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  1. Plant - Discussion

    Is the lone Sorcerer worth giving up a 3rd Pot of Avarice? Also, is there any reason you don't side Decree?
  2. Scapegoat

    Mixed feelings. In plant synchro, it can easily clog your field up, stopping any big plays for a few turns. On the other hand, most variants run 3-4 Level 1 tuners, which makes those Formula plays a lot easier. If you have the room for it, it can open up Naturia Beast plays with Bulb. I'd say it's worth a try in builds with a) Decree, b) Enemy Controller, or c) 3 Effect Veilers. Just make sure you're ready to side it out against Sabers.
  3. Cat From A Different Dimension

    Rescue Cat activates in the graveyard, yet its effect is what gets it to the graveyard. Interesting logic. Cards on the field can't activate in the grave, because they're not in the grave. They can resolve in the grave, like Exiled Force. Mystic Tomato activates in the grave. It's really just logic. For proof, look at the rulings on the Imprisoning Mirrors. They won't negate Honest or Crow. Thus, they activate in the hand, even though discarding them is a cost (like Rescue Cat). http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Rulings:...ror#cite_note-1 http://yugioh.faq.konami.jp/EokpControl?&a...mp;event=FE0006
  4. Hamster Jank

    1|Tshd|Infernity Doom Dragon 1|Dp08|Armory Arm 1|Tdgs|Goyo Guardian 1|Ha01|Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1|Ha01|Ally of Justice Catastor 1|Csoc|Black Rose Dragon 1|Tdgs|Thought Ruler Archfiend 1|Ha01|Mist Wurm 2|Jump|Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1|Crms|Blackwing Armor Master 1|Tdgs|Stardust Dragon 1|5ds1|Colossal Fighter 1|Anpr|XX-Saber Gottoms 1|Abpf|XX-Saber Hyunlei 1|Jump|Tragoedia 1|Dlg1|Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 3|Sdde|Caius the Shadow Monarch 3|Lodt|Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 2|Abpf|Super-Nimble Mega Hamster 1|Mrd|Sangan 1|Dp03|Card Trooper 1|Tp4|Morphing Jar 1|Crms|Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind 1|Ioc|Chaos Sorcerer 2|Yg02|Thunder King Rai-Oh 2|Crv|Cyber Dragon 2|Pgd|Book of Moon 2|Een|Pot of Avarice 1|Tlm|Brain Control 1|Mrd|Heavy Storm 1|Mrl|Mystical Space Typhoon 1|Sjcs|Gold Sarcophagus 1|Mrd|Mirror Force 1|Lon|Torrential Tribute 1|Mrd|Solemn Judgment 2|Lod|Bottomless Trap Hole 2|Lod|Royal Oppression 2|Psv|Dust Tornado 1|Pgd|Trap Dustshoot 1|Sod|Mind Crush 2|Ioc|Compulsory Evacuation Device -SIDE DECK- 2|Csoc|Hanewata 2|Pgd|Lava Golem 2|Lon|Mask of Restrict 2|Lob|Trap Hole 1|Mfc|My Body As A Shield 2|5ds2|Gottoms' Emergency Call 2|Rds|Divine Wrath 1|Dpct|Starlight Road 1|Pgd|Book of Moon
  5. Blackwings

    This feels like Old Oppression DAD, and it's a good feeling. Why no Crow?
  6. Eulogy - Zombie.

    Too many monsters, but none I really want to cut. Could stand to lose a Tomato/Gardna. If you don't cut Gardna, Burial could be good. Also, adding Trunade/Trap Stun or going to 1 Oppression seems more consistent.
  7. Eulogy

    Also, needs Mind Control badly.
  8. Eulogy

    The problem is that they'll side in Dust Tornados against your main regardless, so when you side into burn you'll still be at a disadvantage. But zombies set you up pretty well for skill drain, which runs nicely with the burn. What might be a good idea is starting with burn, then siding out Wave Motions for Big Tornadoes of the Wastelands.
  9. Eulogy

    Yeah, the D Heroes are pretty lackluster aside from Mali. You might try going to 2 Grepher/3 Avenger in order to get Mali to the grave faster. Skill Drain will let you bring out Avenger at level 1 for easy synchs for Mali. The more controlled way to go about it would be using Armageddon Knights to fuel Avengers. It doesn't work so well with Skill Drain, but it seems more consistent, since AK is searchable via Tomato. There's also the option of continuing the Infernity subtheme with Randomizer. Since you could play rota and drop your hand so quickly, Randomizer could net you some card advantage. That also opens you up for Infernity Force, a power play if you manage to get Doom Dragon out.
  10. Eulogy

    Source? Excellent deck regardless, but even better if that's true. I'm only asking because http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Rulings:Infernity_Avenger says otherwise. Have you considered a Zombie engine? Goblin zombie into Avenger + 2nd Goblin Zombie/Mezuki sounds like free level 8s.
  11. this is a bad deck

    Its biggest weakness are that it's easy prey to Shura/Firedog/GB's, and that it combos badly with book of moon. However; Scruffy has a great trap lineup to support him.
  12. Warrior.dek 3.0

    Why only 2 Solidarities? Consider the Spark/Hero Blast engine? 3x Fulhelm so they can recycle each other?
  13. FadinĀ“

    Trap lineup seems excessive, given the protection you have in the form of monsters. Would cut some for Dust Tornados/Dustshoot.
  14. Tomato Control

    -2 Goblin Zombie -2 Krebons If you can't afford Mezuki, then don't try and do the zombie engine half-assed, just focus on what you can do and do it well. -Necro Gardna Really only good in decks with a strong discard/mill engine. -Trunade -Mind Control -Teleport More in line with the synchro engine, dropped for lack of synergy. -2 D Prison Overkill. + Newdoria + Tragoedia + Morphing Jar +2 Cyber Dragon Newdoria - More field control/CSwap synergy. Tragoedia - A godsend for slow decks. If you open badly, just summon it at 3k and beat face until you draw more control. Morphing Jar - Good card for reversals. In a bad spot, he can draw you into a Tomato/Swap combo, the removal you need, etc. Also makes Dustshoot live late game. Cyber Dragon - Your best friend with Creature Swap. If your opponent has a set monster, Cydra will let you swap Tomato and destroy it in the same turn. + Nobleman of Extermination A good card in general this format, especially against Glads, who are the biggest threat to recruiter decks. + Dust Tornado + Solemn + 2 Royal Oppression Dust Tornado helps set up your Swap combos, Solemn is essential for control decks. If you can't afford it, replace it with a Divine Wrath/Dark Bribe. Oppression is another good card this format, and only conflicts with 5 cards you run (if you're worried about that, drop Plague and Call). Again, it's crucial for stopping Glads.