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  1. Burning Abyss

    I agree with desires. Look the 10 card drop sucks in all cases, but the card is fucking clutch. Know when to play them.
  2. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Sophocles is a guy that loves women
  3. Halp.

    Maybe I will go with evenly matched in sideboard then for a trial because I do want to try the burial goods.
  4. I just wanna say this

    I can't even.. Why? How? Fuck it, Playing monster reborn on this thread. I got back here too late. I have been playing x1 thunder king(because it's ulti) in everything from the day I found you. Please come back. I need to know how you are doing in tourneys.
  5. Halp.

    Really, I have found I can pretty much clear through about half the deck and load the field. First turn in a game earlier today; Pot, drew allure, drew panthiesm, into another allure, other stuff occurred but that's what I remember as far as drawing boosts. By the end of that, had about 4-5 in hand with Domain, Ehther, Vanity, as well as Megs zaborg on field. I need Maxx C, and Cosmic, wouldn't mind evenly matched either in there. Maybe I could, -1 Vanity's -1 Allure -1 Reasoning -1 Erupt -1 Prime - typically have a dead one in hand - 1 stormforth + Maxx + Erebus + 2 Cosmic + 1 or 2 Evenly matched? + 1 or 2 Foolish burial goods? Maybe It's the format that makes them good. Clearly the reasoning behind both burial and burial goods sync well, but I have always disliked playing them. In prior formats, I have used, Stratos, Armorgeddon Knight, etc.. This is the first I have built since like 2013 though.. I have to accept that the gameplay is not at all as it once was I guess. Lmk what you think about those edits, and I will make the change in thread.
  6. Halp.

    I dig it.
  7. Halp.

    Maybe ditch the reasoning or erupt?
  8. Halp.

    You're a fucking wizard tyranno. This was literally going through my head while posting.
  9. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    Frankly, you aren't worth shit and your titties are weird. Nipples look like a set of lazy eyes trying to focus on the fucking freddie sliced looking stretch marks on your back, fucking dumb narcissistic wanna be graphic designer. Learn how to draw a stick figure before you call yourself an artist you no talent having Macaulay Culkin looking, wondering titty having bitch. Oh and tell your brother to quit wearing Man-Tanks...What is it with your family and boobs? Mother fuckers moobies have been running away from him so long they look like they are doing their own fucking cardio. BEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIITTTTTTTCCCCHH. Oh yeah, I feel better.
  10. Halp.

    How's that?
  11. Halp.

    Need Halp. *Edit* Ol Satchy said, I have to tell you all why I chose to play monarchs to get halp. I chose to play monarchs for the same reason yugi moto played exodia against the blue eyes white dragon and that treacherous seto kaiba. Heart of the cards af. But seriously though, i don't have much from new sets and this was easiest to acquire at the moment. |Monsters| 3|Edios the underworld squire 3|Edea the heavenly squire 2|Erebus the underworld monarch 2|Zaborg the mega monarch 1|Kuraz the light monarch 2|Mithra the thunder vassal 1|Level Eater 2|Vanity's fiend 1|Majesty's fiend 1|Ehther the heavenly monarch |Spells| 3|Tenacity of the monarchs 2|Pot of desires 2|Allure of darkness 3|Domain of true monarchs 1|The monarchs stormforth 1|Foolish burial 1|Pantheism of the monarchs 1|One for one 1|March of the monarchs 2|Return of the monarchs 1|Reinforcements of the army 1|Reasoning |Traps| 3|Prime of monarchs 1|The Monarchs Erupt |Side| 1|Raigeki 1|Darkhole 3|Cosmic Cyclone 2|Evenly matched 2|Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 2|Droll & Lock bird 2|Necroface Don't know how well this work
  12. Hey oh let's go

    The new one would be nice. Thanks. Sorry about that. Cant believe I couldnt figure that out.
  13. Hey oh let's go

    Wow.. nevermind.. found it.
  14. Hello.

    Oh then I should leave. You're right.