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  1. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Forgot to discuss Mecha booster in my previous post but this is another card that got no attention in the op but is very important in the mirror and for avoiding disruption in general. Booster can protect your links from veiler, impermanence, and ash in the case of the first 2 this means you can keep their effects on for bp(Booster always lets you beat over opponent's blue) to keep making pushes every turn considering new EoM procedures. Booster is also a direct counter to widow anchor on either player's turn and it also counters the play I discussed above using Hercules Base to keep rei from floating. Once you use Booster on your link in the mirror there isn't much of anything the opponent can do except set back row and pass. Base and Booster both make it so you can protect the important resource of extra deck maidens to more easily out grind opponents and maintain pressure, maybe the op can be updated to include more info on these two cards and their interactions in the mirror.
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Just started trying this deck out last night after researching it the past 2 days and I have to say I'm very grateful for the wonderfully well thought out and detailed op. I haven't played since last year Zoo nats format so getting used to the year's worth link era increase in cardpool has been the greatest challenge. I tried out all the ideas in the op toon engine, goods/fusion, diabolos and different ratios of theme cards and hand traps. I feel like there's a handful of good generic cards that can supplement the lack of aggression and game ending potential we're missing in the TCG without needlefiber, but for the most part I think pure Brandish is extremely viable if not the best variant due to versatility and ability to out grind the mirror especially if they dilute themselves with another engine. More than anything I'm glad to be playing again and am eager to engage in theory discussions with the members of this site once again. There's a couple of things which experience actually playing the deck taught me were slightly off as presented in the op. I think it's actually not a bad idea to build the deck with the idea of getting 3 spells in grave asap since the marginal benefits rack up quickly especially with engage's draw, but in general the mirror gets significantly easier when you have more spells in grave than your opponent, thanks to red you can be more aggressive against all match-ups early on if you fill the grave. Noelle is right to warn against haphazardly building to get 3 spells but if the proper thought is given to achieve this goal less directly and as a consequence of improving the deck's consistency overall then pitfalls like limiting the deck's versatility can be avoided. I think the most egregious offender of blindly building to get 3 spells is the toon engine, not so much because of the potential to draw bad hands with multiple toons but mainly because nothing substantial is achieved with those 3-4 slots as cyber dragon is seldom impactful and can sometimes be awkward or useless and cannon soldier in enabling Diabolos is even more limited. This engine limits the deck's versatility to an intolerable degree imo for the little it accomplishes, its the type of thing that's popular on pojo because they can't see the big picture(the deck's goals and win conditions). The best goals for deck building should simply involve improving access to rei, engage, and less crucially 3 spells in grave asap this ensures that you will outpace the opponent in the mirror with good technical play, if in the process versatility can be increased all the better, toon engine doesn't assist in seeing rei or engage turn 1. In my build I achieved all three goals by playing 3 Terraforming, 3 field spell, 3 mst, and 3 twin twister. Field spell+mst/twin twister+any theme spell results in floating rei, red->blue, that same spell in hand, 3 spells in grave or more depending on terraforming and twin twister, and potentially one more brandish card off reveal from field and you can play around cherries. Mst and Twin twister are vastly more versatile than toon engine and open up room in the side that would normally go to addressing IO and ASF games 2 and 3, as well as allowing plays to be made more easily against the mirror. As far as I can tell the only practical way to improve the chances of seeing engage is with field spell and foolish goods, goods engine with fusion is already extremely versatile at all points in the game. Another card I chose to play which was undersold in the op and that works really well with the extra s/t removal and field spells is Hercules Base which almost guarantees you win the grind against the mirror not just by allowing you to recycle your extra deck maidens but also by getting draws from beating over their links and cutting their rei off from floating or netting an extra draw.
  3. You guys know if world qualifiers will be the same as KC Cup or a different setup?
  4. They are two different decks but honestly is the traffic in this section sufficient to justify 2 separate threads. The last reply on this thread is from January and there has been no discussion of what the standard lists look like in the ocg currently for either true draco variants or true king dinosaurs.
  5. The discrepancy with Skill Drain you allude to is probably regarding Crystal Beasts and Kristya but the reason they're ruled differently is because Kristya is not optional to apply whereas CB's are but yeah that's another thread. Yeah I love Mark's analysis you need to play it as a floater deck and play some standalone monsters as well, cards like michizure, mirror wall, and e-con allow you to extract more advantage from your floaters by allowing them to take out your opponent's better monsters.
