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  1. This thread will serve all Bandit Keith - Beatdown deck discussion (for PvP / tournament etc. purposes, not for beating Ai). A guide will be added within a few days, but for now we can use this to discuss anything about the deck.
  2. I think Thunder Dragon Switcheroo works great with decks that include some combination of Rising Energy, Soul Exchange, Divine Wrath, etc. Basically being able to Switcheroo back 1, while discarding the other, so you don't have to always save both your Switcheroo redraws for until you draw into Thunder Dragon, which may never happen in the duel, is huge. Also solves the 'last dead Thunder Dragon in dead' which you can draw into after you Switcheroo Thunder Dragon back twice. Agree, the synergy with econ and Skull Liar and the fact it outs accursed or parasite are huge, but you're probably going to only play 1 Skull Liar anyway I assume? So it would make it live earlier vs non-Relinquished decks basically.
  3. I convert crappy UR's from booster packs, and I farm people like Tea for 8k for dark magician girl etc. I covert all 'farmable UR's' because I can technically always get them back. Also these 8 are all UR's I have, for this strategy I'd say 2 apophis are needed for quick finishes, the rest is optional.
  4. They changed it, he uses Sphere Kuriboh on attacks now as well. I currently think the best strategy vs LV40 which gets 3-4k on average is: X beaters (1700+ atk) maybe a small ritual engine X riryoku, Rising energy, Metalmorph, reinforcements, Equip spell to get 3k or even 5k (depending on what you have) 2 riryoku field 3 Apophis obviously play as many glossy or prismatic as possible goal is to go for quick finish, no damage, spell used, trap used, used glossy/prismatic, 3k or 5k damage aim is to win before final resolves: if you don't have apophis, play graveyard removal outs to final instead only thing to keep in mind is have outs to Ha Des and getting over the 1800 def thing. Ectoplasmer isn't a problem, it can even help you accomplish your goal This is my version but I still want to add the ritual engine (like 6-8 cards, and a ritual that has 2500-3000 ATK). can be used with any character or skill but Switcheroo is the most consistent, and Rex double damage is the most effective but I don't have it :/
  5. Yea that's been fixed, you can't abuse that anymore
  6. Last 3 times I tunneled it was: rei and Jazz in fuck you mafia Indigo in SB64 mafia both were mafia. Now I've been wrong before countless of times, on you for example, we all know that. I want people to form their own opinion. I'm just oointing out why Sophocles is scum, and answering his questions. You make it seem like I'm forcing my choice upon people which isn't true today.
  7. How about: kill sophocles because he's scum but if he flips town -> kill me and sage = 1 town for 2 scum, good trade Sage isn't a good lynch since it will paint Sophocles as town if he's scum, and it will give us nothing if he's town, and I'm not certain enough of him being scum or not to want to kill him. what's hard to understand about saying I don't like someone, yet he's not the right lynch today?
  8. note I'm not saying entire scumteam is going after sage; I'm saying because of the sheer amount of people who are (both with votes, and indirectly), that there's probably some scum behind it as well to swift attention from soph to sage without actually mass-voting him which would be too obvious
  9. you found digbick and fruit. but there's also: malcolm telling to vig sage, shaggydog FoS'ing him, solstice joking about them both being scum although he then townreads them, islickz mentioning soph rightly pressured sage, markus throwing around how sage's respond wasn't good. Now when you realize we have 18 players including floaters, and 6 dogs but most of them barely post: we have sage himself, and 3 votes on him. you can see that 'only digbick and fruit' clearly isn't true, and you were gambling on me not taking the effort to re-read, but I did. Also, to make it clear: I scumread soph but I'm undecided on sage. on one hand, I dont like how everyone goes after him. on the other hand, I think there's a legit chance that sage is scum. note how sophocles sets up dichotomies by going 'if sage is scum PR, kill mark', etc. now obviously if he actually had a PR, they prob wouldnt want to bus him, but he's basically saying I'm defending sage here, which I am absolutely not. so yes I'm saying soph is scum, and sage could be town or scum: but if sage is scum, then sophocoles wants to paint himself as 'confirmed town' and he wants to subtly start a mislynch on me as well. so I still want sophocles dead.
