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  1. At least the Thunder were making the decision to keep a Ibaka, who had a pretty high upside at the time. And they got a couple of first rounders. This trade is so bad. Even the first rounder is top 3 protected. They couldn't even get an unprotected pick for arguably the best center in the league. This is like Stepien levels of bad trading.
  2. So, let's discuss the worst trade in NBA history. LOLKINGS.
  3. Would be hilarious if Brooks is the counter to Big Mom.
  4. I really enjoyed season 1 so I am looking forward to this.
  5. Donnie Yen. Watch the fantastic Ip Man movies if you like him.
  6. Um they said two months ago that they have at least 5-6 seasons of plot planned.
  7. Great show!
  8. Rofl pretty much.
  9. Haha, there must be more to this. They were telegraphing it soooo much!
  10. They have a four episode crossover extravaganza so that should be interesting.
  11. They're making it too obvious. I'm almost certain it's not him.
  12. Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  13. I think just having multiple episodic plots with the occasional sprinkle of a main villain (who is admittedly more interesting than Vandal) has been a dramatic improvement.