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  1. If there's anything missing, please post it and I'll add it into the OP. Also screw pictures, might add them later but I figured I've waited long enough to put this thread up. The idea of the Paleozoic deck is pretty simple: You play some frogs to make Toadally Awesome, which is the boss monster of the deck, and then you play a bunch of traps to protect it. What makes the deck is the fact that every Paleozoic trap has a 2nd effect where it can special summon itself from the graveyard as a lv2 water monster, so you can make even more Toadally Awesome's, besides making other rank 2's. This solves 2 big problems that 'summon floodgate, set 5 traps end' decks used to have in the past: Not being able to break fields, and running out of gas. Because of the rank 2-toolbox the deck essentially is, your extra deck can get rid of any on-field threat, and because the traps are all floaters and Ronintoadin keeps summoning itself: you get free summons each turn as well, which you can then turn into either defensive or offensive XYZ's depending on the situation. The traps There are 8 different Paleozoic traps, and their effects reminds us of cards we already know - because why think of new cards when people prefer the old ones anyway, right? Each Paleozoic trap card has the following effect: "Once per Chain, when a Trap Card is activated while this card is in your graveyard: Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster (Aqua-Type/WATER/level 2/ATK 1200/DEF 0). (This card is NOT treated as a Trap Card.) If summoned this way, this card is unaffected by monster effects, also banish it when it leaves the field." In addition to their own unique effects: Paleozoic "Karma Cut" Dinomischus Target 1 face-up card on the field; discard 1 card, and if you do, banish it. Paleozoic "Book of Moon" Canadia Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change it to face-down defense position. Paleozoic "Rush Recklessly" Eldonia Target 1 face-up monster on the field; it gains 500 ATK and DEF until the end of this turn. Paleozoic "Shrink" Hallucigenia Target 1 face-up monster on the field; its ATK and DEF become half its current ATK and DEF until the end of this turn. Paleozoic "Burial from a a Different Dimension but not quite" Leanchoilia Target 1 banished card; return it to the graveyard. Paleozoic "Foolish Burial for traps" Marrela Send 1 Trap Card from your Deck to the Graveyard. Paleozoic "MST" Olenoides Target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy it. Paleozoic "Destiny Draw" Pikaia Discard 1 "Paleozoic" card, then draw 2 cards. The Frogs Now all these traps have one other thing in common as well: they're all still traps. They won't do shit during the turn you set them, so to make the deck do anything worthwhile during the first turn, we play a little Frog engine along them: Swap Frog Ronintoadin Dupe Frog The plan here is to always open Swap Frog, because it sucks dick if you don't, but hey, that's just yugioh I guess. Alternatively you can set Dupe Frog and just pray it goes through, so you'll be able to search the Swap for next turn anyway. You use Swap Frog's normal and special summon effect to get a bunch of water's in the grave, which then allows for Ronintoadin to keep summoning itself while making a bunch of rank 2's. They're aqua, so they can make Toadally Awesome as well. More traps Waboku Compulsory Evacuation Device Dimension Barrier These traps provide some defense so you won't die soon, and they can be activated at any time meaning they can trigger each Palezoic's graveyard effect to special summon itself. Waboku is mostly just there to protect your Toadally Awesome and your other Paleozoic XYZ's, so you can use their effects multiple times and proceed to destroy your opponent. Breakthrough Skill Playing the lone copy of Breakthrough Skill means that you can send it to the graveyard with Paleozoic Marrela when necessary, which is relevant because Paleozoic Marrela can be added to your hand with Paleozoic Opabinia, which can be made at any point. Reckless Greed Since this is a trap deck anyway, you can get away with playing cards like this, it can also be used at any time to trigger the Palezoic's graveyards effects. The deck is then added with staples, often consisting of: Pot of Desires Maxx "C" Solemn Strike & Solemn Warning Any Mirror Forces Possible sub-engines Fiend Griefing + Absolute King Black Jack: Use Fiend Griefing to disrupt your opponent's play while sending Absolute King Black Jack to the graveyard, which basically turning itself into a set trap card. Genex Undine package: Genex Undine Genex Controller Allure of Darkness Common Charity This is a little engine I thought of: it basically gets you Ronintoadin in the grave, while providing draw power with the Allures/Common Charity's. It probably sucks because it doesn't have enough synergy with the rest of the deck but I felt like it's worth mentioning at least: you could play 1 Deep Sea Diva 1 Atlantean Pikeman alongside it as well, Diva doesn't make Toadally Awesome but it does make the Palezoic xyz's which is still pretty powerful. I'd play Atlantean