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  1. police shooting

    Shooting a man who is actively threatening a federal official (or really anyone else for that matter) is not "cold blooded". Negotiation is always the preferable route, but sometimes the shooting is necessary.
  2. police shooting

    I don't think anyone here is denying that black people have suffered the most discrimination historically. However, the problem with defining racism as simply R = P+P results in the distortion of facts in service of identity politics. The Milwaukee riots and now the Charlotte riots were entirely misrepresented in the media, where dangerous behavior and rhetoric of many of the people involved is excused because they are "oppressed". I sympathize with the original intent of BLM in terms of police demilitarization and greater oversight of discriminatory practices by an unbiased third party. However, their rhetoric has steadily escalated to borderline anti-white bigotry and divisive racial tribalism. Changing bigotry in our society needs a more inclusive approach. Vilifying and blaming the entirety of a race for certain actions will just result in the impasse you see now.
  3. police shooting

    R = P+P is used to place the onus of racism solely on the majority and absolve the minority race of any wrongdoing. People can be racist against their own race, but that doesn't somehow make it necessarily true. And several unsubstantiated claims are made about the mindset of all the people involved based on your own preconceived biases. Without adequate controls, claiming that prejudice (and that too prejudice solely by the officers) is the only reason behind all of these shootings is unsubstantiated.
  4. police shooting

    I am well aware of its prevalence in academia. It is not, as you claim, universally accepted even within academia. When David Wellman coined this term, it was met with considerable backlash because it is a very ideologically driven definition. It essentially has become a tool to claim that white people are exclusively the racists and that other bigots are somehow exempt from criticism based on this ridiculous, nebulous criteria. There is also considerable evidence that there is no discernable statistical bias in terms of use of deadly force by officers against minorities (particularly black civilians).
  5. police shooting

    Coming from out of state and looting random stores is not protesting and is not protected by the first amendment.
  6. police shooting

    I'm sorry but trying to redefine terms to fit a political agenda doesn't make you're argument suddenly more valid.
  7. Yeah the ending wasn't great in either, but for what it's worth, this arc builds into the next one in the manga and the story does get a lot better.
  8. I've been hearing that a lot of the movie's issues are due to the execs butting their heads in too much.
  9. I felt it was. Wasn't particularly memorable script-wise but the characters and banter were generally enjoyable. A better villain storyline would have made the movie much better though.
  10. Trailer looks nice. I hope they don't drag the whole Flash without powers stuff for too long.
  11. I'm so happy that Olenna Tyrell did what we all have wanted:
  12. Man if LeBron pulls this off, I'm gonna lose my shit.