  6. The discrepancy with Skill Drain you allude to is probably regarding Crystal Beasts and Kristya but the reason they're ruled differently is because Kristya is not optional to apply whereas CB's are but yeah that's another thread. Yeah I love Mark's analysis you need to play it as a floater deck and play some standalone monsters as well, cards like michizure, mirror wall, and e-con allow you to extract more advantage from your floaters by allowing them to take out your opponent's better monsters.
  7. Ive never really thought Keith/Relinquished was that far ahead of every other deck to begin with, its a combo deck whose pieces(ju/bird/ritual spell) are subpar compared even to vanilla beaters that are more likely to +1 from battle and also have added utility in combination with order to charge or a field spell. It seems clear that although Relinquished itself is op for duel links meta a deck based around consistently bringing it out would be most successful when players aren't expecting it, and would get worse as more powerful stand alone cards are released and players build their decks to deal with the Relinquished drop. That said I still made KoG this season splashing 1 Relinquished/1 ritual spell in my Destiny Draw GK list and that may be a generally more viable route to go, that is not focusing completely on Relinquished but instead splashing it in more solid decks where it has some synergy(I play 3 sphere kuriboh, e-con, and windstorm to help tribute summon Oracle). If you still want to play a more Relinquished centered build you could try stuff like yomi ship and michizure to ease the pressure beatdown decks can exert while you gather your combo pieces. Clearing their monsters with ship means you can make direct hits with ju and bird also michizure can get you more value off the ritual tutors. Cut stuff like matter transporter if you play them, those cards which do nothing unless you've already gotten your combo off. Board presence is far more important in duel links than in regular yugioh, and from the problems you're encountering it seems like you may not be playing enough cards that impact the board immediately, rather the few victories you're scoring come when all the stars align and you can blow the opponent out with an uninterrupted combo(unanswered Relinquished). The ladder leading up to platinum 2 can be ascended with pretty much any deck through technical play alone but after that you should focus more on deck building that maximizes your ability to interact with the opponent's board right away.
  8. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    The logic you present in your first paragraph is severely flawed. Playing combination does not make Eccentrick anything but more flexible, I don't understand how you could even imply otherwise unless you're not skillful enough to decide when it is better to use Eccentrick as a combo piece or save it for removal, regardless it was a terrible point to make against playing combination. In general it isn't terrible to use Eccentrick to pop combination a lot of times it's the only way to make a meaningful play and it can help to combo off with Gofu and in the OCG mst is used over cyclone in the main because it can be used as a combo piece alongside combination. If you open with 1 of 3 Bunbukus or Kirin you can even Pendulum summon the same Eccentrick you used to pop combination and return Eccentrick to use for removal. The extra flexibility combination adds makes it unique and worthwhile, calling it an inferior counter is completely wrong.
  9. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Except he didn't make that point he implied the deck is dead. On DGZ you get negged for the lack of quality in your posts, the more you shit post the more you get negged get over it.
  10. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    My only issue with Twin Burst is that its ATK is too high. Victor mentioned its usefulness against Kozmo but it actually cannot banish any Kozmo monster other than Wickedwitch if it used its effect to protect itself, because the monster it attacks must not be destroyed by battle in order to be banished. Twin Burst's main use would be in the mirror match for getting over multiple monsters that either have 3k+ ATK/Def or are protected by Return/Azure. The best option for addressing Kozmo with the extra deck is 7 Sins and unfortunately it takes up 3 spots.
  11. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    There's not much to consider regarding ratios for the Kaijus. If you play 2-3 Slumber 4 Kaijus would be sensible but more is an option. I prefer no repeats to ensure you can resolve Slumber and the lv 8's are best for Trade-In or Rank 8's so Gameciel and Gadarla are best since Dogoran is 3k and your guys can't get over it if you hard draw it without another Kaiju. I'm actually trying Mecha Dogoran which is high risk/high reward because it can only be summoned off Slumber or if your opponent has a Kaiju, but I think it's worth playing because it makes it very easy to otk the opponent after resolving slumber and the faster the game ends the better since this deck can't grind against Monarch or BA.
