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  1. Trickstars - Deck Discussion

    Yo dudes, been a while. Haven't properly played the yugiohz since Aug 2014 but stayed fairly up to date with what's going on. Got a Trickstar deck around CORE's release cause Droll crush is juicy af, played with the deck quite extensively up until around YCS London. Seeing as this discussion is going on thought I'd give my 2cents, if I'm jank lmk. tl;dr BLS and Dragon engine increase the deck's ceiling substantially. Scapegoat is my love but isn't perfect. To start, goodstuff.dek is more or less the default for Trickstar and has been since its debut. Community consensus is that Trickstar is a burn deck, alternate win con deck etc, but people always have this perception with decks that, idk, they just don't like lol (think Dark World and so on). In practice Trickstar is I guess modern Gadgets - back in the day a deck like Gadgets would gain advantage incrementally, you normal summon get a float then use removal to keep the opp in line with you. But the advantage was fairly menial, just floating gadgets doesn't really allow you to do anything. The comparison is just to illustrate that most of Trickstars pluses are fair - you're not gonna do mad combo plays most of the time, certainly not when you just have the engine components unless it's one of the OTK hands. Stage -> Candina -> something is advantage but doesn't impact board state in any way. In practice you see this in most relevant removal being noticeably good in Trickstar, even things like Kaijus and Honest that aren't raw plus but just let you kill things. Goodstuff.dek more or less builds itself. If you have 3 Ash 3 Evenly you're good. Evenly synergises with people hard setting everything vs Trickstar, puts them in an awkward situation where they can get wrecked by Droll crush or Evenly and won't be able to play around both at the same time. Unfortunately I don't have access to either and goodstuff without, well, the best of the good stuff doesn't work anywhere near as well. At the time it was clearly goodstuff builds vs dedicated Chaos builds. BLS gave the deck a different dimension so I wanted to try and incorporate it if possible, so I tested with the Chaos stuff a lot. What I found was that you don't need to run as many Darks as the OCG tends to. 2 Lyco = Break Sword which gets a Dark in grave for BLS. Sounds inconsistent but, as aforementioned, you gain so many arbitrary Candina searches that it happens really easily. BLS lets you steal games (Honest combo <3) and adds a noticeable dimension to the deck but obv can brick. If you compare it to something like Chain Summoning imo it offers more - can compare both in more detail but Chain Summoning users will know the feeling of top decking it in a dead situation and knowing it's gg. Following on from this some options present themselves even if you're using the goodstuff structure. Ghost Reaper is v good because it helps alleviate troublesome match-ups: Paleo for example is very tough because of Toad (if you're worried about the match-up side Xyz Encore), which Reaper solves. Initially I ran the Invoked engine and that can work nicely even to a minimal extent - lowest I ran was 1 Aleister 1 Invocation 1 Meltdown and it was fine. Conflicts in you having multiple normals that might sit in hand and has some brick potential but the Invoked engine offers a lot and doesn't take much space. The Destrudo package works really nicely too - even if you draw it Candina -> Destrudo, AFD search or BRD it gives the deck a lot more than what you'd be running instead (assuming Instant Fusion, more hand traps, even Grinder Golem). Whether you fully embellish on it with Darkwurm and more Ravines is up to you, but again you can be quite minimalistic about it if you so wish. So yeah, main reason for posting is that I haven't seen a Destrudo Trickstar variant discussed at all and was just wondering if it was something people were aware of. If you compare the Link variant to a Synchro one, well, again there's a more detailed comparison to be had, but I'd say the gist of it is that this deck can't utilise Links as well as other decks. This deck is a better deck inherently than, say, World Chalice, but not Spyral or, realistically, any future deck. Scapegoat and Gofu making a Link is nice but nothing substantial. AFD isn't substantial but is good for extending plays - you'd rather end with a 3k booty and extra search, plus potentially some combo potential vs just ending with Candina. BRD is hard removal which really helps. Doesn't conflict with what you'd be doing anyway, summon Candina search then try to extend as much as possible. BLS is godly when accommodated for too. Other than that, you can go the other way with goodstuff and just run the best goodstuff possible. Slumber + Kaijus are evidently main deck worthy - I don't like siding both because in practice Slumber and the Kaijus themselves often contradict in terms of which match-ups they're respectively good against (latter against True Draco, Paleo, Spyral, former only sharing Spyral and is good vs all the other stuff, but the Kaijus aren't great against the other stuff lol). If you main them you have 1 Hole 1 Raigeki 1 Slumber, so essentially a three-off of hard wipe for the match-ups where you need that, and 3 Kaiju for the match-ups where Kaijus are relevant. 