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  1. Unalaq seems bad to me. What's his purpose?
  2. Will 'Sinister Shadow Games' cause the effect of the Shaddoll monster sent to the graveyard to miss timing?
  3. You can either go the three Dogra route or     He's a turn slower, but he virtually finds the entire combo by himself and he's not food on his own. Plus he has two relevant attributes: WARRIOR (to make Blade Armor Ninja) and DARK (to make Black Luster Soldier).
  4. Are there any other online dueling platforms besides DN?
  5. If you normal summon [url=]Star Seraph Scepter[/url] and add [url=]Star Seraph Soverign[/url] to your hand, can you special summon Soverign through it's effect?
  6.   Ah.   Well, Breakthrough Skill can only be used from the graveyard during the turn of the owner of the card, so you can't 'get trolled basically', though that would still be annoying.  herpderp I'm dumb   In both of these situations, if LaDD ends up dying, would its effect in the graveyard activate?
  7.   Been out of the game for a while; how do Fiendish Chain and Breakthrough Skill beat LaDD? You just lose 500 P/T and go on your merry way.   Additionally, can Nimble Angler be triggered by discarding it or entombing it with Swap Frog?
  8. If a Dragon Ruler monster is banished by its own effect (to summon another Dragon Ruler), or the effect of a similar card (Desert Twister, REDMD) would you be able to activate the effect of the banished Dragon Ruler if had a different name than the Dragon Ruler that was Special Summoned?   If a Dragon Ruler monster is banished by a different effect, like Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, would you be able to activate the effect of that Dragon Ruler monster?
  9. That sounds really cute and non-functional.
  10. There was a Klan rally in Augusta two years ago where the Klan was protesting for civil rights (gay marriage, maybe?), and I've heard and read about the Klan protesting against hate groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church, so there may be some merit to Abarr's claims. On the whole, however, I'm unsure of what to make of this; it seems like no one really told anyone anything. Certainly, I was more confused after I read this than I was before.   Still...very exciting, in a dark sort of way.
  11. Can someone post Drew Levin's SCG Premium article from today?
  12. Yeah, that was definitely a punt. I don't know why he did that...was he really afraid of Izzet Charm being exiled? I can't imagine Spell Pierce or Shock being good later in the game against Jund.   Why did Andrew keep the Burning Earths in?   EDIT: MULL TO 5. I'm done.   Nevermind, he got this. That rib.
  13. LF > Turkey token
  14. Turkey is in 10th as of round 15.   EDIT: and he's in the top 8.
  15. For instance, Harpie Channeler   If you return a card worded in this way to your hand (or flip it face down or play another copy) can you use the effect of the 'new' copy, or does the 'You can only use the effect of ~ once per turn' clause apply globally to all copies?   Hope I was clear.