Heavy Infantry but unfortunately it doesn't get triggered by Swap Frog. Upstart Golden Ninja package Here's another solid option for a normal summon. Summon it, discard a trap, summon another copy of itself, make Bujintei Tsukuyomi, discard another trap and draw 2 cards, the 2 traps discarded are alread fuel for a rank 2. This engine also provides the option to play another rank 4, to out situations that your rank 2's can't handle. You could play 1 Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo alonside 3 Upstart Golden Ninja to turn a single Upstart Golden Ninja into 2 rank 4's, 1 rank 2, over the course of 2 turns. You do so by searching Hanzo with Upstart, then searching a 2nd Upstart with it, make rank 4, and next turn you summon the 2nd Upstart to search the 3rd and make the 2nd rank 4. The traps that have hit the graveyard will allow for a rank 2 as well. Extra deck: Now here's what it's all about. Toadally Awesome The boss monster of this deck. It negates stuff, do I need to say more? Paleozoic Anomalocaris Costs 3 monsters to make, but that's toadally made up for by it's effect: it can destroy a card once during each player's turn, and it also gives you the chance of setting a free trap from the top of your deck if you're lucky. This is exactly the kind of card I like: it's very flexible and can put it a bunch of work. Paleozoic Opabinia Adds any Paleozoic trap card from your deck to your hand once per turn while also giving you the ability to play Paleozoic traps from your hand. Nice way to play around Denko Sekka/Jinzo/Twin Twister, which are real concerns for this deck. I'll expand further on the Extra Deck and some other stuff but I'm getting tired, I figured I'll just throw this up right away so we can at least get this discussion going - because this deck is very real, and it's already topping events. Sample Decklists: Questions to get this discussion going: - What to side? - How to play going 2nd? - How to play each matchup, and how to build to beat matchups? - What techs to play?
  2. Can you active Set Rotation if you and/or your opponent already have field spells on the field?
  3. Sorry about no OP for now but we really need a place to discuss this deck (pure, zoodiac variant, or any hybrid really that includes these new cards) The continuous Penlumgraph spell and traps are important: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=8240 as well as Timestar magician: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=8231 Sample decklist that topped euros: if anyone is working on an OP let me know or post in the thread quality control center, I'll replace the OP with it once it's done, if not I'll try to make something myself but can't promise for now
  4. Complete Player List: (last updated 10/15) Dgz name | Discord name If only one name is posted, then Dgz name = Discord name Goat and Current: mark (Team Leader) Me. N3sh Current only: Mistilteinn CHROLOS bcc Goat only: TheAntiAntimetaAzn - G-Sop Personofsecrets MattKolenda - MattK Important note for scheduling wars: our team has a mix of Lackey and DB players, and a mix of european and US players. War History ongoing season: Current Lost 4-6 vs Lemo Pear Gang Current Won 2-1 (activity) vs Gentleman's Club Goat Won 6-1 vs Sexually Oppressed Slaves Lost 4-6 vs ESPN Won 6-1 vs ESPN War History Season 1: (Won)
  5. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    This happened way before then, the screenshots are from half a year ago
  6. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    But you’re right, I shouldve stopped way earlier.
  7. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    I’m not justifying it or blaming him. I’m explaining my part of the situation.
  8. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    I would like to say that while I feel ashamed about that and dont justify my actions in any way, we did have a history and sage used to make sexual comments to me earlier on, in fact he was the first to do it. I won’t post screens on it as I hold no grudge. its not like I just randomly started to harras a member on it. We were really close and use to make comments like that all the time from both sides. Those screens when after we got in a huge fight and I let emotions get to me when in reality I shouldve just stepped back from it. I have no intention of messaging him anymore, and I have no intention of harrasing anyone on this server, it was a 1-time thing thing and not really related to DGZ as we were friends for months and used to talk multiple hours / day outside of it. We used to do hours long calls. Anyway I can leave that behind me. I agree with the decision of being unstaffed, because I feel like I don’t fit anymore outside of my contributions to the duel links section. I don’t really mind if people think I’m gay or bi or whatever but I do realize I made a mistake and that I had to let go earlier on, I will admit my mistake and I will take responsibility for it. I learned from it, these screenshots all happened months ago, I left it behind me, and I would like to apologize to the staff of duelistgroundz and to Sage, I should’ve known better.
  9. Autoduel decks

