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  1. Someone has obviously never been in Russia.
  2. Yes, the presidential candidate also wants a cooperative Congress.
  3. You realize they are already illegal right?
  4. And the fetus is already dead. What's your point exactly?
  5. I've heard mixed things about SeaFall because some people felt the progress of the story was too slow. I have Dead of Winter, which is a great game. I've heard good things about Mice and Mystics (for family weight gaming) and Summoner Wars as well.
  6. Plaid Hat Games consistently knocks it out of the park with their games.
  7. Only in the social sciences. Most hard sciences have much more ideological parity.
  8. Well the ones without college degrees also tend to have issues that the wealthier and educated classes tend to often gloss over and ignore for the most part, particularly when race is not injected into the issue.
  9. It was likely a combination of carelessness and ducking the freedom of information with respect to her interactions that would have bad optics (regardless of their legality).
  10. Eh that's pretty wrong. The government servers are handled by professionals who are experts at this kind of security. She flaunted all those rules as old people tend to do cause they don't understand modern tech.
  11. Wikileaks isn't the issue. The issue was the private email server itself. That issue will hopefully be continually pressed. The problem is that these just got ignored entirely in the past. And the media generally loves a juicy sex scandal. It always overshadows things that matter.
  12. I agree her nonchalance is terrible, though not unprecedented by any means, especially when compared to all the previous presidents over the last few decades. However, now, with social media, this shit is coming out to the open and we should hold these people accountable, no doubt. The thing is I don't see Trump being any better in this matter either. At this point I'm hoping that all the stink she gets from it will give her and other gov't folk pause. This kind of behavior is rampant in the govt.
  13. While I get and agree that the media seems to have a vendetta against Trump, some of this infowars shit is nonsense. Posting it does nothing to further your argument, when most of it is unsubstantiated shit. The media has generally been against anti-establishment candidates because then they lose the connections and rapport they built over decades and rely on for access and coverage. This is evident in how they treated Sanders and Ron Paul before him. Now Trump is in that same vein. He gets the bonus vehemence because he savagely exploited their thirst for controversy with outrageous statements early in the election to get free media coverage and skimp on ad payments. And now they're pissed that he played them.
  14. That's painting it from the perspective of pro-Abortion people. Anti-abortion folk don't even see it as an issue of right to choice for a woman's body. They see it as a living being. From their perspective, no parent would be allowed to kill off a child because of "parental choice". The reality of the bioethics of aborting a fetus is much more complex and the decision of what constitutes personhood is rather arbitrary. Even assuming a fetus's personhood, it's still murky waters when it comes to deciding whether a person should be required to provide what amounts to life support to another person. There was a recent Big Think video by Glenn Cohen, which elaborates on the complexity of this issue overall. I am on the side of letting women get abortions (though I'm rather against late term abortions of viable fetuses without justified cause). However, I acknowledge that many people will be on both sides of the issue when compared to my view point. Generally, my reflex in these cases is to not give the government the decision-making authority in such matters.