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  1. Struggling to Internalize

    Yeah, basically. It's actions that can and should be prosecuted, not thoughts.
  2. law in us

    and how long ago was that? Maybe 2002/2003 I'm not really sure.
  3. Odds are that he wasn't the one who made the decision, and if that's true it also follows that he doesn't remember ever having the foreskin. Of course I could be completely wrong on that but whatever.
  4. Slavery

    first things first so i read and i'm hit with two ideas one being that immoral behaviour == insanity, insanity =/= immoral behaviour the second being that those who desire something outside of the normal spectrum of wants are insane the sphere of insanity has little to nothing to do with the sphere of morality i am not sure how else to put it you should really stop saying that it does oh wait third idea being that morality is defined by the majority you know just to refute the i never said these things thing which sort of moves us on to the next thing because that is the thing among other things that caused me to comment on why morality is subjective and i hope i don't have to reiterate that spiel but here is an example of how genocide could be morally justified in a country, there is a man who will have children, his children will have children, etc etc unto many generations, one of his descendants will launch a planet-killer missile at a world populated by many billions upon billions of sentient lifeforms unfortunately it isn't known which man it is just the area of the planet that he's on which isn't to say that genocide is necessarily ever right just that it's never inherently wrong nothing is sorry to burst your bubble
  5. Slavery

    yeah i'm just going to butt in here and say that at several points which you should be able to discover for yourself if you reread your posts that you've confused insane behaviour for immoral behaviour and tried to say that the two are one and the same people don't generally put their hands into open flame when they know what the effects of fire on flesh is unless they're mentally unbalanced but that doesn't mean that it's immoral behaviour now does it also morality can only be considered objective rather than subjective if you're starting from the viewpoint that something outside of the reasoning process gives you the morals not if you think of them yourself for example if you're taking your morals from scripture except that the bible for example (but this applies to all "holy" texts) was written by humans so it too is subjective rather than objective no matter the degree that it is divinely inspired which basically serves to say that all morality is subjective
  6. law in us

    For some reason I can't recall filling out any forms that asked me to designate my sexual preference when I was getting my US visa. But hey, maybe that's just me.
  7. land of the free (unless you're gay)

    The purpose of the 14th, that is to say the part of it dealing with equal protection, is to ensure that all people have the same protection under the law, whatever the law is. And to say that if the constitution has made no specification of gender the states have no right to legislate on it is to ignore the section which specifically says that these issues, that are not covered in the constitution, is what the states are empowered to legislate on.
  8. Slavery

    meh delete or something
  9. Colonizing Another Planet?

    Overpopulation causes starvation and disease, which "cure" the overpopulation. It is not a Thing that we of the first world countries really need to worry about at this point in time anyway. you realize the chinese have done that for 20 years, right? and it's... working? Which totally makes up for it being inhumane. PROTIPS all around: The Chinese have limited the number of children any family is allowed without heavy financial penalties through increased levels of taxation to one. This is not particularily inhumane. If you're desperate for more children, you can either pay the extra taxes or adopt, as adopted children are exempt from the extra taxes. I'm not really seeing the problem with that system taken out of context, but in China it does create problems due to various cultural factors. Baby girls abandoned in the streets etc.
  10. land of the free (unless you're gay)

    Azrael is trying to fuck with your head.
  11. land of the free (unless you're gay)

    I still think you haven't read the part of the 14th where it says "nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws" and realised that there is no inequality here in that any man can marry any woman and vice versa provided that there is sufficient distancing genetically and that both are of age, and that all persons within the jurisdiction of the laws of the land have equal protection regards marriage, making no distinction for race, religion or sexual preference. Gays cannot marry other men, but neither can straight men. Lesbians cannot marry other women, but neither can straight women. There is no double standard(look it up if you're still confused about why I'm using the term), which is what is required for the 14th to apply.
  12. Colonizing Another Planet?

    The cool thing about overpopulation is that it's a problem that solves itself.
  13. land of the free (unless you're gay)

    Where is the double standard? It's not a situation where straight men can marry other men and homosexual men cannot. The 14th amendment doesn't apply, the law is the same for all.
  14. Cyber Vary

    I remove Scout Plane/Survivor + Vary, Vary + Vary and draw 4 cards. You mad?
  15. I'm going to kick you in the face with Bob.