  10. yeah that's not comparable at all. I outright state I'll go after malcolm tomorrow, I make my intentions known, but will give the arguments tomorrow (which will be based on posts made TODAY, so I cannot go 'X flipped town/scum -> therefore' because that information is not known to me currently. (If I was scum, however, it would). I'm not going to give reasons when we have 3 primary lynch candidates, all 3 of which I don't like, and 1 of which is my 'primary' scumread, on a train that I started and DID provide reasoning for. Yeah so i'm saying how I dont like how you and markus somewhat scumread each other 'but not quite'. That can be interpreted different ways, such as one of the 2 being scum and the other being town, for example, and the scum part not wanting to outright kill the other and be accused of the 'mislynch'. the fact you reply as aggresively as you do, seems to almost imply that you're either scum with markus and want to rule out the possibility, or that you're scum and markus is town and you basically feel offended because "If Markus was scum I wouldn't have said that", either way your response is very weak and I don't like Sage's response at all don't get me wrong, but his response AFTER you voted him does not change my opinion on you, and like I said looking at sage's posts in a vacuum it seems scummy, but when you look at the huge amount of people who indirectly throw shade at him without backing it up by actually voting, that's a red flag for me, it tells me scum wants Sage dead today. Why would that be the case? maybe because soph had 3 votes on him and sage had 1, but if they can paint it as 'lol sage is the scum' then the attention will back off from sophocles? ( regardless of sage's flip, if he flips town thats a mislynch, if he flips scum then makes it seem like sophocles is town ).
  11. EBWOP: "I don't like either of the 3 lynch candidates". as in, between soph/markus/sage they all 3 did some scummy stuff so neither lynch is 'terrible' - therefore I'm not going to start a train on anyone other than sophocles
  12. - 'starks are town' - 'I assume the stark kids got the pups' - Doesn't know if pups can vote (either misinformation, which is scummy, or doesn't know) - Goes 'Sage isn't a stark, so odds of him being town is low' I don't want to go too deep into the speculation, but I'll just say it's a contradiction: the odds thing you accuse Sage of, are the same for you, so I want people to pay attention to this and form their own conclusions. I don't really like how both you and Markus basically somewhat scumread each other 'but not quite'. Especially Markus is playing safe when it comes to this. Combine this with Malcolm voting Markus for it and we got a few interesting interactions. There are reasons why I scumread Malcolm which I'll go into tomorrow (not a claim, based on his posts), but I don't want to give scum that information yet since I don't like either 3 of the current scum 'candidates', but like I said based on how everyone indirectly pushed Sage asap, I don't want to lynch him today. It's basically he made a bad play and people tried to capitalize ASAP, it worries me that no one mentions it's his literal first game here and that he could be bad. today: killing soph is the best play, killing markus is 'alright'. killing sage shouldn't happen. tomorrow kill malcolm.
  13. Can't speak for the others, but my reasons are: Going after Sagerhapsody before he actually started making scummy posts Stating multi's don't have a vote which isn't true. I mean you're basically doing the things you accuse Sage of. I also don't like how many people indirectly jumped in sage, without actually giving it a vote. That's an easy way to make other vote him, but in case he flips town you can put the blame on them, idk Sage's responds are full of shit ( "I pressure voted him" was basically bullshit ), but if people actually think he's scum why not just vote him and be done with it? Unless if you don't want to be responsible for his flip. (Either way. not saying sage is town, but rather people not wanting to be involved with his death, so people can't say 'mislynch' or 'bus' etc.). my reason is obviously that I think sophocles is scum, so I have no incentive to vote someone else. Your play reminds me of D&D Announcing you'll respond tomorrow which is pro-scum, since you can decide your defense based on 'how things go' I mean every post you made just screams 'SCUM' to me, and it doesn't help that you try to play inverse psychology by saying "I wish jazz used discord/QT oops I slipped" which just seemed tryhard to be townread.
  14. You haven't posted until now. Any reads on the game, or thoughts about the interactions that have occurred, that want to share with us?
  15. The card I was talking about earlier is Decayed Commander, but I see it requires a direct attack. So yeah, White Magical Hat is strictly better because of Mirror Wall/Metalmorph/Rising Energy shenanigans.
