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  1. Z fighter Dgz name | discord name | formats ALL THE OUTS (1-1 in wars, 14-7 in matches) Goku mark (Team Leader) | vig=scum | Current Only King Kai Me. | Me. | Current Only Vegeta Mustang | Morphing Jar | Goat Only Gohan SageRhapsody | SageRhapsody | Current Only Frieza Final Form Goins | Spare | Goat Only Perfect Cell Malcolm | Malcolm | Goat Only Future Trunks A Loli | LxBlundeEdge | Prefer Current Super Buu ArisNPhoenix | PhoenixStorm | Current Only War History: Lost vs Actual Literal Nuts 5-6 Won vs Pacific State 6-1 Current war: Ongoing vs Team beer 3-0
  2. then this game should be amazing because we both aren't in it
  3. does this mean what I think it means rofl
  4. Well it would've worked if you give your pass to the host for every game, but yeah it'd probably be too much work.
  5. This is a joke right? Unless if you mean you'd give up the password to the host each time, give the account to a random person and make them change it, which is essentially almost the same as the mafioso / hosts having 23+ anon accounts for the games and giving them randomly to the players.
  6. This is true, but doesn't it concern you that people play like 90% based on meta-reads, and like 10% on the game itself? Of course it's part of the game, but there's way more than "X posts more/less as scum" and "Y plays good/bad so he's town/scum".
  7. This pretty much. Sample size on this site isn't big enough to jump to logical conclusions based on it. So it really comes down to the way people interpret events. Something goes wrong and they'll choose someone or something to blame for it, some people will meme about it, and then everyone moves on. The only real "regulation" is a few people here who kind of decide what's done and what isn't, which is alright, but without those people it would be extremely chaotic. Like I said earlier on, the mafioso have taken a good step by sharpening the rules and the punishment system etc, but it'll take a while for the community to be adapted to it. A lot of things that happen are just "if you played on different sites you'd have more reference points - but because you keep playing with the same community, your opinion on things will stay the same" really. It would be fine if we had a larger player base and ran multiple games at once more often, or do more anon games, so it wouldn't be the same X people playing a game every time, but it still wouldn't compare to playing on multiple sites as far as reference points goes.
  8. Yes my opponents literally always draw 5-6 off last gamble
  11. *insert meme* UNBAN ME YOU COWARDS!
  12. Dgz name | discord name | formats | lives ALL THE OUTS <3 <3 <3 <3 mark (Team Leader) | vig=scum | Current Only | <3 <3 Me. | Me. | Current Only | <3 <3 Mustang | Morphing Jar | Goat Only | <3 <3 SageRhapsody | Gohan | Current Only Goins | Spare | Goat Only | <3 <3 Malcolm | Malcolm | Goat Only | <3 <3 A Loli | LxBlundeEdge | Prefer Current | <3 <3 ArisNPhoenix | PhoenixStorm | Current Only | <3 <3 vs Team Beer <3 <3 Silver (Team Leader) | Silver [TEAM BEER] | Current and Goat SQUIDS~ | Sarah | Current only | <3 <3 Carter Wix | Carter Wix | Current only | <3 <3 psychoiguana | ?? | Current only| <3 <3 !CCK <3 <3 | Kev | Goat only | <3 Vitamin-C | Vitamin C }| Current only | <3 <3 Friendly | Friendly | Current only | <3 <3 hardtospellwrong | hardtospellwrong | Prefer Current |<3 <3 stupid name | stupid name | Goat only | <3 War Results: 4-2 Mustang ( chaos recruiter ) beat CCK! (Goat Control) Mustang ( goat control ) beat stupid name (beastdown) Mustang ( chaos recruiter) beat Silver (beastdown) Hardtospellwrong (draco zoo) beat Gohan (kaiju zoo) Hardtospellwrong (draco zoo) beat Gohan (kaiju zoo) loli (goat control) beat silver (goat control)
  13. loli (goat control) beat silver (goat control)
  14. yea she was really bad, waste of time indeed
  15. I'm saying as mafia, as in, when I'm scum, not when I'm town.
  16. Measuring power level
  17. I definitely consider myself best mafia player but not top 5 town player. The reason I put myself at 1 for mafia is because I've played 3 games as scum here, and while neither of the 3 were perfect, I think they all were noteworthy and I made plays that others wouldn't have made or considered in all of them, that directly increased the odds of winning. I don't think I played bad in either of the 3 (goat mafia, matrix6, and drunk mafia), although goat mafia was prob the worst of the 3, but that game still could've been easily won so I'm not going to be too result-oriented here. I also actively cooperated with the team in all 3, and made full use of the quicktopic. Keep in mind I get lynched as not-scum in literally every game that I'm not confirmed town for some reason as well. It's logical to conclude that my playstyle tends to get me lynched, so when I'm scum I'm at a disadvantage. I think that requires more skill then, say, floating your win through a scumgame because you literally never post anything worthwhile as town either, so when you're scum you can do nothing and win if town punts. Being a good mafia player doesn't mean being reliant on town punting: it means actively setting the game up in a way where it seems like they punted. I've played 1 game on another site as scum as well and basically everyone called me confirmed town there, while we managed to set up mislynches, despite 1 teammate getting red checked and the other getting alive=scummed. But if it wasn't for the redcheck no one would've fell from it anyway. 4 games is still a small sample size, and this is extremely subjective, but I read games and quicktopics and think games through where I didn't play as scum myself and they all support my conclusion as well. If people still say I'm bad at town they're partly right, partly exaggerating, depending on how you look at it. When people say I'm still bad at mafia, or bad in general. they're just straight up wrong. I think francis is good at being mafia as well, he should be top 2. There aren't a whole lot of good mafia players on this site tbh. A lot of people are better at being town. That said, most of the people who are good at town rely on meta-reads too much and wouldn't do well vs a different player base (which shows when new players come etc). Don't know before my time so don't know about logic/LFN/sanada/etc. In nazi mafia, the team was pretty good but still got close enough to losing to the point where I can't say it was really impressive or anything, but above average. Maybe crei claire are top 5 but partly as well because really no one else specifically comes to mind. It's also all small sample size, most players have been scum 2 times on here, so if those games weren't exceptionally good, you won't get top 5. I think a top 5 overall list should at least include rei malcolm francis, but what's new. I think rei is best at town and worst at mafia, although part of that is due to alive=scum. I'd include myself as well due to my scumgame being good, and I think my towngame isn't as bad as people make it out either. Out of the people who are still actively playing it's hard to pick a 5th, I think it'd be confuse rei. I think Jazz has potential to be top 5, he has a good understanding of the game, had a few good games, he just needs to get a few good games in a row now and not get banned and he could easily become top 5 maybe top 3 I think. He's dedicated, something too many people on here lack. In before a million people are going to disagree, but who's counting. Going to put myself at 1 so people can disagree even more: 1. mark 2. rei 3. Malcolm 4. Francis 5. Confuse rei HM: Jazz
  18. it doesn't, it's the "S"
  19. 0/10 how mad you are
  20. what's up, I changed my prof pic
  21. @Me. @Mustang @SageRhapsody @Malcolm @ArisNPhoenix @Goins @A Loli
  22. Read the OP, it already explains cards to take out per match-up, at least use that at a reference point for your question or suggest something yourself so people can give feedback on it. This is asking to be spoonfed
  23. It does because you will draw your cards less frequently Like Jazz said, warriors aren't the best cards of your deck so why would you decrease the odds of opening your good cards? There is literally no reason
  24. shining blue eyes basically plays all sigirumi's goat matches rofl
  25. can't be wrong if you don't play!