4 card Kaiju engine makes siding easier. One could probably prioritise the various things they could run in goodstuff.dek as far as main vs side, and just comparing to each other to see what is good. You have a limited amount of space to accommodate: -Kaiju engine -Cosmic Cyclones/Spell Shattering -Ghost Ogres -Ghost Reapers -Scapegoats -Solemns -Honests It's not something I've thought about extensively cause I prefer the Destrudo build anyway There's a lot that isn't fresh in my mind, came on here for the first time in a while and was just happy to see a Trickstar discussion existed at all. Ask if anything comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer. Some bullet point bits: -The deck, overall, is good but not amazing. It'd be in the best six decks but not the best two. Debatable as to where it ranks within that bracket. It's worth keeping in mind: the fact this deck is not as good as the others is predominantly why the Destrudo Chaos route is more appealing to me than the fair version. -There are a lot of good cards that would be perfect, but ultimately they're too fair. Scapegoat for me encapsulates this most of all - it is a card that is, by all accounts, very good, but its harmatia is that it is too fair. You have to wait a turn to use it which sucks even if it does everything you'd want it to once it is live. Other examples of cards that are too fair in my opinion are: Eater of Millions (v solid but as a BLS target it's obv lacking); Gofu (@1 is v mediocre, T1 Omega is good but the Links are not OP at all); Windwitches (same reason); Honest (similar to Scapegoat, in the upper tier of fair but v good); Grinder Golem (good card but conflicts with Candina, GG works much better in Dark Link variants); Heavy Storm Duster (v good but again too fair); Instant Fusion; Soul Charge (obv can be potent but isn't anything amazing in this deck); Solemns; Mind Control; Book of Moon/Upstart Goblin lol. You get the idea. You will run some of these cards but, again, just something to keep in mind. -Conversely unfair cards include: Imperial Order; BLS; Evenly; Ash. Destrudo engine, Set Rotation (even without Zefra), Desires, the good hand traps and Spell Shattering are almost in this category. Gofu would have been when at 3. More of this stuff less of the other stuff is how Trickstar will improve. -Run 3 Desires. I've experienced the hard brick with them once or twice but running 2 makes no sense. You need whatever help you can get. -Same with Droll and other cards that you should obviously run 3 of but for some reason people don't? Not exactly the same cause you can rationalise 2 Desires but, honestly, they're almost equivalent. Run 3 Droll, run 3 Pot, run 3 Ash and Evenly if you have them, etc. -In the Destrudo build you can pitch a Trickstar Reincarnation for Ravine and use its banish eff to SS from GY. Twin Twisters shares this potential interaction, obviously in a v different way. -If you run Aleister and friends Chain Summoning becomes better. Otherwise Chain Summoning is too gimmicky to take seriously - payoff can be strong every now and then but only if you're going to go for Lyco Reincar burn, which is a gimmicky way to try and kill (still viable but easily disrupted), or swinging with everything. Disturbance Strategy is winmore too. -The side is really where most of my thought process went, imo it's the funnest part of deckbuilding. That's a separate conversation so again if you're like "whaddya think of this?" I'll give my 2cents. Off the top of my head the good finds were Xyz Encore for Paleo, Spell Shattering for Spyral, Magic Deflector as a going first stunner (ASF is fragile, Solemns v good but too fair). I tried a lot of stuff but most of my testing went into the pre-Spyral meta, so while a lot of thoughts are there they're likely outdated. -2 Lily is better than people think. I don't run 2 because with 3 Desires it was largely futile, but it is viable for sure. Looping that shotty wins games. -You don't have to, but having the 3 card Utopia package makes Lightning a lot better. I would strongly recommend it. -If you run BLS the 2nd Break Sword or a Leviair is a good shout. Might add stuff as I think of it but yeah, again haven't thought of yugioh since YCS London and even then I didn't care for what was happening in CIBR, I just went for side events and to see some familiar faces. If Destrudo and BLS are expired ideas my bad. Imo it's v preferable to the Link stuff as the deck can accommodate the Destrudo Synchro package easier than Links + the former has more impact than the latter in this archetype, and preferable to pure goodstuff just because pure goodstuff is too fair. If nothing else just try BLS cause it's easy af to use. Reaper is meta relevant and can ease BLS if you're concerned with 1 Gofu (which isn't a mandatory run at all) being too little, but BLS weirdly can work with no main deck Darks at all just cause 2 Lyco is not difficult to get and Break Sword is useful anyway. Sample build, no Ash or Evenly but could easily make room for them if you own them
  2. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I don't have a problem with pay to win, I just try to acknowledge that other people in the Hearthstone community view it as a problem. Imo it just is what it is. Ideals conflict with practicality, I'm sure most of us accept practicality, but I see why people make the idealistic argument and whatever substance such an argument holds.   In other news Hungry Dragon OP in Rogue:     Really though I didn't think Dark Iron Skulker was as good as it is when I first saw it, but now I've used it I see the light. Skulker is truly MVP.   @Paraliel: The dream would be to have ten Jackie Chan talismans as my mana crystals   Would religiously play Druid so I could Innervate and have the awesomeness of all twelve 
  3. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      If the exclusive Heroic cards were good it would skew the game even further into pay to win territory. Heroic challenges are way too difficult for players that don't have extensive cardpools. Personally I'd like the idea of Gold versions coming from Heroics, which I think was originally the plan for Naxxramas but Blizzard wanted the Gold versions of Naxx cards to be more "easily accessible" via dusting (more likely reason being so that they can get more money out of players who want Gold versions of those cards).   Hell even a hidden quest that gives a fuckton of Gold would be cool, but I doubt any of that will happen, at least not within the foreseeable future.
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    How my Arena runs go:  
  5. age questions

