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  1. Instead of having a separate pinned topic for each, I decided it's easier to have one thread where we can put links to everything that needs to be kept, but doesn't fit anywhere else. This is mostly a combination of jokes and funny/prime moments from the past, that show the duelistgroundz culture throughout the years. Mention any suggestions if you want me to put them in. Am I good at yugioh? Did I cheat? I discovered this tech first Quotes of the future Lesson on ethics For challenging others Wisdom and more lessons on ethics yugioh vs magic official debate How to beat the meta, aka paraliel's legacy Don't click the spoiler, we don't actually want people to kill themselves because of cyber bullying
  2. I think that, while there may be value in knowing the effect of Desires, the point is that in builds with Brilliant+Desires you'd always want to activate Brilliant before Desires if you draw both, but if you draw Brilliant off of Desires, you now want to know if you have banished your targets yes/no. There's also drawing the target yes/no. The searchers and drawcards thing is less relevant, I'll admit that, and of course we can treat a deck with 3 Terraforming 3 Field spell 1 Upstart 3 Into the Void as '36 card deck with 6 Field spells', but with the decks I'm currently testing the problem is that a lot of it depends on technical play, so for example, you'd activate Brilliant before Desires/any draw cards, or any other deck thinning mechanics. You'd sometimes want to activate your draw cards before activating your engine cards, but sometimes after, depending on whether you want to draw what you search/send yes or no. (say, your hand is Brilliant Fusion + draw cards, and you play 2 Garnet, now normally you'd want to Brilliant first, then use the drawcards, to minimize odds of drawing Garnet, but if you want to draw the Garnet for some reason, say you need a monster in hand to activate One for One, or you want him to normal summon for a rank 4 play, now you'd want to activate the drawcards before activating the Brilliant, and while this is a minor interaction, in complicated decks such as Omega synchro spam or stuff like that, it's very relevant. I'm currently using 'draw 50 hands on ygopro' to decide the odds, but that's inaccurate as fuck, because if you hit 5 of these hands better or worse than average, then that's already a 10% deviation. The problem is that with theory and basic math I can already see what would be good and what not. So the only times I'd actually resort to using math, is with very difficult problems where the difference will only be 1% at most, but these are the exact kind of situations that are too complicated to calculate with math or with programs. I mean if this is not solvable then nevermind, I guess the best solution to this is just using a lot of theory + math till you've find the right answer, but I was just wondering if it was possible with the program.
  3. I haven't looked into it yet, but can you make 'complicated' calculations with it as well, such as Pot of Desires/Brilliant Fusion and using Upstart Goblin before/after deckthinning etc. If you knew a list of the hands and the order of the cards you play, depending on the hand you have? Also stuff such as Magical Mallet?
  4. So, if you made a play, and your opponent is taking time thinking about whether they want to respond or not, you can use that time to do calculations? I also think that the calculations mentioned in OP only take about 5 sec because you can put them into your calculator beforehand, and you'll only have to fill in 2 variables then hit enter I to get your result. I think thinking the play through could take longer.... like a minute? So it's actually faster, although i don't know if that makes a difference really.
