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  1. Penisfag at his best!

    oh so thats performance art ok
  2. OP shouldnt be managing anything except for his useless boner lol
  3. Wumbo

    hey whats up
  4. Arena Discussion

    I don't like the synergy thing they are trying to push but I've learned to just live with it. Basically just how you get offered a rockpool hunter or Tol'vir and move on
  5. battle of the yugioh card artworks

    yata is the best one
  6. battle of the yugioh card artworks

    yugioh card art kinda sux huh
  7. battle of the yugioh card artworks

    all cards look better as commons imo, even tho that asura is super rare
  8. Arena Discussion

    Does anyone here play arena atm? Looking to possibly co-op or at least talk strat with someone. I personally do not know a single person who plays arena. It's the only game mode I play in Hearthstone
  9. DuelistGroundz username: Sykotic Discord username: Sykotic Formats: goats Expected level of activity: high Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Reggie
  10. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: both