  16. Day 1 ends on Sun Mar 26 at 2:00 PM EDT / 19:00 GMT
  17. actually getting experience with things, and only taking advice from people who know what they're talking about (so not media/friends/etc.) should get you a long way
  18. I mean that post was pretty thought-out etc, keep that going, but when you unironically say "we all know Flash Assailant isn't effective" when multiple people have had success with it and outright think it's one of the best decks, that's just not true. I could still play Flash Apophis right now and wouldn't be bothered by it at all. It's definitely still better than most 'top decks' people use, when you look at decklists. Now that people are playing less traps, it becomes even better, since it inherently wins vs Sonic Duck, GK Priestess, Dino, Sergeant Electro+E-con/Sphere Kuriboh etc. All which are seeing a decent amount of play.
  19. I understand but I don't think this is a good way to look at things. Like I said, between Cocoon of Evolution, Dunames and Embodiment of Apophis, they can all 'wall' but are better cards in general. The LV4 monsters without a boost not getting over it is somewhat misleading as well, it's 'true', but no one plays unboosted lv4's.deck. Susa Soldier also gets over it though. Are you playing Yami skill? Because if not, the decks that are playing it generally play GK or Dark Magician Girl: both don't care if they can't attack because they have to set up their plays anyway, and both can get over it between their LV5+ monsters. Not to mention Enemy Controller and Windstorm are staples who can put it to attack, and if your opponent does attack over it with Sonic Duck, Dino, Metalmorph, or an Equip spell: it's a straight up -1 that did nothing. At most it's a stalemate. It's just a card with decent stats that can be played if you lack alternatives, that's likely not going to become a staple, and likely will be 'powercreeped' within the next set or so.
  20. This thread will serve all Relinquished deck discussion (for PvP / tournament etc. purposes, not for beating Ai). A guide will be added within a few days, but for now we can use this to discuss anything about the deck. Relinquished, Black Illusion Ritual, Senju and Sonic Bird This is the core of the deck, and it's very hard to obtain. You can get 2 Relinquished 2 Black Illusion Ritual only from the Pegasus event, so if you don't have it already, you'll have to hope and wait till it comes back. Senju and Sonic Bird are UR's in different sets, but having at least 2 of each is recommended if you want your deck to be optimal. Sphere Kurboh Another UR, although in the same set as Sonic Bird. This card is especially useful because of it's graveyard effect: it's the full tribute of Relinquished. You probably always want to include 2 or 3 in your deck if you can. Twister, De-Spell, Storm, Release Restraint Wave Using these on your Relinquished equip means you can soak up another one of your opponent's monsters, which is huge. Twister is probably the best since it's the most versatile, stops opponent's Relinquisheds pushes during their turn, etc. The others are more situational and some would even call them win-more, but they can be a huge blow-out when you're able to pull them off. Possesed Dark Soul This card is the main counter being used against Relinquished, but it's especially to play it yourself as well: not only do you counter the mirror match, you also counter their Possesed Dark Soul by taking your own Relinquished back, so it's a great card to main. It can be dead sometimes, but it can also be a blow-out against Venus, and it takes Jerry Beans Man which people play as well. Interdimensional Matter Transporter Gives you the opportunity to use Relinquished's effect again. It may look weak and situational at first sight, especially considering the fact you leave your field open to get OTK'd and you have to wait a turn to get your Relinquished back, but when you consider you can basically use this to dodge 'anything', from Order to Charge to Possesed Dark Soul to your opponent attacking over it, you'll realize this card has a lot of uses and it's very hard for your opponent to deal with, once you have Relinquished with this trap down. It is recommended to play enough defense though, so you won't get OTK'd when you have to resolve this card, or that your Relinquished doesn't get run over when you have to use this trap during your turn to dodge an Order to Charge, etc. Riryoku Field can also out Order to Charge, Enemy Controller, etc, so it can also be considered. Windstorm, Enemy Controller, Skull Liar etc. Staples that can go in any deck can still be played here, you could also for example opt to play Mirror Wall to protect your Senju/Sonic Birds during your early game. There are currently 2 main ways in which Relinquished is being used: Harpies Relinquished Uses 3 copies of the Harpie Lady variants in combination with Mai's Harpies Hunting Ground skill, to destroy up to 3 spell and trap cards during the duel, before summoning Relinquished. It's weak to spell removal, but