    Is a 25 year old dating a 17 year old weird?   [spoiler]     [/spoiler]   These are the questions that haunt me   (To actually respond to OP Soul's post is spot on, you didn't do anything wrong and she flipped out so just let her do her business I guess. With the age thing I'd say it's just a case of doing whatever both parties are comfortable with. If a significant age difference bothers you that's cool, if it doesn't that's cool too.)
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    ^ That's weird I got Auctioneer and Violet Teacher first time round, second time got Antonidas
  7. Things College Freshmen Should Know

      Did that with Anaconda in a friend's room  :(   Luckily everyone was white so they thought he was super edgy afterwards
  8. The Flash

  9. Things College Freshmen Should Know

    Like try to avoid one night standing your flatmates/classmates/people who you will see frequently
  10. Is This Gay?

    Go for it Carbon, threesomes with two guys isn't gay of course it isn't gay are you gay no so it's not gay duh   You can do cool shit like high five and cuddle and talk about Kendrick's new album and play Super Smash Bros just as you normally would except you can do it while you're dicking a girl that's super cool like the ultimate bro experience I mean how many times have you been doing boring shit with your bros and thought this would be so much better if I could dick a girl well that's what a threesome with another guy is like   Of course it isn't gay you're gay for saying it's gay are you gay if yes then fuck it go for a threesome with three guys if no then fuck it go for a threesome with three guys because that's not gay just say no homo and it's all good   FYI if a guy gives you head but you close your eyes and pretend it's a girl it isn't gay either + guys are likely to give better handjobs than girls so win win win right   Ffs Carbon just do it you silly sausage unless it's gay then don't do it w/e
  11. Things College Freshmen Should Know

    Don't shit where you eat   Or at least try not to
  12. I'll send my deck list soon, haven't decided on a couple of things.   1) What is your name? Hari Gardiner   2) What did you think about how this tournament was ran? Don't see how it could have been ran any better, had a blast.   3) What deck do you like the most in Edison format? Blackwings, I'm terrible but even I can understand how to summon Shura with Whirlwind up.   4) What is your favorite format? Edison. It's a shame the format was over so quickly.   5) What was the coolest play you made during the course of this tournament so far? Topping with two byes.   6) Any other thoughts on the tournament besides what I've asked? Thanks for doing an Edison format tournament, made me super duper happy. Would love another one at some point :)
  13. To have Carnage alone would be amazing, fuck even a decent Venom film. I'd jizz rainbows if Toxin ever showed up.