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  1. [youtube][/youtube]   unfuckwithable, might be my favorite thing ever tbqpfh
  2. did i cheated
  3. who is john galm
  4. you should use e-con, its really good
  5. e-con is really good
  6. yes
  7. 3. wet hot american summer 2. le trou   HINT: ITS HAS JEFF GOLDBLUM, SAMUEL L JACKSON, AND SEVERAL DINOSAURS IN IT
  8. i think theres a whole lot of cards that could be added to newgioh that would not be very powerful nor enable stupid OTKs or anything, but would be used hardly ever as tech choices or cards in mid-tier decks. shit like mark of the rose. has potential in any deck that runs 3 tomatoes but isn't super good or anything.
  9. i played twice once as rag once as nef, won both and they seemed relatively balanced. nef has a strong early game but it seems like he can run out of stuff once it gets to the late mid-game. although i have to note my win as rag came after my opponent missed an obvious lethal lol
  10.   this deck is so funny to use. i wonder at what rank i will start getting completely destroyed, my guess is 10
  11. im like halfway between dc and orlando if u for some reason went out of your way westward for like 2 hours lolz
  12. just so u guys know the original jurassic park legitimately had a great plot, it is an adaptation of the book. the rest of the movies have very little to no connection at all to the book(s)   still rly wanna see this just bothered me a lil that a couple people are saying that the only reason to watch any of the jurassic park movies is bc it has dinosaurs eating ppl and fighting
  13. pensacola, fl, usa
  14. ya i love doing that leper gnome/whatever 1 drop shit against mage. unstealthing your worgen infiltrator before their turn 4 play is funny too
  15. a guy just played blingtron on me in arena and gave me a gladiators longbow. first time i've seen someone use blingtron in arena. i also played a chicken i got off of gnomish experimenter into his mirror entity