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  1. Sea Lancer Control

    Why not thestalos ? 3 LADD is too much.. also, try and fit MST's
  2. League of Legends

      they have before. Don't see why they wouldnt now thanks man
  3. League of Legends

    Guys, If I get an IP boost for the next 3 days on friday, do the bonuses from the IP boost + double IP weekend stack thus getting me 3x more IP ? Haven't been able to play much due to exams and I'm really looking to milk this weekend for all it's worth.
  4. How much should I be picking up thunder sea horses for?
  5. Lasso

    The thing is, by playing hand traps like veiler/maxx and herald and playing as few traps as possible you make mst's dead and it also makes coth for sangan that much better. Playing without the advantage of " I need a guy in my hand not to die, so I'll just get it " really makes no sense to me.
  6. Mermail pic deck

    why no Gorz ?
  7. Breakthrough Skill

    Really, really good. Reminds me of when people discovered mischief of the yokai, except this is way better. And if it does read " negate that target's effect " it means that you can target stuff like Sangan and then run it over, right ? What if I target TKR, could I XYZ and it would not be able to negate ?
  8. Chemistry paper

    We settled on epinephrine, thank you for your suggestion Wilson, those seem like really good topics. What's the difference between reviews and papers ?
  9. Elemental Lord Regional Mat

    I have one of those deckboxes, how much do you think it's worth ?
  10. Chemistry paper

    I see what you mean, but I'm looking for something practical and something that I, at a 1st year of college level can comprehend and work with.
  11. Chemistry paper

    So I need to make a scientific poster based on a given paper that relates Chemistry to Biology and I'm having a tough time coming up with something that seems interesting, most papers I find are too specific and make it near impossible to relate one subject to the other.. For example, a friend of mine is gonna be working off of the effects of alcohol in tissues and studying the reactions that take place in a breathalyzer tying both subjects neatly.. so, what I'm asking is for some ideas, some topics that I can begin working off of. After I have a good idea I'll just look around for a related paper.. thanks in advance guys.
  12. Elemental HERO - Discussion

    It'll be dead more often than not. And drawing dead in this deck is just plain painful
  13. YCS Seatac

    What would you cut for Abyss Dweller ? I cut Zenmaister as I feel it's a win more card and I can't really see myself cutting anything else.
  14. Elemental HERO - Discussion

    I'd go - Hero Blast and - Miracle Fusion to play fossil dynas. I'm through with this deck, I just can't keep up with others. Also, you have Stardust in the extra, but no Road in the main..