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    Play xbox online gamer tag - Voldon mainly fighting games and modern warfare 2<br />Took 12th in long beach <br />

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  1. YCS San Jose

    So do the vendors still buy them for a pretty good price then?
  2. YCS San Jose

    This YCS was very small kinda funny a fight broke out. kinda lame that vendors cld nt sell doomcalibers knights really needed those. but does anyone know if vendors buy the ycs prize cards. Me and Tyler Cole split the prize for the side event and by the time we got done the vendors were already packed up so wondering if they still buy them anyone knows?
  3. greeting DGz

    Yeah I was the judge there
  4. greeting DGz

    I do play yvd but I think it will be obsolite when the online games comes out for the 360
  5. greeting DGz

    My name is Goodman. I've been playing this game and going to high level events for along time and thought I should start posting on here. I am from Reno,NV where there are jank locals and no regionals so I am out of the loop a lot of the time of what is being played so help me out and hit me up. Peace.