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  1. Not desperate, and that is part of why I don't see them moving him until the off-season, but between yesterday's incident and the Adam LaRoche thing from the beginning of the year, They are probably going to make a move...
  2. Chris Sale getting moved in the off-season?
  3. The unsealed ones are worth about 5-10 each. Not sure what sealed ones are worth. Next time post things like this in the General Finance thread.
  4. Welcome to DG. As was said previously, lurk in the deck discussions, if you have something relevant to contribute, provide it. If you are providing good discussion consistently, it will be noticed and people will begin to chat with you. Feel free to message me on facebook if you feel like chatting. My name is the same as here.
  5. I think that there is little doubt that the game will still be around. Shows very few signs of stopping.
  6. Have not, just saying, I don't think using it before then is correct
  7. Thinking of saving dust from now until the first balance patch...I can't see Vaporeon being so broken forever, and everything else sucking so much ass forever either. Water Gun is probably going to get nerfed hard.
  8. It was in regards to farfa. I haven't seen the top lists yet but if they were in the lists that topped it will be on the rise for sure.
  9. Mirror of the Ice Barrier going HAM at nats. Vendors were buying for $8/ea pre event and selling for $10.
  10. I'll be happy to playtest most of the time on DN, feel free to message me on facebook (Matt Bishop) or add me on DN, Matthew Bishop.
  11. Play Kozmo and play like an ape.
  12. I wish I had seen this prior to today. Tears.
  13. Booked an airbnb for this recently and have had my plane ticket booked for a while now. Hope to see everyone there
  14. I haven't read through the whole thread or site, so not sure how up to date this is, but Matthew Vanden Heuvel has topped YCS Columbus (150th) Top 32 and won ARG Detroit earlier this year in addition to his Top 32 NAWCQ 2013.
  15. Golden State in 6.