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  1. Catherine

    it is released stateside. i played the demo. its pretty good. i dont have the patience for the puzzle stuff, but the game is well made.
  2. Pokemon: Gen 0

    please take the exit from the pokemon world to your left tyvm. Game could have like a survivors island feel to it, just everything back to basics and make it feel raw, having to use wit to capture pokes not justt a musclebound machop and an electronic snare. and harig, isnt sudowoodo rock type? i wasnt aware that being familiar with trivial shit like cartoon character relations was important to playing pokemon.
  3. fads are cool

  4. itt we post weird/disturbing shit

    you da man
  5. GF Bought a PS3

    borderlands is the greatest video game ever made that is available for the ps3.
  6. Alternative Pokemon Art

    fuckin awesome ^
  7. talk about your current crushes itt.

    i must concur with the last few posts.
  8. Operation Shady Rat

  9. happy birthday barack obama

    split a hooker?
  10. if you click on this topic you must post

    zelda dubstep? i must find this
  11. not being awkward at parties

    liquid confidence and having a usual circle of friends that outsource drunk girls from other circle of friends.
  12. US credit rating downgraded

    i need to move to a different planet, and mess the economy up there.
  13. next time you fap

    this is freaky
  14. Pokemon: Gen 0

    i see what you did there
  15. let's talk about Facebook

    wow, a few pokemon gifs really pisses you off. womp womp womp