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  1. I've been hearing that a lot of the movie's issues are due to the execs butting their heads in too much.
  2. I felt it was. Wasn't particularly memorable script-wise but the characters and banter were generally enjoyable. A better villain storyline would have made the movie much better though.
  3. Trailer looks nice. I hope they don't drag the whole Flash without powers stuff for too long.
  4. I'm so happy that Olenna Tyrell did what we all have wanted:
  5. Man if LeBron pulls this off, I'm gonna lose my shit.
  6. I've seen a kind of twisting knob attachment that you can put on your Ar-15 and make it fire at a pretty ridiculous rate.
  7. Why is it that gun rights folk always associate having any sort of limitations on gun purchases as a blanket gun ban? I mean this whacko Islamic terrorist was on a watch list of the FBI and they were powerless to do ANYTHING to prevent him from stockpiling an arsenal because of our ass-backwards laws.
  8. Haha 8 billion is a good joke. As projects scale in size the costs scale astronomically. Also, comparing the effectiveness of a small wall which can easily be manned to a massive 1000+ mile border is ridiculous. We'd need tens of thousands to watch the border for what is a relatively minimal threat to our country. Shutting down relations with a neighboring country via sanctions is a good way to permanently damage relationships. Just look at what economic sanctions in the past have done to US relations with Cuba, Iran, etc. It is a grave move to make and isn't one that should be taken lightly, especially in a time when there is a net negative migrants from Mexico to the US.
  9. KD's best fits outside OKC are DC and Boston. I think Donovan is a great coach. He has significantly improved the team's rotations from the Brooks era.
  10. Why root for him when you can root for the one true king in the North? The man that can end all conflict and all the political intrigue forever?
  11. Man, if OKC loses this it will madness.
  12. Dude try to be a bit more intellectually honest.