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  1. hardtospellwrong (diagram zoo) beat mark (zoo)
  2. ?
  3. right now the format is zoodiac "resolve norden/emeral X times and end on draw +X, end on Zoodiac Drident" mainly, backed up by hand traps/traps. Master Peace, the true dracoslaying king is also a thing. going first is important like every topdeck plays some kind of a zoodiac engine right now norden will get banned so that will make zoodiac less broken, but still broken/tier 1 likely the new link summoning mechanic won't be out for a few months though
  4. faint town and scum should be switched imo
  5. This isn't a game
  6. alright. maybe I did misapply it, not intentionally (I as town have no motive to not find scum, obviously), but to me it seems like you and confuserei are mostly mad about the fact I said the 2 of you were scum + kept pushing for it but we were in different teams so we obviously aren't going to work together, so I don't understand the hostility, we all play to win and we had opposite winconditions
  7. I think it's pretty funny
  8. alright I did fell out to you on discord after the game if thats it then I understand but you were mad at me before that of course, so it still doesn't explain the cause
  9. this is true but you don't actually think I treat you like shit or am like the nazis
  10. That is true, and I wasn't a dick back then or after it either from what I can remember I legit have no idea why you're mad at me and I noticed it prior to the game as well, so it's not like it's because of the game. And even in the game, I still don't get it, unless if "posting a lot of bullshit etc." is something you get mad for like for me I was just playing the game, are you mad because I didn't use any of the strategies we discussed earlier? I think most of the insults were from me to confuse rei and from him to me tbh not that it matters, if you want to be mad at me so be it, I don't think it justifies but I also don't really care, half the mafia section is mad at me so it's best to not play anyway. it doesn't seem solvable
  11. wasn't she neutral?
  12. yea and you're definitely not being a dick right maybe set the example first
  13. If they want to get rid of it just ban Broadbull and Drident tbh. Would there be any unfair things they could do even with Norden? Like making a rank 4 or drawing 1-2 cards is pretty fair, I think the advantage comes from Broadbull and Drident being infinite +1's per turn.
  14. also despite the meme that I "never listen to claire", I did apply tactics we discussed on how to be town in drunk mafia, except I was scum of course, but I think if I was town in that game I would've applied them as well. I don't think one game where I apparently broke all mafia laws because I was too focused on finding out who's scum / who I was going to check, that I forgot to focus on how I came off to others, changes that at all. Like for me that's just one game and I learned what not to do tbh, but apparently people are going to blow it up base their opinion solely off 1 game
  15. you could not include it at all