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  1. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    If you want try Switcheroo I think you need 3 transmodify though, maybe even a Venus - psychic hybrid with serene witch and Psychokenesis? It would prob be bad though, and I’m not sure if there’s any way to lose 1000 lp that you’d actually want to play, outside of cosmic cyclone which you’ll have 0-1 copies of I’m sure
  2. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    It could work, but since you need to lose 1500 LP first I think it’s too slow. You need Venus T1 to keep up with the meta, and I think restart + 2/3 transmodify is the best way to achieve that. Or Switcheroo with cosmic Cyclones.
  3. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    A trick up the sleeve adds dmoc but eh, you’d prob want three star demotion instead card shuffle is cool for farming despite being OPT does master of Magicians add from your deck or outside of your deck? If it adds from your deck it’s a worse d draw show of nightmares may have potential but prob sucks
  4. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    Monstermorph evolution into Gandora is a thing the skill is monstermorph evolution, the deck is like a vanilla red eyes deck + gandora it’s just a fun deck though
  5. If you want to play old yugioh, play this http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/forum/674-yu-gi-oh-duel-links/ You cant get into current yugioh with old decks, power creep makes sure only recently released archetypes stand a chance, it’s konami’s way of doing set rotation
  6. mark beat Death Sentence WGM beat Personofsecrets ggs
  7. Also if you want matches to count: report them
  8. ALL THE OUTS: 6 hearts Me. Brandis72 N3sh Mistilteinn CHROLOS bcc Sexually Oppressed Slaves: 6 Hearts please post current line-up Results No individual heart cap
  9. Ninja Deck Discussion

    ways to counter: divine wrath ultimate providence cosmic cyclone CA if you don't get outdrawn
  10. KC Cup

    if anything a large amount of games reduces luck, but there should be a cap like 100 games / day max or it'll be insane and people have to skip sleep etc keep in mind everyone made KoG or stage 20, so a high winrate isn't possible unless you're really better than others: you'll only face "good" opponents, next stage will be even more stacked, etc. I think good players could keep a 60-70% winrate in this field - unless you dc'd a lot. 50 games is a small sample size though stein is gay but actually decent imo they should just put a cap, fix the insta loss before you even found an opp, ban stein or king. get real price support, at least gems for top 10 / 100 / 500 / 1000 etc. bo3 or a level system like last time should be considered but weren't the worst problems imo: playing over 100 games reduces a lot of luck. it's just difficult to win a lot vs decent players.
  11. War is over we can start a new war and tell everyone to report their matches, and then keep the OP more up to date. Its hard for me to track games people don’t report
  12. Ancient Gears Discussion

    Pulse mines is way better than the alternatives such as Windstorm unless when you brick idgi, you chain it to dakini eff and it’ll send everything to defense even if they summon shit afterwards... so it’s chainable to s/t Destruction too before they even summoned shit i feel like you guys are sleeping on this card
  13. Ancient Gears Discussion

    people are cutting beast come on @Gojira
  14. KC Cup

    i dc'd 25-30x lol, but my connection sucks admittedly gj though! definitely agree on cyclone > extermination cause it rapes ninja
  15. KC Cup

    there's nothing wrong with playing 8h / day for a tournament though, if you want a top spot