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  1. Ouch, I just read about link summon. Well jeez, now my head hurts... Thank you Jazz, will download it.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I learn about Discord a year ago. I thought people were still using Vent and TeamSpeak. I feel like an old man
  3. Hey Silver and Pryda, I spend a good 3-4 hours reading up on the new stuff. Then I start watching some duels on YouTube and Twitch, the game seems a lot faster and complex now. So it's pretty overwhelming, and obviously, I just need to get some duels in. I'm not even sure what is the online platform for YGO these days. YVD/Hamachi or youhost/lologs? anyone :D The game seems a bit more expensive now too. I look at some of Zoodiacs deck and it seems like the top deck right now. But about $500ish, that is a bit steep. And the other meta decks can range from $250 - $400. I mean sure, I can throw together 3x structure deck and go. But I'm a competitive guy, I don't want to 1-X at my local/shitty regional either. For now.. I'm not sure. The biggest factor for me is time, I can work anywhere from 35-60 hours and I'm in a serious relationship right now. But yeah, if I get somebody to mentor me or knock some of my rust. I would like to chat more about YGO. You guys can add me on FaceBook, Duy Bui. I have groupme too, and I guess the kids these days are using WhatsApp? I can download that too.
  4. Wow shit, I post this almost a year ago. Saying hello again ahahah :D
  5. Damn, it's good to see Exiled, Ash, Sky, Pax, and everyone. For a milliseconds, I thought about getting back to Yu-Gi-Oh. But holy crap, it has been almost 10 years since I quit YGO.
  6. Oh yeah, that is MUCH better. Looking good man.
  7. But yeah dude, just get it short on the side. If you want, you can keep your top long. But yes definitely add some products,   Axe has some decent products (not too expensive either.)
  8. This is great thread..
  9. !!!!!
  10. [quote name='❑❑❑' timestamp='1352695831' post='3323253'] actually real sexy beasts get [url=""]these[/url], [url=""]these[/url], or [url=""]these[/url]. [/quote] I have that Dalton in walnut. It is a pretty awesome boots. not my pic [img][/img]
  11. I use a seam ripper, it is pretty neat to remove logo on shirts, back pocket stitch, etc. [url=""][/url]
  12. [quote name='Eжiled' timestamp='1348894959' post='3291868'] i don't have the balls to click that link [/quote] same here.
  13. IWC Portuguese [img][/img]