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  1. Max Suffridge has died

    Rip to a true DGZ legend.
  2. I'd be interested, what platform do you guys play on now? Dueling book?
  3. Week 3 - Mostly Harmless vs The Sigurimi

    I can be on for goats tonight.
  4. Add me to both please. My name is the same on DB as well as discord.
  5. Hi

    Yes. It was something else at one point but that was before I ever made any posts. Can't remember what it was though.
  6. RIP Nafe

    Damn, it's already been so long but I still can't believe it.
  7. Hi

    Hello, atleast I am seeing names I remember.
  8. Duelingbook

    Also please add me to the group chat
  9. Hi

    It's been awhile and I've been nostalgic lately and decided I was going to come back.
  10. Duelingbook

    I made an account to play goats and any other old formats. Message me whenever I'm on and I'll be down. Same name as here.
  11. join this list

    [quote name="salad" post="3988767" timestamp="1441680541"][quote name="Evolution` " post="3988735" timestamp="1441675534"] yo [/quote]   tell me 'bout yrself?  Just a regular guy in the desolate upstate New York returning to posting after ages. I don't really know you at all but we could probably be decent friends. Salad is like my 5th on my favorite food list. Edit: This posted weird from my phone. 😒
  12. join this list

  13. MA Regs September 5th

    Anyone have a construct, Winda, and 2 shaddoll fusion I could use?
  14. Mega Tin 2015

    Dante and Virgil confirmed. I would post pictures but they are on Facebook and I'm on my phone.