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  1. Best Cardio

    That incline shit will kill you, very good workout. I prefer spinning/biking because ntohing has ever made me sweat like that, plus if I'm going to do cardio I like doing interval shit.
  2. Are you on a routine or do you just do whatever you want? Also what is stopping you from purchasing those healthy foods and preparing them yourself at the house? That'd be a good idea.
  3. peanut butter on everything.
  4. Spinach gets me every time. Quest Bars are a nice cutting food too and have 17g fiber.   Two years back I did something similar to what you are doing with your squat form. I worked a lot on depth and flexibility. I started from scratch at like 95 lbs. but made sure to hit complete, full depth. Since then my leg development has been absolutely ridiculous and squatting is super fun and much easier. I am almost back at my old max. Definitely translates in athletics and other lifts as well. What are your body stats Aaron?   Today I am starting another 5/3/1 cycle. It's boring but nothing helps me get my numbers up quite like it. Also starting a mini cut today (as in just tracking more closely and avoiding things I know I could get away with but shouldn't eat). Football starts in 6 weeks and I wanna be ready, had an excellent season last year and wanna build on it.
  5. What have you done so far brah? You on track for this week?
  6. have i hit a plateau?

    I used to fuck around with circuits, complexes, etc. for a long time too. It did the job but I didn't see any gains strength wise. Did cut up nicely though.
  7. have i hit a plateau?

    Oh for bodybuilding it's total BS, I agree.
  8. have i hit a plateau?

    But he isn't going for strength gains. And high volume routines aren't always advanced, there is more than one high volume routine. A lot of new trainees respond well to high volume. They can be simple circuit based training templates. Strength progression on a cut is a good way to track progress? I disagree with that. I do agree completely with your last point though.   Doing SS or SL here is a complete waste of time to me here since 1)he isn't consuming enough calories to have any of his workouts make a difference in strength or mass, 2) he is just starting out so he probably doesn't have a large amount of muscle that will be burnt off on a cut anyways, as long as his diet is on point he will preserve most of what he already has, and 3) he is working out mainly for the exercise, completely rendering SS/SL useless to him. (Disclaimer: You'll probably never hear me say a good thing about SS in my life though; that routine and all the dietary advice published along with it is completely overrated and terrible for all trainees IMO.)
  9. have i hit a plateau?

    But he doesn't care about his strength. He said he is lifting mainly to add to the caloric deficit, meaning a higher volume routine would only create a larger calorie deficit. He ain't gaining any strength on a cut anyway.
  10. have i hit a plateau?

    You aren't wrong by any means. For most beginners that's a fine, albeit simple/short routine to hop on. However for this guy, who's prime goal is losing fat, he needs a lot more volume IMO.
  11. I am a big proponent of learning how to track and properly measure food. Everything adds up. I would certainly try to do it, but if you can't or just don't have the time for it, really focusing on making healthy choices and gauging weekly progress from there for a month or so will be fine until the weather breaks. Make whatever small changes you can make daily. You really want to have a good diea of just how many calories you eat daily, though. I stopped doing it for awhile and I gained a bit purely because my eyeballing wasn't as good as I hoped.   As for the FitBit, I have no experience with those at all. But I will tell you that unless you're walking 3-5 miles a day, the number of steps is probably going to not be effective enough to make the difference in your weight that you want. You should try to aim for an activity you can perform in your home that keeps your heart rate elevated for at least 30 minutes.
  12. have i hit a plateau?

    I don't think Starting Strength is a routine in line with his goals of working out to purely burn calories. if that's your goal, you probably just want to do your own routine after hitting a big compound lift at the beginning of each session.
  13. have i hit a plateau?

    If you're going for purely calorie burning from lifting, why don't you do some kind of circuit training program instead of 5x5? That will be more productive.
  14. @Dischord: There are a variety of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, but at the end of the day it just comes down to cutting back on the diet until the weather breaks and you can resume activity. Have you tried calisthenics circuits in your house, like push ups sit ups squat jumps etc? Bottom line is though, you gotta cut back on the diet until you can begin to burn all that fat with the same level of activity you maintained last summer. You're going to have to find the motivation within yourself. You either want it or you don't. Cliché, but there's no other advice for that sort of problem, unfortunately.