  5. Lonefire Blossom + Soul Charge = double Toadally Awesome. (You have to play about 6 copies combined of the following: Lekunga, which eff may be useful for synchro/D.D.R. plays, Lord Poison, Aromage Rosemary). Lonefire is searchable with Super Solar Nutrient (although Super Solar requires a LV1/2 plant on field. Possibilities are Sylvans, Glow-Up, Spore, Nettles, Dark Verger etc.), Soul Charge is searchable with Left Arm Offering, in combination with a lot of deck thinning/draw cards. I'm sure there are a lot of other sick combo's possible with Lonefire/Soul Charge as well. Symbol of Heritage is a 2nd Lonefire, and later in the game possible a Swap Frog as well. - Terraforming is a Sylvan Charity target, or, a floodgate (Depending on the format/how you're going to build your entire deck, possibilities are: Black Garden, Naturia Forest, Necrovalley, Secret Village of the Spellcasters, Ancient Forest, Extra Net etc. given that already have the Toads here.) - The waters you have to play for Lonefire fuel Swap Frog in hand for the LV2 Aqua toad plays - Moray of Greed could be considered as well, to put these LV4 waters back and dig for Lonefire/Soul Charge in cases where you don't open Swap Frog Other staples: 1 Upstart Goblin 3 Into the Void 3 Pot of Desires 3 Instant Fusion Possible engines: - Sylvans are water plant LV1/2 so they're Sylvan Charity targets, as well as Super Solar Nutrient targets. - Brilliant Fusion + Graydle Slime Jr. - There may be some sick combo's between Gigaplant, Supervise, D.D.R., Miracle Fertilizer, Hidden Armory, etc. - Frog the Jam, Rescue Rabbit, Unexpected Dai, Silent Doom/Swing of Memories, special summon-able off of Supervise, although not searchable with Lonefire since Plant/Aqua contradiction, also there aren't LV4 water normal plants either. And Frog the Jam not really being a Frog also hurts for Ronintoadin. Weaknesses: I'm sure such a deck can open double Toad consistently, although a problem would be that you can't set cards during the turn you activate Left Arm Offering meaning you will need to find continuous spell cards/field spell cards floodgates, or some other way to strengthen your field. Toad from Bahamut is also weaker than Toad itself, but a Swap Frog-engine could make both possible. Going second may also prove problematic, although not necessarily depending on how you build, you should be able to have multiple options/layers of plays, ideally you'd want to use 2 cards to bait/clear the field then Soul Charge+Lonefire to go into Trishula or double Toadally Awesome. Gameciel Kaiju would probably be ideal since it's Swap Frog and Moray of Greed fodder while going fist. Any boards you can make with Lonefire that I've missed? I know Quasar is possible but that was with 2 Lonefire only, so with 3 we should be able to make better. I'm interested in knowing if I've missed any other plant power cards or ways to abuse Gigaplant that I'm sure exist (such as the synergy it holds with Beatrice, Malicious, and what not)
  6. I think we're talking a different format though. I'm talking baby ruler spellbook judgment format. The cards you mentioned happend in the format after, when the baby's etc got banned. Since everyone mained MST Raigeki break etc, you're right that floodgates were less effective, and it was a slower format all together. I remember sixth sense actually being bad, but everyone who dared cutting it or play call 3/4 would get a lot of shit for everyone. Although it's the definition of a gamble card and hitting wrong could outright lose you the game although hitting right meant auto-win. Regarding evilswam/spellbook, that could very well be possible. Depends on the format and your overall matchup against the board. I thought it was consensus that evilswarm sucked regardless though and that dragon ruler would always win because of sheer power level, but maybe one could build it in another. Going 2nd would be the biggest problem. Like I understand what everyone's saying but the floodgate plan could be optimized so you wouldn't play a regular build with hand traps anymore except maybe maxx C when going second. But I'll leave it for what it is now, we'll never really know.
  7. Please answer the poll so I know who I'm talking to, and so I don't have to ask every user. Thanks.
  8. Tyranno to restore my honor!
  9. I could ban you for that lol
  10. I guess part of why I disagree is because I probably also disagree with what people currently play in modern yugioh. Like I'm not arguing these cards over Emptiness, but I'm saying people could've played way more floodgates than they do, maybe not even main Super Rejuv. That from a going 1st approach, just set-up your grave+field+2 floodgates end. And from a going 2nd approach you could use the Burei OTK through tokens plan although I haven't tested it, but I remember when I checked it out it seemed extremely good since you just go double Burei turn their tokens in atk then overlay and OTK etc. So you could have a going 1st plan, and a going 2nd plan, and switch between them. When I look at decklists I see maybe 1 Storm 2 Emptiness that's it, so I'm seeing room for improvement. As for bricking, I think it's a thinking error people make that they always want to be able to make plays, but honestly against a good player your winrate will only be 50% anyway, regardless of how much of the time you open playable. So strategies that will give you 70% auto-win 30% brick, are better. Not in swiss of course, so this all depends on the tournament you're playing and the average skill level you except of people etc. But against good players which you can't outplay, or as people become better, you should be playing more high risk high reward kind of cards such as the floodgate route, imo.
  11. Don't worry guys I got this, Tyranno is going to cover me to make up for my stupid plays
  12. Sure, who ever wants to sub in for me can sub in.
  13. Like my biggest problem with all this is that the 'go to' T1 play is to literally go all-out, throw everything you have, then create infinite resources for yourself while also restricting your opponent's play. It's like, when you look at it indirectly, every card is like a Stratos+BTH in one, it gives you something & it takes something away from your opponent, giving you no incentive to hold back. The 'skill' aspect is imo only relevant in finding ways to beat the meta, aka deckbuilding. Not so much as grind game and technical play anymore.