    If you don't mind clicking once before you auto-duel, restart is best for CA. Otherwise Balance or lp boost a / whatever no benten/idaten + LV8's is the way to go (I play 2-3 Mwall/Disruption too)
  10. Goat line-up is correct For current, the only players that warred 5x are Mistilteinn, Chevalier and bcc
  11. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Well, that was easy Fairy’s Smile is broken too
  12. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I don’t think parallel Twister is good, second is mediocre at second thought
  13. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    My first thoughts Six Samurai 2 Enishi 3 Powerful Rebirth 3 Zanji 2-3 Yaichi 1-2 Hand of the Six Samurai X samurai X backrow (floodgate+inou synergy is there) Enishi is just better than Shogun, but you can’t play > 2 cause you won’t have enough fodder to special it twice Powerful Rebirth seems like the best card in the set to me, and can see play in GB or any deck really
  14. bobs burgers sucks

    title is true, fuck that show but the OP sucks
  15. Ninja - Discussion

    judgment of Anubis sucks even if it works vs cyclone Ans although obv good, im not even sure how impactful cyclone is vs ninja rn, for example if they just summon bdn from their hand it doesn’t deal with that what do you guys think are the best 2 techs vs this deck, that are still good vs other decks? Ultimate Providence Divine Wrath Forbidden Chalice Cosmic Cyclone Enemy Controller also did I miss anything relevant? Another question to the CA players: would you guys ever run the Master of Rites skill if you face a lot of ninja (say 30-40% of the field)?
  16. ALL THE OUTS: 6 hearts Me. Brandis72 N3sh Mistilteinn CHROLOS bcc Sexually Oppressed Slaves: 5 Hearts please post current line-up Results 1-0 Me. > Melisandre No individual heart cap
  17. (ATO) All the Outs Vs (SOS) Shoot on Sight ~ Goat

    @Brandis72 beat @WorldGoneMaad
  18. 2nd Vorse Raider should be added over the 2nd Painful Decision All cards are from 1 small box ( 1 reset required ) E-Con, Metalmorph are from mokuba bingo, ranked reward tickets and levelling Keith Curse and Windstorm are from levelling Odion and Mai Doesnt require farming Possible changes: Birthright skill: Fields of the Warriors Don’t bother with getting: Mirror Wall Floodgate Order to Charge If you want to improve the deck, you could consider going for 2x Sergeant Electro (small set). Alternatively, you could also go for 3rd Disruption, 3rd Chalice and 3rd Vorse Raider by resetting the box a 2nd time. The pro of going for this deck is that it’s extemely easy to build (all cards are in the same 80-pack set), and that Chalice / Disruption are staples in many decks, so you get a lot of value for your gems here. I didnt even try to make this deck, but I can make it (outside of 2nd Vorse raider) simply because I wanted Chalice and Disruption as generic staples for multiple decks!
  19. Same as the other decks, except you get the ancient gear stuff from the crowler event, and the pulse mines from this event if you missed out on the crowler event, ignore this thread: you will not be able to make this deck, since there’s no way to get the cards. If this is the case, check out my Gladiator Beast and Vanilla Control decks Possible upgrades: Get Sergeant Electro’s and put them in over Ancient Gear Soldier This deck requires 0 gems to build and is competitive, if you have all the AG cards, this is the deck to play
  20. All cards are from 1 box ( no reset needed ) except Half Counter which is a common (can use 2-3 copies too) E-Con, Metalmorph are from mokuba bingo, ranked reward tickets and levelling Keith Curse and Windstorm are from levelling Odion and Mai Doesnt require farming If you miss cards, use: - more copies of Half Counter - Rush Recklessly If you want to improve the deck, consider going for Forbidden Chalice + Wall of Disruption (small set). Dont bother with getting: Mirror Wall Half Shut Floodgate Divine Wrath etc. since they are UR’s in different 200-pack sets, and easily replacable This deck is really good and a lot of fun to play, it may get more support in the future too, so I think it’s a save investment
  21. KC Cup

    Let’s use this to discuss anything that’s relevant to the KC cup, discuss strategies, ask for advice and help each other out etc. Let’s all get top 500 to qualify for worlds! If you were KoG last season, you will skip to stage 2. Stage 2 prizes:
  22. Espa Roba

    CA deck works this way: - get 2 dakini on the field - use the 3rd spot to keep summoning idaten / benten, while idaten boosting (and use idaten’s eff to add a spell from the grave to your hand) - EP use dakinis eff’s to return MAR, idaten, and/or benten repeat until you have enough attack to do > 10k damage, and 0 cards in deck, dakini has piercing so you can just attack any monster. You could use 1 riryoku to make it easy to hit over 10k damage. I’d recommend econs for consistency and to deal with early game otk’s / jinzo returner you aim for 7k DA without campaign bonus, glossy / prismatic etc help
  23. Pegasus???

    Paradox bros and Pegasus now show up at the gate, and you can unlock them too through missions