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  1. For live poker most COTM articles on 2+2 are great reading. Here is the most recent one on price elasticity of demand in poker - http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/170/live-low-stakes-nl/cotm-price-inelasticity-demand-1570128/     This list of what people consider the best articles written for LLSNL are pretty great to - http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/170/live-low-stakes-nl/best-llsnl-1168186/     I've only heard great things about the book "Kill Everyone" based on tournament poker with strong modern theory and a push/fold chart - http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/170/live-low-stakes-nl/cotm-price-inelasticity-demand-1570128/
  2. I am very arrogant.   I strive to be better than those around me but I am always tired and as a result never can motivate myself to push to my limits.   I hardly want to do anything outside of my comfort zone unless I absolutely convince myself.   I try to act extroverted even though I prefer my own company and I think I alienate people around me as a result of not finding the fine line between confidence/arrogance.   I constantly feel like I am being excluded by the people I call friends, probably because of how arrogant I come off as.   I am very self conscious, but I see that as more of a positive than a negative as it motivates me to try and become the best I can be aesthetically. 
  3. Am I a Madman?

    There is no clear indication that you might have a psychopathic / antisocial personality disorder.   There are strong indications that you might have a narcissistic personality disorder. Score: 9 of 9     There are strong indications that you might have a histrionic personality disorder.       I'm just gonna assume the test was too vague and not a big enough sample to be accurate.
  4. Rick and Morty

      [spoiler] I dunno man, I think Morty's pent up blood lust probably comes from the fact that Rick has subjected him to so much fucked up shit in their adventures that it's just completely mentally scarred him and as a result he's going slowly insane. I mean he does have to live wit the fact he buried his own dead body outside of his house and the the fact that he is responsible for destroying his original realities' earth. [/spoiler]
  5. Rick and Morty

    It's unfortunate since Rixty Minutes was my favorite episode out of both seasons but this seasons equivalent is my least favorite. But it was so hard for them to have lived up to the hype of the first one since it was so out of left-field and perfectly random as a result. Just seemed like they tried to hard.    The Puurge was a great return to form though and generally I'm enjoying this season a lot still. 
  6. South Park Season 19

    Episode 2 was absolutely fantastic. I'm not a massive fan on continuity in South Park like they did last season since I think the beauty of South Park is that they can discuss a new topic every episode in line with new current events and each episode is isolated as a result. However this episode I think completely justified their weak first episode start last week as it all fit in so well. Hopefully we don't lose Mr Garrison as a result of continuity since he's definitely one of the best characters South Park has. 
  7. Jurassic World

    Mad Max was close to a perfect action film. This film was just in the "entertaining" category. 
  8. Multiple Destruction

    Would this and protector of the sanctuary work?
  9. It Follows

    I watched it about a week ago after hearing all the hype behind it and honestly I felt really let down. While the film was shot very well and had an extremely interesting premise as well as a great tense atmosphere throughout, I feel that it did so little with what it had and resulted in a pretty inconsistent film with a lot of questions that it neglected to answer. I feel like the recently over saturation of shitty horror films made people praise this film more than it should. 
  10. Death Parade

    I usually watch more fantasy action type anime shows, but this show is so different for me, there are no heroes, villains or real underlying threats or actor forcing the plot along and I'm really enjoying it because of it. Which is pretty annoying as the finale is next week :/
  11. Guess I should be looking to take offers for them then, I've never seen anyone have them before so was just wondering if they were a regular occurrence of something, from the responses I guess not, haha. If anyone is interested in them just shoot me a PM since I definitely don't want to clog up this thread with it :D.
  12. So I've been out of the game for a while now, I have these misprints that are some of the only things I have left and want to get rid of them. Anyone have any clue what they think I'd be able to get on these?   http://imgur.com/vY0tpyT,IESixJV,7lF0rxl http://imgur.com/vY0tpyT,IESixJV,7lF0rxl#1 http://imgur.com/vY0tpyT,IESixJV,7lF0rxl#2   Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. #95 Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon

      > 60 cards > 3 upstart  
  14. Yuuki Usagi

    This can't be real.