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  1. XC VS DGZ

    Nice you found the thread! Good times, good times. More intense duels then any ygo tournament
  2. XC VS DGZ

    our roster was lit and we came closeeeeeeeeee [»] Sun [»] Sykotic [»] NinjaStrike [»] Animal [»] Haseo [»] yellowlink [»] Loko [»] Tag [»] Professional [»] Risen [»] Orichalocos [»] Homer [»] itznate87
  3. XC VS DGZ

    yeah im just kidding, XC always lost to DGZ lol, i lost both wars i played in against dgz. After 09 i dont think we had another war not sure. we did beat ETC though
  4. XC VS DGZ

    love you trolls, ill 2-0 you all even today
  5. I miss the YGO craziness from 10 years ago

  6. whats up sun. remember me? we used to talk a lot on MSN

    1. Sun.


      hey of course, i remember all the oldies, fucking miss those days


  7. XC VS DGZ

    Miss the days we use to pound you guys. =]
  8. What you guys think about 2vs2 site war
  9. Time to re-add BlackWing deck discussion thread back :)

  10. Complexity

    Im the real swag master
  11. Complexity

    Ori, you need help? :P