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  1. ALRIGHT so I just read mascis is modkilled - VOTE FUCKING TYRANNO. IF MASCIS AND TYRANNO ARE TOWN WE DONT DESERVE THE WIN. k thanks. Also people missed the real reason mascis is salty, he apparently has a thing for killing me in games and I literally am not dead which is why he's salty (not serious).
  2. Well it's pretty clear either one of them is scum or both of them are scum and I'm not, so is it really worth breaking our heads about or are we just going to lynch both with 2 scum down already? I know this sounds scummy but honestly if I wanted Mascis dead I wouldn't have responded to people voting him in the first place.
  3. @Francis J Underwood More salt please
  4. Not to mention Francis 'I'm not going to share my wincon suck it you fuckers!' would've not said that if Juan vigged him on request I think
  5. For what it's worth both francis and juan pushed me and francis defended tyranno (saying he's suspicious but that doesnt make him scum, wtf?) very subtle I also have a theory on francis vs juan scenario (in before people say I'm misspreading information again, except this one makes 100% sense if I didnt miss anything again): So Francis wincondition of having to die 3 times is HIDDEN from the scum QT - Francis and Juan talk in QT - Suddenly Francis decides to buzz Juan, making a vid, saying 'Juan is really really scum', undoubtedly tilting him in the QT even more (to provoke the vig) - Juan loses his mind and vigs Francis out of revenge 'You activated my Trap Card'
  6. Possible but if Mascis was scum and Tyranno was town why would Mascis switch his vote to me, I'd say Tyranno is scum and Mascis not so sure but could still be scum.
  7. Killing Tyranno today is the best thing to do.
  8. Not to mention, a scumteam me - mascis - tyranno - francis - juan - silverdude (with everyone linking d1 lmao) given that everyone now says Mascis confirmed himself - I didnt really get what that was about.
  9. Consider this before you call me scum: Do you actually think scumteam has a vig, additional wincon, redirecting a lynch (which is: survivor + vig in one), and that's only the roles we know so far. As for spreading confusion, I literally got tagged by Silverdude as to what my thoughts are which I've mentioned, but if you really think I will spread misinformation about something that 20 people can read back in Malcolm's post then I don't know what to say. Anyway that's why I thought Juan vigged you instead of Francis but if it says Francis bombs blew Juan up then alright then, I didn't get that from it and focused on Juan's 'if the vig doesnt go through you will pay the heavy price'. The entire scout thing is a stretch tbh english isnt even my first language, I got from it that it wasnt sure if the hero was dead so we needed a Scout to check him out, hence me being surprised when iSlickz could still post. All of this wouldn't make sense from a scum point of view because I would get contradicted directly by people reading + islickz posting, but I understand you're still mad for me scumreading you day 1 + you die-ing then not die-ing for some reason + me still being alive. Don't let that cloud your judgment though - ask yourself if Tyranno's rant on me is really from a town point of view, and if not, if a scumteam Juan - Francis - me - Tyranno is likely, and even Silverdude as most mentioned (that's the entire scumteam right there and everyone linking/killing each other day 1). It doesn't fit tbh.
  10. For everyone who doesn't know: If you read Malcolm's post it's clear both FRANCIS AND JUAN were scum, which means, they prob share a QT, and are a part of the same team, and they're both dead now, etc etc etc. Seeing too much 'so he was town/neutral' around here, and no there can't be 5+ scum alive, because 2 are down already. I'm definitely worried for a Tyranno + Gemstone scumteam. Gemstone could go either way because of Kahu town - Francis scum, 2 things to say: his push on me/silver seems aggressively, but at the same time he played like this in Witchhunt where he was Town with the 'Omgus/Twatlogic' responses. I'm basically not leaning town on him anymore. I'm not so sure about Mascis being scum anymore either. Tyranno is pretty obvious by now. I still like Beast for scum but he was right on calling me out on some parts, didn't realize that in the heat of the moment, but that said the way he responded to me afterwards seemed off still. Only reason I'm doubting this is because of the Juan/Francis scum flip which I didn't expected so I want to look over everything again.
  11. Wait you can still post
  12. This is why you guys need to practice Krav Maga. I'm surviving lynches while others are getting killed 3 times in a row, smh.
  13. Uh Malcolm specifically said our hero is gone - how the fuck is scumteam not going to nk and how the fuck would markus claim + not get modkilled for it, this makes 0 sense and this is why you're not the hero.
  14. NOT TO MENTION our hero may have survived a fucking nk depending on the scout thing you idiot, also 4 gifts etc.
  15. Francis and Juan just died and a fucking townie survived a lynch and another survived a vig - go fuck yourself, you're the one who's fucked because you only have like 2 max 3 teammates now.
  16. My guess is that Juan vigged Kahu or something but he got roleblocked or something therefore he died because Juan's role said 'the vig HAS to go through'. iSlickz got nk'd but because of hero thing or 'being tough' or w/e he may or may not have survived - so we need to send a scout to check how he does. Idk how francis died maybe he got also vigged and maybe I got healed from the lynch by someone. There's multiple possibilities but this is a role crazy game lol. Who said Juan vigged Francis? If so how come Juan is dead (because of the bombs of francis?) because it clearly said Juans vig had to go through. I assume someone else vigged him because otherwise it makes no sense.
  17. also pretty sure that was in my example that I used to explain why Beast was wrong
  18. '80% is more than 50%, therefore it must happen 100% of the time'
  19. QUOTA (learn to do this next time @buckwheatloaf)
  20. You see Francis, bombs are good for the game after all!
  21. Sorry that I scumread you Kahu
  22. I was about to vote Juan for switching to Kahu but eh, I guess vote lynch theGoldenTyranno Also it says the Hero is taken down but why hasn't iSlickz death been announced / flipped? Oh we need to send a scout. vote send myself to scout for iSlickz ( during dayphase ) Apparently bombs are real but only go off when you die anyway, so as we can see from Francis' wincondition why they're in the game although idk of they have other uses as well. Oh yeah I survived a fucking lynch last game and I survived a fucking lynch this game that's what you get from fucking lynching me bitches.
  23. Did you get it?
  24. It's basically additional copies of Torrential Tribute/Mirror Force variants although it still losing to MbaaS is probably big.
  25. I'd love to discuss it with you but there's just no hope. They're killing all extra deck superior strategies!!