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  1. DGZ is still here?

    I remember you; hope all is well.
  2. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DuelistGroundz username: NarcoticDiscord Account Name: NarcoticFormats (Goat/Current/Both): Both?Expected level of activity: Perhaps a decent amount during weeknights.(Optional) Blurb: Used to play pretty regularly...on teams such as Pocket Aces, Hell Bound Inc., etc. But have not played since then. Is it still YVD?
  3. Speech Type

    Haha, I am doing the same speech assignment right now, but my topic is gay. Do something on bullying, and use the Australian bully video...or do something on gays, and use the Antoine Dodson news clip.
  4. Qutting Alcohol

    When you go out to a place where drinking will be involved, take X amount of $ with you (enough to have a good social time, but not enough to get wasted), and leave any debit / credit cards at home. Try and take less $ gradually as you continue to go out, and eventually you will find that you can have fun without drinking at all. Then it actually gets even more humorous when you get to video tape your friends doing stupid shit while they're shitfaced.
  5. Droppin' in

    Vice-versa. Mr. David. Good to see you still around. Really? I'll check it, thanks. Yeah man, it has been a while. Just checking in on people, seeing who is who around here, who is still here, etc. All well your way? I probably would remember, I don't think you were under the name Gengar though. Either way, good to see someone from the past. Hope all is working out your way, bud. Ah yes, I definitely remember my ole' pal, Touch.
  6. Droppin' in

    Just seeing what's up with everyone. May lurk a little bit..any noteworthy funny topics happen within the past few years that I can look at for entertainment while I am at work? Other than that, what's good?
  7. well get on aim sometime, or hit me up your facebook or something. i had a nostalgia about all the cool people i used to play with and you were one of em. nah i dont play anymore, havent had yvd for probably several years now, lol, how about you? good to hear from ya.

  8. get outta there scottman. you still get on aim? what have you been up to

  9. same place as always

  10. Undisputed

    This is still around? Haha, nice. Congrats on keeping a solid team going all this time, Prez. Hope all is well with everyone. Free bump for ya.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmHQzrIg1Pc...=PL&index=2 lmao <3. Game brings back memories.
  12. I always wanted my own theme song..
  13. We RP irl

  14. We RP irl

    Bumpin for my nigg Eric.