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  1. War is over we can start a new war and tell everyone to report their matches, and then keep the OP more up to date. Its hard for me to track games people don’t report
  2. Ancient Gears Discussion

    Pulse mines is way better than the alternatives such as Windstorm unless when you brick idgi, you chain it to dakini eff and it’ll send everything to defense even if they summon shit afterwards... so it’s chainable to s/t Destruction too before they even summoned shit i feel like you guys are sleeping on this card
  3. Ancient Gears Discussion

    people are cutting beast come on @Gojira
  4. KC Cup

    i dc'd 25-30x lol, but my connection sucks admittedly gj though! definitely agree on cyclone > extermination cause it rapes ninja
  5. KC Cup

    there's nothing wrong with playing 8h / day for a tournament though, if you want a top spot
  6. KC Cup

    I don’t mind that since IRL tournaments also require an entire weekend but really this system just rewards playing 20h/ day which is unhealthy
  7. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Jinzo negates the traps though
  8. KC Cup

    1. Fix dc = instant loss BS 2. 100 game cap / day 3. Bo3 with side decking (if so, maybe the cap should be 50) the 1 weekend thing isn’t so relevant since there will be 3 KC cups anyway
  9. KC Cup

    Switched between chalice / econ / 2nd bird throughout deck was good, got fucked by my connection though. Will try to fix it before the next tournament
  10. KC Cup

    Nah, I don’t have to prove myself vs someone that posts here once every 2 years. if you have good results with your deck, good for you, but it’s not how I’d run it. Agree to disagree, idk why you get so hostile over someone having a different opinion than you either tbh, chill the fuck down.
  11. Ancient Gears Discussion

    Well there’s also econ take OTK’s, which are absolutely insane
  12. KC Cup

    Lol you cant play around floodgate, you cant summon multiple dakini cause the EP eff is negated, if you’re never going to summon dakini floodgate did it’s job. You’re basically saying people should open the nuts and open hands that can summon double dakini - but those hands can play through econ anyway i don’t think mind scan is good in GB either. If it does well its because of the sheer amount of people that’ll use it you call the game easy but you’re saying stuff that’s just wrong
  13. KC Cup

    imo respite sucks. I'd rather play 6-8 GB with balance and open 1 or 2, also with 4 card hands odds of opening a 3-card combo is low. no equeste either econ is for sure a staple at 3, but floodgate can be played in addition to it. it cucks dakini even if they get the first eff, they're prob low on resources. also most CA are mind scan, but you can't play around it really reaching stage 2 is really easy, competition starts at the higher levels of stage 2