  14. Yeah the game is currently based around T1 only, all other turns are a result of your opening. Like this is pretty a much a meme at this point, but it's true. If there was a rank 8 XYZ that said 'when you summon this guy on the 4th turn, you win the duel', it'd probably still suck depending on the format.
  15. I can't actually die. I can only suck and lose
  16. I just pulled a you at the current mafia game. You should check it out.
  17. My fucking multi, Jazz is also my multi.
  18. You're so stupid you're actually proud of wasting a vig. You're literally the actual worst player I've ever seen.
  19. To be honest since at this moment I don't care what people think anymore and people probably don't care what I think either: My opinion is real simple. I'm new at mafia, so people expect new people to just STFU and be bad and stupid and learn. So if you have strong opinion you'll get a lot of shit. And maybe some of it is right, but most of it is not. It's literally a barrier that keeps new people from playing, like you shouldn't treat people different because of them being new. It's just a mafia and everyone is equal, and you should make your reads accordingly. I also dislike how people are quick to say that I do stuff wrong, like removing double posts in last game which the host agreed with, saying my role PM in this topic that the host agreed with, in both cases I asked for permission first. Then people are still quick to say I'm modkilled and that I'm the worst mod and what not. Like that shit seriously isn't necessary, it has nothing to do with the game, and yes I'm fucking tilted atm not because I'm dead, but because of this entire stupid fucking mentality that people have in this entire game.
  20. You forgot memes and shitposting = town. It's pretty messed up. This is why everyone keeps their head down and town will eventually end up with half a dozen floaters come endgame and nobody will get anywhere. Because trying to play the game = scum. QFT Also floating = town
  21. I'm not even modkilled though. You are all retarded. I got pushed into giving my PM role, something which I wasn't sure was allowed. I PM'ed JC for permission. He said go. So I posted it. Everyone saying anything about modkilled is stupid. @JC. can confirm.
  22. It literally says Mascis
  23. Not everyone is retarded, like I've said there's about 3 group of people, people that play serious, people that float, and people like you who go after Townies and try to give them a run for their money like your life depends on it. Or maybe you do, because I still got you as scum. Either way you don't seem to care. MAFIA 2017 'Oh, did we lynch a town? HIS FAULT FOR BEING BAD' Talking about scrub mentality. 1v1 me. You might actually literally be retarded. I may feel bad for insulting mentally ill people here, so I want to apologize for anything I said. If you can't see why claiming miller is GTO, then you suck. No let's wait to see a misscan + mislynch, when you can just.... let someone live until you suspect them of being scum otherwise. Like I get if I'm in the last 5 alive you'll have to lynch me if you can't scan, but anything before that is just retarded. If you want to kill a miller and think I should've claimed, then you also suck. If people actually took what I said even slightly serious, and I would've gotten at least a little discussion and maybe 1-2 shield votes, I could've drawn the nk to me. But no people were too tunneling to even take that suggestion seriously, because 'lol claim miler now you must die and we won't trust anything you say'. I'll admit the misplay, I expected perfect play from people who aren't capable of it. Then don't act like someone who doesn't know how to play. I mean when I'm reading Jazz' posts, I disagree half the time but at least I see where he's coming from. When I'm reading Francis' or rei's posts or whoever, I always get this feel like they're objectively trying to solve the game. With you, it seems like you're always tunneling at something, ignoring logic etc, so either you're scum twice or you're not playing good imo. Which shouldn't be much of an offense because I'm new and don't know what I'm talking about it and what not, but I'm still going to tell it how I see it. I also said I'd join mafia if I got killed so as you can see I tried a lot of different things as to draw a nk towards me. I HAD TO CLAIM. It's the optimal thing to do given miller, and I didn't choose the fucking role. I would never believe anyone claiming miller after a negscan, therefore you have to always claim it beforehand. I can't stress this point enough, it's not that hard. Me voting myself is obviously after already seeing that this is going nowhere and serious play doesn't get me anywhere, which is when I started meme-ing and apparently it had a better effect. I complain because I can already tell, before a game starts, exactly which people will vote for me if I'm going to make a certain kind of post, which is just biased. It's like I'm playing vs certain players regardless of whether I'm scum or town, it's just stupid.