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  1.     I'm the one selling them haha   This is literally exactly the answer I was looking for.
  2. What would you guys pay if you were buying Ulti 1st Veilers? 210$ seem fair for a set?
  3. So I had a bye tonight at locals so I had the pleasure of watching another game. Blackwing vs. Constellar.   Constellar has a set backrow and a couple in hand. Blackwing has Shura on the board, 2 in hand.   Blackwing draws for turn. Flops Whirlwind, NS Shura, search Gale, SS Bora and Gale. Enter Battle Phase.    Blackwing guy: "I'm almost 100% sure that's a Mirror Force."   Proceeds to declare an attack.
  4. Dark Souls

    The initial Blighttown area can be a bitch until you get used to it (particularly the framerate drop). Just fuck all the loot till you get to the first fire on the bridge support, you've got about half a dozen guys you never have to fight again once you get there. You can loot everything from there pretty easy. The best way to do it is grab a bow and lure enemies out one at a time. The big guys you can either run away and plug with arrows from the top of the ladder or just let them swing and whif then hit and back off. They're easily backstabbed, just be careful of their double horizontal swing. If you're in range after the first, or if you block the first, they'll follow up immediately. If you've come through the sewers you should also have the large ember. Farming around a bit and getting your weapon up to +10 makes short work of most average baddies. The Drake Sword has great base damage but it gets out-damaged by anything with even average scaling like the Claymore. It's do-able without though, just gotta be patient and pick your fights. Watch those little guys with the dead body staff/stick things. That grab attack is usually lethal, but they always roar before they charge so you can gtfo. Also, Blooming Moss is vital. Blow dart assholes will fuck you up. I'd go back to the chick merchant and grab some before tackling the remainder of the Upper Blighttown area.
  5. Sept 2013 Ban List Talk Thread

    It's a good idea Jeff, I just thought the photo was amazingly appropriate.
  6. Sept 2013 Ban List Talk Thread

    Solemn Judgment banned?       But this is actually awesome, I haven't been so pumped to duel in a long while.
  7. florida cops save society from another unarmed black guy

    This "fear for your safety" shit is getting to be as bad as the whole "stand your ground" fiasco.   Haven't these assholes ever been told to not fire unless being fired upon? Or I dunno, maybe actually identify the fucking weapon before dumping a mag into some poor bastard?    I took the garbage out the other night with a flashlight. Holy shit, I could have been threatening and had some cop blast my ass. I could have died boys. Lucky to be alive I say.   I mean, at this point we might as well just say that cops can blast anyone who's bigger than they are cause 'dey scary.     On another note though, I guess cigarettes really are harmful to your health. 
  8. Dark Souls

        That's not entirely true. It's obviously the recommended route and the way the game encourages you to go but there's nothing that prevents you from going alternate routes.   With the Master Key and some reasonable exploring you can go through Blighttown without setting foot into the Berg, or do the entire Forest area first and go through the Church and Berg "backwards".    I actually prefer doing the Forest bit first since you get some pretty ballin' gear on the way through. Astora's Straight Sword is an amazing starting weapon and you can grab it right out of the gate. Havel's ring as well if you're good with backstabs and rolls. Being able to just ignore equip load until you level up a bit and find better stuff is great on fresh characters.   I mean, you're right that it's the way you're least likely to get your ass handed to you. It's definitely doesn't have to be considered "the way you're supposed to go" though.   New Londo and the Catacombs you're 100% correct on though. Stay the fuck out of those shit-holes as long as you can.
  9. Dark Souls

        Fairly sure the generally accepted "easy route" is up the hill from Firelink into the Berg, through that into the Church. Then down into the Lower Berg, through the Depths into Blighttown. That'll get you to Anor Londo without getting into places you shouldn't be in early on I think.     As far as a class, you can take a Heavy armor guy and tank most hits fairly easy. Your guy will move like an overweight beached whale though, and I've never found it very enjoyable. Personally I'd recommend a medium armor solider guy and spend some time  learning to parry and dodge in the Berg. Being able to parry and roll is super valuable(especially parrying) and you've got some armor to cover your ass if you fuck it up right bad.
  10. Good luck tomorrow DuelistGroundz.   May the Force Heart of the Cards be with you.
  11. It's depressing as shit that despite recognizing all these problems and writing a goddamn article discussing them, they still take no action to actually resolve them.     Article summarized in 15 words.   -"Hey guys! Look at this problem over here! Want to fix it?"   -"Nah fuck it."     Well played Konami.
  12. Prophecy/Spellbook - Discussion

    All flip guys are going to lose out to Dress, there's nothing you can do to prevent that. They're still the most effective way to clear Ophion.     Apprentice is actually terrible though. He's small and too slow to be considered as anything more than an extra Old Vindictive (who isn't that amazing himself). Using him to recruit Lv2 Bro seemed cool initially but it just turned out to be slow and inefficient.   GK Guards can at least wall the smaller guys while spinning Ophions away. A spun Ophion is just as good as a dead one.    He's also Dark/Lv4 which is more valuable than Lv2. Flipped Guards with a Breaker turns into floating Maestros as well as Evilswarm Nightmare which can block followup Ophions.
  13. Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy (804)

    Doesn't make much sense for Konami to leak information about a reprint for a card not even in circulation yet.    Why bother buying product to get all your broke ass Dragon bros when half are announced to be in tins?   Stardust and pals were released in tins while their set was active sure, but they weren't nearly as important for set sales as the Dragons are for Tachyon.   I mean, who the fuck really wants to play Plane things when you're just going to get eaten by Dragons.     I'd have to call bullshit but I've got to admit it's a hell of a photoshop.
  14. Yeah, Dust has to be chain link 1 for Geartown to trigger. It doesn't matter if it's a continuous spell/trap or not.   Dust doesn't negate anything, so that chain link still resolves (just without effect) and that link being there for any reason will prevent the Geartown trigger.
  15.     He's asking if he can Dust his opponent's backrow and set his in hand Geartown over his active one. Read the question next time, perhaps read it twice extra carefully if you feel like being a dick about reading something.   Situation should work fine as you expect.   Dust resolves, shoots, then sets. Assuming Dust is Link 1, nothing remains on the chain to prevent Geartown's trigger.