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  1. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    Falcon sucks because a lot of people runs planet, kaijus and more importantly, monarch field spell, which are easy outs. Is not even a blowout in the mirror as stalling is very real while pendulums just have to use odd-eyes unicorn/lightning/spiders to out it. We tested it last week and decided that it was "neat" but not the best format to do so. In fact, the more i think about it, the more i realize that burn damage is probably a good way for BA to finish games.
  2. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    The problems with monarchs are not going to be solved by running 3 subpar (more with the other pk monsters) cards in fog blade, the issues are: 1) They have better and larger FREE monsters. This means that you have to use princess dante/breaksword to clear every threat, which is flawed. You are reacting to everything they do 1 turn later. A single fogblade is not really going to do much outside of the t1 when you go first or fringe monarch turns where they need that clutch monarch effect to go through to go off; limiting how effective the card is outside of early game. 2) They have more resources. BA is an endurance deck by nature, however, in the long game, NO DECK bests monarchs. There is no such thing as outresourcing monarchs once they go off. This is a big problem for BA because deck can't end games fast enough if monarchs don't brick. The only way i have managed to keep close in CA with monarchs was by lake/traveler loping (lake is really good vs monarch) and even then, i had trouble finishing the games as i needed to clean certain stuff with lake to avoid pleiades/tzolkin drops (which lead me to realize that you need multiple barbar) or big beaters from a previous turn. I can't see myself winning that match-up g1 reliably without lake/traveler looping to hang me tight in resources, until i pass the mid game where monarchs are at it's absolute best and grind from there into a deckout. If you don't want to run those cards (lake + traveler), you are going to need multiple crane crane/ways to retrieve cir and ways to consistently pop multi monster fields. You are not going to win otherwise. In testing, i haven't found kozmo all that difficult as lady is often moot (because of the chain order with beatrice/malebranches/dante or how futile is to negate one monster when they have 4-5 more to summon) and every payment gets them closer to death (1 lady/troops, 2 500lp payment and 1 destroyer retrievement with town already puts them in your range). I still don't get why going over ships is such a deal breaker (especially accounting how many calls they run now and how useless kaijus are in the face of those) when you have an easier wincon in barbar/shark shenanigans. The threat of f0 often forces them to play in defense mode anyway, which buys you turns. The other day they summoned planet in def mode t1 and they still lost that game because burning them to death is outright cruel (and absolutely possible with traveler as they will get walled forever and ever; they basically need to kozmojo traveler/cir instead of f0 and other stuff). I barely see the need for kaijus when fortune tune, shark and barbar could easily win you the match g1 through time without the need to use the dark arts as the games between both decks take forever most of the time.
  3. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    Something has been bothering me as of lately after testinga lot with pure BA, are kaijus really that necessary? Against kozmo they can easily wall you, but you often win that match-up with barbar burn, eliminating the need of having to clear their threats in the first place (in pure, if you max barbar, you have an easy 4700 damage accounting for shark and without accounting for cirs and cranes which could easily give you the 8000; there is also the possibility of setting fire lake/traveler loop to make barbar burn until you have no more graveyard, although IDK how practical that is due to lake being useless in mirror). Isn't stalling and burning a similar strategy that doesn't require you to run bad cards? Against monarchs, they do nothing, unless it is domain monarchs (highly unpopular and unwinnable if they go first and don't brick anyway) or they only have a single monster without the trap down (extremely unlikely) or to out majesty's (which is an actual issue with pure BA). Against pendulums, they do nothing, other than beat bad players that don't detach material from dweller in DP when facing an unknown deck. I know that the general playerbase is horrendous at the game, but the latest tournaments i've played in, people has been detaching in DP/SP due to kaijus. And that leaves us against PK and the mirror match. However, pure BA is far superior to PK and it can easily get a free win when going first and has a lot of tools to punish the PK player going second by dropping 2 beatrice (and better virgil access by maining more than 1 rubic). Also, if you play kaijus, do you choose to go second everytime? Because going first, they are pointless as opening a 4 card hand 4 times out of 10 sounds absolutely horrendous.
  4. Lector, hamster and silverclaw are EASY outs. I don't like kirin, it forces me to run a lot of suboptimal cards (odd-eyes unicorn) and isn't amazing vs kozmo or monarchs (ok vs either, more on the bad side). I'm fairly certain that now is dracoverlords time to shine.
  5. Pot of Desires

    I hate this card with all of my heart. Everytime i use it, i rage a lot about losing stuff i was going to use (i.e. luster pendulum, single guitartle, etc.), but everyone is making +1 while i am not and then i feel dumb for it. I honestly hate them for printing this card. It is something flawed that ideally you wouldn't want to play but that you have to.
  6. Kozmo - Discussion

