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  1. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Has me absolutely pegged. *Hops out of strangers car*
  2. Silver is still gone right? ;)

  3. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Francis J Underwood knows how to spot sobriety, proves Faint is clear and soberly focused at all times based on the posts he makes.
  4. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Is much more cleverly gifted than given credit for
  5. I am out

    Just like that..my fucking day is made. Lol
  6. I cahnt find me bloomahs. :unsure:

  7. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Faint told me he truly feels that way^
  8. I just wanna say this

    I declare it... Very much alive, my friend! Golly this is like a dream. Thanks for getting back to me, Lavaman555! However, if you took out the x1 TKRO(Because it's Ulti) - I feel fucking betrayed and you sold out. No wonder you got 98th. You were my fucking hero, turned zero(with dropped people) or -10(Without dropped people). From what I can remember, I had about -277 idolized individuals. Look brotatochip, I don't even want to be fucking friends with you anymore. Weather Painters over Hero's w/ random ulti TKRO, asshole. Who the fuck have you become? idegaf anymore. Get in touch with me when you get your fucking priorities in check. Sincerely, a fan who misses the OG Lavaman555. Now the threads dead, beeeeeeiiiiiiiittttcccchhhhh.
  9. The Man Who Sold The World

    How is this testing? I think the spell book version of this looks much more consistent, but thanks just me.
  10. Burning Abyss

    I agree with desires. Look the 10 card drop sucks in all cases, but the card is fucking clutch. Know when to play them.
  11. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Sophocles is a guy that loves women
  12. I just wanna say this

    I can't even.. Why? How? Fuck it, Playing monster reborn on this thread. I got back here too late. I have been playing x1 thunder king(because it's ulti) in everything from the day I found you. Please come back. I need to know how you are doing in tourneys.
  13. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    Frankly, you aren't worth shit and your titties are weird. Nipples look like a set of lazy eyes trying to focus on the fucking freddie sliced looking stretch marks on your back, fucking dumb narcissistic wanna be graphic designer. Learn how to draw a stick figure before you call yourself an artist you no talent having Macaulay Culkin looking, wondering titty having bitch. Oh and tell your brother to quit wearing Man-Tanks...What is it with your family and boobs? Mother fuckers moobies have been running away from him so long they look like they are doing their own fucking cardio. BEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIITTTTTTTCCCCHH. Oh yeah, I feel better.
  14. Hey oh let's go

    The new one would be nice. Thanks. Sorry about that. Cant believe I couldnt figure that out.