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  1. let's try to get some games in
  2. it was a great play (results into a draw, when another play results into a loss) even if he did it for the wrong reasons / got lucky
  3. islickz you're extremely biased / result oriented lol and you drop me 15 places or so literally because we had a "fight" in game do yourself a favor and retire this list, let @Francis J Underwood @Malcolm run an actual list based on MVP/HM's etc, should also be seperated at least one for towngame and one for scumgame
  4. wasn't a throw THERE IS NO BEST PLAY THERE IS ONLY WINNING #result oriented #always scum regardless of alignment etc but it's true scum threw by making it a tie (?) wunter made a good play because he got a tie out of a lose/lose situation and people complain "ok" "he couldn't know" - well he took a guess and he was right
  5. signing up for warring and / or casual ranked
  6. Its just warm worm mill 2.0
  7. literally just play over 20 cards for free wins if you start seeing it frequently
  8. Heads up: I have to study the link rulings and mechanics better before I can play - but I will be available to play later on in the war
  9. ALL THE OUTS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Duelistgroundz • Discord name ( if only 1 name is mentioned, then the Duelistgroundz and Discord name are the same ) Current: mark (team leader) ♥ ♥ Me. ♥ ♥ SQUIDS ~ • Sarah ♥ ♥ ArisNPhoenix • Phoenixstorm ♥ ♥ Ronsas • NJK21 ♥ ♥ !nf!del ♥ ♥ Mistilteinn ♥ ♥ Goat: Mustang • Morphing Jar ♥ ♥ Malcolm ♥ ♥ rei ♥ ♥ VS Mostly Harmless ♥♥♥♥ Gojira (team leader) / Gojira / current and goats ♥♥ xbambiraptorx / bambiraptor / current and goats ♥♥ kiritosinon / 4D617474 / current preferred ♥♥ The_Be(a)sT / beast / current only ♥♥ DGZ9000 / fluxoff / current preferred ♥♥ Mickey Maples / / current and goat ♥ Audioslayne - pepe-Silvia#9497 - Goat only ♥♥ @Vitamin-C Current - Discord: Vitamin-C ♥♥ @BuildTheWalia Goat = Discord: BuildTheWalia ♥ @Carter Wix Current = Discord: Carter Wix ♥♥ Results: 2-0 Mustang (Chaos Recruiter) beat Mickey Maples (Beastdown) Mustang (Chaos Recruiter) beat BuildtheWalia (Beatdown)
  10. You can sign up for casual ranked (individual) and warring (team) to play games the games are played on duelingbook and on Lackey (see the Lackey subforum for explanations, how to download, how to use), it's best to have both (Lackey is manual, and Lets you reconnect from games after disconnecting) good luck!
  11. I think 5 tribute monsters will clogg unless if you max on Soul Exchange / gozuki, which may be the way to go. Seems good
  12. Has round 9 started yet?
  13. gozuki is playable, idk if it's broken / worth building around though
  14. I haven't figured an ideal build yet but I think something like this will be staple: 2 Il Blud (searchable so don't need more really) 2 Goblin Zombie (kind of worried that it isn't at 3 yet, if there's a way to search it play it, if not, I think Restart is a good skill for this deck) 3 Heavy Knight of the Flame (I mean it makes Supervise live, 1800 is ok, and it's a normal in grave, what to hate about it?) 1 Vampire Dragon: not sure how many tribute monsters you want total, but since Goblin Zombie is only at 2, I assume this card is good 3 Supervise (the nuts, and I wouldn't play this deck without it) 3 Soul Exchange maybe Soul Resurection, undecided, but it's worse than Supevise. Magical Merchant could be a good filler as well if you lack enough good monsters. I still think E-Con is powercreeped by the new pack, but in this build it serves some purpose so it's playable. Il Blud/Goblin Zombie/Supervise/tribute monsters provide a lot of synergy, so E-Con is good (at 1-2?) Then I'd fill it up with stuff like Mirror Wall, Headlong, Eliminating etc. Both to OTK and because the zombies don't do much to disrupt shit in the opp's turn outside of Supervise really. Don't think Tribute to the Doomed is necessary, it's not bad, but Soul Exchange already serves that purpose: it's still a good filler though.