ipod, stereo, or any other music playing device would be my first idea. if that doesnt work, you could destroy your inner ears with some sharp object; you wont be able to listen to anything at all! hope this helps
  8. sorry i guess? im not sure how my comment could ever be interpreted by anybody as negative or demoralizing in any way, and that obv was not the intention. i know nothing about your program nor will i ever and i just wanted to talk about showing my penis and make myself laugh at the expense of nobody. god i dont even know why i had to make this post. a more appropriate response would probably be to tell YOU to grow up. but good luck dude, i hope your thing is a success.
  9. no
  10. does your program support the ability for me to show my penis to my opponent? if not, why are you ruining this game?
  11. regular guy except is actually in the illuminati, and not a regular guy at all
  12. well lollerskates got +'d because he is a dgz legend and (im assuming) hasn't posted in a very long time. don't worry about it buddy. he might even grant you 3 wishes.
  13. u2

    bono thedge adam clinton larry morgan junior the original lads from liverpool