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  1. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    I'll play in goat side event if someone can provide me with a deck. Also, anyone need somewhere to stay? Still looking for a couple people for my hotel. Requirement: do not be an axe-murderer and pay me money for hotel.
  2. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    There is no faq up yet, but I'll be there
  3. Stock Market Investing

    I think fundamentals are obviously more important than news if you are buying something as an investment. I think if you are trading something, news is incredibly relevant as it can be a catalyst to higher or lower prices. Ultimately you have to decide what reason you’re buying for to start with, investment or trade. Trade by definition is short term in nature and should not turn into an investment if it turns out that you made a bad call. You should have an exit point planned on both sides and exit the trade at the set point when either hits. Investment is longer term, you believe in the fundamentals of the company, strategy, growth prospects, etc. For example, I began investing in $ALKS because of the ongoing opioid crisis in North America, but probably globally would be more accurate. Alkermes makes Vivitrol, an opioid blocker designed to “turn off” sensors in the brain that opioid use triggers. The drug is different from typical treatments because traditionally treatments have themselves had an opioid in them (therefore, they are using a derivative of the very drug they are addicted to in order to ween themself off). The studies I have read show that only a small percentage of addicts are currently using Vivitrol (while Alkermes revenues from the drug’s sales have spiked significantly over the past year or two). Meaning that if more and more addicts start to use Vivitrol, the likelihood of revenues increasing for Alkermes seems pretty good. Alkermes is at an attractive price point in my opinion, I averaged my position down earlier in the quarter around the $51 price point. I haven’t sold because I still believe in the company/fundamentals of the initial investment. If I didn’t then I would have sold the stock a long time ago. Sorry for the long explanation, just wanted to explain why I believe trading on news/expected news can sometimes be beneficial, while investing should not be thought of as buying or selling on news at all.
  4. NHL 2017-2018 thread

    Long year, experienced team. I'm not high on them, but I think the Atlantic is pretty weak. I would have Ottawa higher if I knew when Karlsson was coming back, but it sounds like his injury is more serious then they are letting on. I like the Habs' team, but I have no idea how they're going to score goals. I also like him for the Norris if he is back within the first month to two months of the year.
  5. NHL 2017-2018 thread

    For shits, here are some predictions... Metro: 1. Washington Capitals 2. Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Carolina Hurricanes 4. New York Rangers 5. New York Islanders 6. Columbus Blue Jackets 7. Philadelphia Flyers 8. New Jersey Devils Atlantic: 1. Toronto Maple Leafs 2. Tampa Bay Lightning 3. Boston Bruins 4. Montreal Canadiens 5. Florida Panthers 6. Ottawa Senators 7. Detroit Red Wings 8. Buffalo Sabres Central: 1. Chicago Blackhawks 2. Nashville Predators 3. Minnesota Wild 4. Dallas Stars 5. St. Louis Blues 6. Winnipeg Jets 7. Colorado Avalanche Pacific: 1. Edmonton Oilers 2. Anaheim Ducks 3. San Jose Sharks 4. Calgary Flames 5. Los Angeles Kings 6. Arizona Coyotes 7. Vancouver Canucks 8. Las Vegas Golden Knights West Final: Edmonton vs. Chicago East Final: Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay Cup Final: Pittsburgh vs. Edmonton Winner: Pittsburgh Finals MVP: Sidney Crosby Hart: Connor McDavid Art Ross: Connor McDavid Richard: Auston Matthews Norris: Duncan Keith Vezina: Carey Price
  6. Stock Market Investing

    Likely short-ish term for $BOX, but I consider $FB to be high quality, and will likely hold for my PT (~190). $BOX had a solid earnings report today, beat earnings expectations, and provided upbeat/increased guidance for rest of this year. It was down ~3% on that news. It's been in a bit of a rut; trading in range between 17-20 for the past three months or so. My thought was that with this news and the sell off, I was getting it at a discount and the trend would likely reverse. Short-term, I've been right in AH trading, but it is on pretty light volume. I'd like to see PT of 20-21 from it...
  7. Stock Market Investing

    Added positions in $FB and $BOX today.
  8. Stock Market Investing

    Currently long AMD, ALKS, AMZN, AAPL, NKE and ROST in the account that I fuck with. My more meaningful account is invested 65-35 equity/income, fees tax deductible so I end up around ~1.4% actively mgd. Fees are high, performance good, and prefer to have downside protection with that account.
  9. [Current] ESPN vs Kolkata Street Pajeets

    Got berdversary 2-1. ggs.
  10. [Current] ESPN vs Lemo Pear Gang [LPG W]

    I lost 2-0 to the second coming of christ aka near n
  11. [Goat] ESPN vs All the Outs **THE RUNBACK** [ESPN W]

    Got mark 2-1, ggs.
  12. [Goat] ESPN vs All the Outs **THE RUNBACK** [ESPN W]

    Got GSop 2-1, ggs.
  13. [Goat] Kolkata Street Pajeets VS ESPN [ESPN W]

    Got Blue-Eyes 2-1. Ggs.
  14. ABC - Discussion

    Guys, I'm just testing it chill. I have wanted to figure out ways to have Gadgets in the build as well as Maxx "C". The answer may be that you cannot play 6 traps, but I don't necessarily think that is correct. Having Buster/Trap vs. mirror is incredibly powerful from what I can tell. I've considered cutting a single copy of "A", and playing 2 A, 3 B, 3 C. But not sure that is the way to go either with 3 Desires in main. Thoughts on what to cut for Gadgets, while trying to keep in Bahamut/Toad?