    Never adressed this post, but i do not believe this is correct, aggressive maxx "c" to defend a good board is one of the best possible uses. Yeah, it is one less card to make a good board, but one that will win you the game if you can go off with 4. Moreover, maxx has the additional benefit of being super strong if you go second and it isn't your 6th card, something other powerful traps like strike or emptiness can't do. If you are playing a BA/pendulum mirror or kozmo that opened island combo, i can guarantee you that if you go first unopposed and have a maxx "c" to spare, game will be over; is not as "hard" as oppression/emptiness, but that doesn't mean it is fair or that 1 player wasn't rewarded, the choices you have at that point are incredibly limited if you are on the receiving end of that. In the same vein, if decks can easily OTK through good boards consistently (which i don't think is true with stuff like dweller, monarch trap, ether or beatrice), they are going to be easier to OTK if you throw maxx while they were trying to set-up in t0 (with monarch being an anomaly as your average meta deck in modern yugioh special summons a gazillion times t1 to do anything). They are not in a nice position no matter what as you will have 6-8 cards and an extra BP (a luxury they didn't have), turning maxx into a weird win button as they had little to no choice. Playing decks with more traps to help alleviate this issue will result in having an unecessary disvantage with the current speed of the game, it is a lose-lose scenario. Only possible solution is playing a deck that isn't heavily affected by maxx (monarch), but then, you realize that maxx is so powerful that is shaping the meta around itself by single handedly detering people from playing something (strangling the usable card pool, pretty much like destroyer does). I honestly believe we need a retraining of the card with the reaper clause, it would still do what maxx does very well, but stop the parts where maxx is downright abusive. I don't believe that "promotes interaction" is something to defend the card as i can easily point out my finger to really common situations where card is degenerate. And no card has ever been good at all points of the game bar some select choices like pot of greed. I respect your opinion a lot, but i think that the heavy focus in special summoning and the inability to spare turns are what turned maxx "c" into something toxic.
  7. Kozmo - Discussion

    In all fairness, maxx "c" began acting as oppression/emptiness the moment the game is so fast that you can set-up ridiculous boards with 4 cards, then throw it into your opponent after setting-up. If you go second and stop their combo t1, you leave them without properly setting-up and can easily OTK them because decks are insanely fast now, the situation with the card is completely unfair. Just because it promotes interaction doesn't mean card is fair if the game is going to continue with this path. His comparison to sixth sense comes from the fact that the player who draws it first with a good hand gets a completely unfair advantage over someone who doesn't.
  8. Odd-eyes cards for regular build with master pendulum: -2/1 with unicorn and phoenix has been working fine. Phoenix is a free atk boost and can still be fused for dinoster, the ratios could be switched. - Magicians feel too "fair" and are vanilla scales when not working with each other (and suck to draw in multiples). Losing wisdom-eye changes everything and limits their usability in the deck to beaters and energency scales. On the other hand, you have abductor with brilliant/painful/sky iris and there is Nothing fair about that or you get hamster + brilliant fusion openings, master + hamster, etc. Where you make a good field worth of monsters and have enough to comeback next turn without losing CA. Magicians forego that in favour of quality like kirin and possibly apex now that you don't have to run infinite dragonclogs (dragonpit). Only reason i would run magicians over hamster/master build now is because of meteorburst and rebellionfor easy kozmo outs, keep in mind that if BA isn't the best deck, kirin loses value and i would rather take the unfair route. Also, magicians probably have a better domain match-up, but the suffer more vs counter traps as they have few windows to summon outside of the pendulum summon. At least you have hamster, rabbit and dinoster to create more chances to drop DDW with master build.
  9. That is the problem with pendulum atm (other than weakness to counter traps). The performapal engine is still overpowered and incredibly consistent, but r4, r8 and kirin are pretty bad vs kozmo, so you can't force the end game like with dweller/kirin or harbringer vs the other relevant match-ups. Getting over DD without utopia lightning isn't hard at all, just use your standard "loop" with dinoster, which usually leads into harbringer + majester + dweller, then crash. This is why building around master pendulum is important as it enables a good chunk of your extra deck without wasting your pendulums. In a weird sense, you are doing what BA does, but better: you put up a bothersome field full of "free" stuff and then keep ammo for a second lethal push, without multiple ignisters, your face-down extra deck cards feel like an actual reasource. Other answers involve sky iris and pendulum sorcerer are easy battle based answers, which are incredibly good when you add dweller aswell. There are other ways to do it: You can decimate a field full of ships without protection from monster's effects with dai + scale and any 2 level 4 pendulum monsters (dweller + scarlight), standard dinoster sequence like with harbringer, but you use pain gainer instead (pain gainer + dweller, then rank up again into the 4000 thingy that can't be destroyed, which will cause them major issues). If you decide to play raccoon and kirin, utopia beyond is a legitimate wincon vs kozmo. Then again, the point isn't the shortage of answers, is that you need to play around backrow and have enough cards to combo when going second. Unfortunately, going second is still really hard because one backrow/tag into destroyer usually means you lose when they have infinity. Unluckily, ignister is 50 points short of beating over infinity, so unexpected dai with angel trumpeter is more limited. You could swing over dark lady and then bait infinity, but your hand only has 4 cards after that (at least your extra has 1 extra monster, which could be really important).
  10. Kozmo - Discussion