other than that it can be very powerful: clear backrows early game, then finish your opponent late-game. If you have to choose between destroying fields or destroying backrow, I'd always opt to destroy backrow, unless if they field spell is an immediate threat such as 'Hunting Ground' or 'Umi', because you're not going to win the ATK game versus Dino, GK, etc, anyway, so there's way more value in just clearing their traps. I see way too many people hitting fields when I played Dino, and I was glad everytime they did. As for the monster line-up, you can go a few ways: you could play 3 normal Harpie Lady's to fuel Order to Charge, while adding in a few other normals into your deck (such as Dunames) as well. You can also play Harpie Lady 1, 2 and 3, which have pretty useful effects: especially Harpie Lady 3 is pretty good in any deck, in general: numbing their monster for 2 turns is great, and by the time they can attack again, you've already drawn into your Relinquished + protection set-up. Bandit Keith Relinquished Uses the Switcheroo ability to add more consistency to the deck. Can use Sergeant Electro to deal with face-down spells and traps. Can potentially use Thunder Dragon which has synergy with Switcheroo (turns it into a Pot of Greed, basically), although this is optional. I personally think Switcheroo Relinquished is better than Harpies: it's not reliant on the field, it has more consistency, and you can play monsters with higher ATK, rather than having to play weak Harpie monsters. Sergeant Electro This card is being used mainly in Switcheroo Relinquished, but Harpie Relinquished can support it as well. It's especially powerful when backed up with backrow or Sphere Kuriboh, since you can potentially nuke an entire backrow, and most cards aren't really chainable to this either, and if they are, you still force them to use them at suboptimal times. You clear the path so you can Relinquished them without your opponent having a counter to it, and it's hard to beat a Sergeant Electro + Relinquished field. Possible techs: Djinn Dissere of Rituals Fulfilment of the Contract These exist as well. I don't like the Djinn since there are just better ways to do what it does (Hunting Ground, Sergeant Electro, Sphere Kuriboh, Storm etc.), but I guess Fulfilment can be pretty good.
  21. I gave it some thought and tested a bit on LackeyDGZ, and I came to the following conclusions: I like Switcheroo, although something like 3 Harpie Lady 1/2 Birdface + Hunting Ground can shine as well. I don't like Thunder Dragon: it's still a brick most of the time, I prefer 3 Sphere Kuriboh as tribute fodder, so I'd only consider it a 'budget option' if you have like 0-1 sphere kuriboh. I mean, it's good with Divine Wrath, but then for your deck to perform 'optimally' it now becomes a 4-card combo (thunder dragon + divine wrath + relinquished + spell), which seems inconsistent. Playing some very high number such as 5+ between Windstorm, E-Con and Sphere Kuriboh is definitely correct, not only does it make your early game with the 1400-floaters extremely strong, it can protect Relinquished from double attacks or Twister/De-Spell + attack as well, which is huge. There's one catch, Thunder Dragon does make Skull Liar stronger, but I feel like you can play 1 Skull Liar 0 Thunder Dragon to combat the mirror still. It's not like you want to play 2 Skull Liar because of Thunder Dragon, because drawing doubles still sucks even with Switcheroo (you also want to switcheroo the thunder dragon), and you still need 2 more monsters in grave to destroy 1 monster. It's not like you're suddenly destroying 2+ monsters with Skull Liar consistently because of Thunder Dragon, so playing a 3-off just to make a 1-off slightly better seems bad. Thunder Dragon Switcheroo is definitely strong though, I just don't think this is the right deck for it, as Sphere Kuriboh makes tribute fodder essentially unneeded.
  22. I still don't see how it's good: we got Dunames, Cocoon, Flash Assailant, apophis. Not to mention both dino and Sonic duck walking over it is pretty big as well. That said multiple people pointed it out, so it's a huge overstatement to say we "'missed" it tbh. We already had a 1000/700 that discards when it does damage, I'd have to check to see if I missed something that makes this version any better though. Also, is Nutriënt Z better than Blast held by a tribute? Especially when he doesn't have Ectoplasmer and keeps attacking with Ha Des. I suck at farming this guy though, I'm like 1-9 against him but the one win was when I switched to a 'regular' aggressive deck for only 3,7k assignment points. Haven't used Destiny Draw: used Joey's LP gain instead, because I wanted to dig for drop skills on Joey, but I think it wouldn't have made a difference in 2/3rd of the games. Insane downswing? :/ anyway I'll be saving dice for now and decide which approach I'll continu with later on. Still convinced farming LV40 (and not LV30) is correct. Because with a regular deck you can get like 4K per duel at a quite consistent rate already.