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  1. I absolutely love your user name - CG is badass

  2. Guess Who's Back - Back Again....

  3. Fortune Faded

    - Call + Foolish Burial It'll get you mali plays faster, or give you that Water / Dark needed for the moves. Call is pretty bad in any Zero deck, since your main guy ; absolute zero ; can't be special summoned except by fusion. I really dislike Call in my absolute zero deck. I prefer to use the Hydrogeddon version, especially with dandys and gadgets all over the place.
  4. The best X-Saber Deck of the format

    <3 this deck
  5. Maniac!

    back to the top
  6. Maniac!

    anyone else?
  7. Maniac!

    Just going by what I have. I don't have a 3rd Darksoul - yet. Dust Tornado is good, I just feel I got enough cards in here for the back row.
  8. Maniac!

  9. Maniac!

    hah, I knew I was forgetting SOMETHING
  10. Maniac!

    Monsters : (18) Gorz Rescue Cat X-Saber Airbellum x3 X-Saber Faultroll x3 X-Saber Emmersblade x2 X-Saber Darksoul x2 X-Saber Ragigura x2 X-Saber Boggart Knight x2 X-Saber Fullhelmknight x2 X-Saber Garsem X-Saber Pashuul Spells: (11) Gold Sarcophagus Heavy Storm Brain Control Mind Control My Body As A Shield Mystical Space Typhoon Cold Wave Pot of Avarice One for One Saber Slash x2 Traps: (11) Saber Hole x3 Dimensional Prison x2 Gottoms' Emergency Call x2 Solemn Judgment Torrential Tribute Mirror Force Trap Dustshoot I want to try and take out a Faultroll and maybe add a Gardestrike, but I'm not sure what to tweak here.
  11. Kiss from a Rose

    This should be your video for the deck, same song, better version
  12. Marijuana.dek

    I see 3 Bellums... Should def think of adding the rescue cat.
  13. Shonen Jump Championship Edison, New Jersey

    This is why Pittao is scrub. I used to teach this dumbass how to play the game back in the day. Had to steal cards from me numerous times. I love it when idiots get what they deserve. I'm not sure what is my favourite... This epic fail vs Pittao, or the fact that this Jump has just made my 4 dollar drill warriors I bought 2 weeks ago on ebay shoot up to 40 each..... Thank you SJC
  14. Leaves of Autumn

    I use Pot - especially since there's absolutely NO draw power in this deck, and you're running 2 Rykos, and sycnrhoing - Pot is needed.
  15. I Wanna Get Drunk

    Yeah, someone at the London regionals I went to the other month did that, and I called a judge just to see if it was possible, I thought it was funny. Didn't mind it, just called for curiousity... I had the guy pwned lol