    Tincan is still important as the combo can end in different ways. I'm not sure you need 3 copies though. Meanwhile Farmgirl gets worse and worse every set.
  11. Kozmo - Discussion

      Just so this is easier to follow, by 3p0, you mean Kozmo Strawman, right? Yes. Going to edit it and add other options, but the base strawman + trooper combo is always similar, the only thing that changes is that sometimes you need delta, sometimes you need sliprider. The only card you always need is FK island.
  12. Kozmo - Discussion

    So... 1 fire king island with sliprider and 6 or higher ship or 2 ships, kozmotown and fire king island or kozmotown, slip/destroyer, fire king island. For this example, let's say we have forerunner, sliprider and fire king island. Play fire king island Pop forerunner from hand add baby garunix Summon strawman Pay 500 to summon forerunner Tag for sliprider with straw Pop fire king island Pop both because of fire king island Summon the troops and delta shuttler Delta dumps strawman Troops summon strawman from grave Straw summons sliprider Use delta and slip to summon infinity Normal Summon baby garunix and go leviair with the troops Summon strawman with leviair Pay 500 to summon forerunner Overlay strawmans? (Maybe a r2 is worth it) End phase, summon dark lady from deck Kozmotown, fire king island, sliprider Play island Destroy sliprider in hand Summon strawman Play kozmotown Destroy both with fire king island Summon the troopers with red ship Add sliprider to hand with kozmotown Pay 1000 to summon strawman from grave Tag the troops for slip Slip destroys kozmotown Add dark destroyer Pay 500 to summon the troops negated Tag strawman for dark destroyer Dark destroyer destroys itself for delta, dump whatever Overlay for infinity Normal summon baby garunix and overlay negated troops for leviair Special summon strawman Pay 500 for dark destroyer End phase summon dark lady Kozmotown, fire king island and any 2 ships, let's say (1 dog fighter and 1 forerunner for this example as it is one of the few ways you won't get to infinity). Play island Destroy dog fighter from hand to add baby garunix Summon strawman Pay 500 to summon dog from banished pile Tag out strawman for forerunner Play kozmotown Both ships die and you get to summon delta and troopers Delta dumps dark lady Troops summon dark lady Normal summon baby garunix and overlay for leviair with troopers Special summon strawman with leviair Pay 500 to summon dog fighter Add forerunner to hand with kozmotown End phase grab tincan If one of the ships was delta/slip, infinity would be dropped. If it was slip, it is possible to leave kozmojo by popping kozmotown. IDC about the new support as a whole, but Fire king island makes this deck look like unfair yugioh instead of normal summon city Fire king island has value by itself as it increases the ceiling of the deck anyway. Sometimes you can use your extra kozmotown to dig for kozmojo if you need to.
  13. Left Arm Offering

    Fill your grave then soul charge has been a tournament winning strategy in the past. This card looks perfect to achieve something similar. You can probably make a monarch deck that sends multiple lv8 monsters to grave and then lockdown with harbringer, felgrand and bounzer.
  14. I'm actually surprised that deck is still topping after 1 week with the discarded stuff from post adjusted like armageddon knight, pendulum rising and secondonkey. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Upc-lzeAvdg The pendulum rising to non pendulum ratio is laughable, i honestly do not know how that build got 2 spots in the top cut; it looks like a pile of bricks with a bunch of non combo pieces. They probably just played what they had. At least they played 3 dinoster. Seriously, those cards aren't very good, and "testing" them will only result in wasting your time. Secondonkey isn't that bad, but there are better normal summons and armageddon is a flexible domain out (only perk over hamster), but pendulum rising is a big NO, card sucks. By the time people realizes how good this deck still is, someone will have a big event win. Ignoring it's existence by droping solemn strike and stuff will only make it better in the long run. Next list will probably end what is left of the deck.
  15. I do not want to be disrespectful, but i basically spoonfed a list here, i'm fairly certain you can figure it out by yourself. But let me give you a quick recap: Bad Pendulum rising Using your monsters to xyz into r4 right away Armageddon Summoner monk Extra bad performapals like partnaga Majespecters (bunbuku and kirin aside as they get value post SHVI) Good Painful decision Brilliant fusion Hamster Magical abductor Sky iris (post SHVI) Dinoster Majester Master pendulum And to use the post in a productive manner: deck is showing a lot of promise. It is strictly worse than in last format, but still feels really unfair and consistent. There is nothing fair about abductor + brilliant fusion openings nor pendulum sorcerer for example. I think that people with bad approaches to the deck discarded it too early,thinking it isn't good anymore; the longer the deck goes ignored, the better it will become. This deck is way too generic to easily die, sorcerer and master pendulum/dinoster would have to hit 1-0 for it to truly die. Only thing list did was to give other decks a fair fighting chance by forcing you to play by the rules as it eliminated the pseudo 6 copies of eccentrick, sorcerer, 7 copies of luster, etc., eliminated your autowin button with face-off, made your domain monarch match-up way harder and artificially boosted kozmo by dealing with multiple ignisters (forcing you to rely on BP answers, which isn't the end of the world because kozmo is still normal summon city at the end of the day).