  12. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    The OCG meta is heavily based around decks that set up strong turn 1 boards with things like Exterio, azure, and Crystal Wing or monsters that evade removal like Spirit Dragon and ABC Dragon. The lack of Kaijus is glaring and it's not really fair to say Santa Claws or Volcanic Queen are suitable alternatives. Drawing multiple Santa/Queen means you brick and the more of these cards you play, which you need to see early on, the less consistent your deck. The Kaiju engine becomes better the more of its cards you play and helps put big bodies and damage on your side of the board to say nothing about synergy with draw spells like Trade-In in BEWD and Allure in Kozmo as well materials for rank 8. In the BEWD mirror playing 1-2 lv7 Kaijus will allow you to make Crimson Blader and run over Gameciel with just Slumber+lv 1 tuner, a play that is also effective against Kozmo. Kaijus are very dynamic compared to Santa Claws and friends.
  13. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    It's wrong to think in terms of turn 1 boards with this deck for several reasons that have already been touched upon. Really the absolute best this deck can do turn 1 invoves Soul Charge or Emptiness and it goes without saying that deck building focused on maximizing the chance of seeing these is a good idea. The rest of the boards you can make turn 1 are just Spirit Dragon or a Rank 8 and a blue-eyes monster. The effectiveness of that set up depends wholly on the opponents ability to break the board and the likelihood that happens depends on the expected meta. In the OCG where they don't have Kaiju and the meta is centralized around the mirror a Spirit Dragon+BE monster board has a good chance of surviving and will snowball into an otk or insurmountable card advantage next turn. In the TCG we can choose to add more defensive cards to protect your turn 1 board like Strike or more hand traps but which defensive cards and what number to play is a decision better made after we get the next list. One big reason I don't like more defensive cards is because this is a heavily combo based deck and adding more non-combo pieces may actually make your deck worse going first. A build incorporating elements like Maiden and Mausoleum seems like a viable way to raise the deck's ceiling but I feel that in addition to this the deck just needs to go second in the current TCG environment to stand a chance. Instead of more defensive cards I would play only the best ones that are useful going 1st or 2nd, maxx c, veiler, and twin twister which makes it possible to go second without losing to back row and functions as a trap against pendulums. There's a lot of other things we can try in adapting the deck to the TCG meta game but we really need to see a list before we can come up with optimal choices. Until then I wouldn't sweat the fact there's no really solid turn 1 board to throw up, it's just not how this deck works most of the time.
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    You got negged for being wrong and appearing clueless. First you down play blossom and state some decks may not play it, then you give two terrible suggestions for dealing with it like setting debunk and not playing monsters turn 1. When people point out that everyone will be siding it against BA you agree and say the card is insane but that we shouldn't discuss how to deal with it because it's not out yet and you make a further argument about how it's only good going second against BA . Come on man that was standard shit posting because you probably hadn't considered the impact the card will have. Now that you do don't complain about well deserved negs and just keep making good contributions like you usually do.
  15. If I'm understanding what you guys are saying you are coming to the conclusion that this deck is not worth playing because of the great strength of its turn 1 board. At worst that would mean you start at 50% win rate against the mirror and higher against other decks that can't make such an unassailable board turn 1. It really doesn't make sense to play anything else solely based on the logic you present because the die roll factor is not eliminated in any other mirror match, that can only be addressed in deck building. The key is simply to build for going second as you would improve your win rate against the mirror dramatically if they are choosing to start and you have 6 live cards on your turn to break their set up. Pendulum decks are unlike any other deck in yugioh history because they are incredibly versatile due to an immense card pool of support and the fact any pendulum monster is a combo piece for the primary strategy. There are answers to any issue that arises as the format develops but you need to be willing to look at cards that haven't been used in the past and remember that cards like Master Pendulum, Unexpected Dai, or Painful Decision did not see play a couple of months ago not because they aren't excellent cards but rather because there were better choices pre-adjusted list. There is a rich variety of cards that can be used to completely redefine the best pendulum deck because at their core pendulum decks are mainly comprised of a mix of pendulum archetypes that generate meaningful advantage which advances the gamestate in your favor in a given format. It's what I view as a very generic strategy and therefore it is possible to adapt it to accomplish any goal by swapping out one pendulum archetype for another that addresses prevalent problems. I cannot take seriously any claim asserting that something as mundane as the die roll can determine whether the best pendulum deck can compete, when this becomes true a strategy as dynamic as what pendulum decks embody can admit of adjustment that will readily solve the problem.