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  1. What is your favorite anime moment?

    When you read it as "at the moment." Rip.
  2. What is your favorite anime moment?

    So right now my like top 5 is Steins;Gate Erased Food Wars Seven Deadly Sins Btoom It's hard to choose one among them and I have plenty more but these are the ones that have stuck out to me from all that I've watched.
  3. Dark magician support in dark illusion set I feel it.
  4. Destiny

    My first IB game today had my team 2k away from winning with opp team down by 10k then 4 members of my team got dc'd they caught up and by the last few hundred people joined and we lost. "Ok"
  5. Destiny

    Iron banner today
  6. Destiny

    yeah yeah. :p But other options are having a titan/self res warlocks on your squad. Titans with their obv bubble and self res warlocks can self res after you are all in containment bubbles and he will not be affected. The same works for reviving someone while contained. They will also be uneffected. Otherwise stay in back with shottys and i would suggest a scout rifle. I use vision of confluence. And just keep a look out on the eye, maintain adds, and keep putting damage on the boss.
  7. Destiny

    Yeah the adds are an issue but if you are hiding and keeping preassure on them then it should be no biggie. Also gjally helps too. :p
  8. Destiny

    Yeah, I just figure found verdict was one we all had. It helps really well if you can't find the eye and you are all grouped up using your shotguns. I assume Invective would be good too with the regen on the ammo but I just keep Gjally equipped. As long as you stay all the way left behind the boxes and keep shotguns on for the shield it should be easy for you. Eye will tend to spawn centerplate where the boss is and walk towards you if not then somewhere by you. After a few spawns he will just walking next to you making the late game easier since you don't have to find him.
  9. Destiny

    If you have found verdict you can pop out of your own containment shield without finding the eye. But staying all the way in the back and watching the center for the eye is fairly easy. Its only hard the first few times.
  10. Satellarknight - Discussion

    Typed that on my phone at work sorry for typos :(
  11. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I've been doing a lot of playtesting and heres what I plan on taking to ARG prov. I can explain my choices and perhaps some of you can give me some insight as I do want to fit in Raioh and actuall wiseman chalice as the knights are a popular choice having a clutch card like that for the mirror is pretty nice and being able to hold onto their deneb slows them down a tad. Outside the mirror its ok but maybe its more of a side deck tech. 3 dene 3 unk 3 altair 2 vega 2 ghost ogre 1 honest 3 rota 1 soul charge 1 raigeki 2 torrential 1 bottomless 1 warning 3 fiendish 3 call 2 oasis 1 ring 3 alpha 3 bts 2 mirror force Side: 3 fairy wind 3 maxx c 3 flying c 1 honest 2 chaos trap hole 3 mst Extra: 1 delteros 2 triverr 1 diamond 1 ptlo 1 castel 1 emeral 1 dweller 1 exciton 1 cowboy 1 rhongon heroic dude 1 tiras 1 pleides 1 101 1 clear wing synchro dragon (ayeee) I want to fit the 2nd honest in the main, side wiseman and perhaps and other crucial sides i missed. I want to fit rai oh in here as well. Clear wings is just filler because i dont have access to a good considered 15th slot in my deck. My other option was nova and either cyber end and twin for stupid plays otherwise im out of ideas unless i just out in ragna zero or rhapsody i guess but i havent needed either of them. I hope to see you guys saturday!
  12. Destiny

    Whoah i should refresh once in a while
  13. Destiny

    Exotic chest is left chest in gorgon maze the other 3 are shard chests.
  14. (905) Clash of Rebellions (CORE)

    That can be true to an extent, we'd have to see others i suppose. Lion could be beast warrior etc. Just need more info i guess.
  15. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    appreciate the research regardless. I should have the money by next week to snag all of that. :)