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  1. Miss the days we use to pound you guys. =]
  2. What you guys think about 2vs2 site war
  3. Time to re-add BlackWing deck discussion thread back :)

  4. Im the real swag master
  5. Ori, you need help? :P
  6. GG, until next war. cyao
  7. woooooo finally got my forum name back, thx woody
  8. gl if we win, i should get a free name change option as prize lul
  9. I'd like to join this team
  10. Just playing around with this deck, looks pretty cool and swarming is awesome. [img][/img]
  11. YCS wont come to montreal, no big events come to montreal, they just go to Toronto instead Lol.
  12. Lol if i knew you were going to reg at MTL i would've came just to 2-0 your ass
  13. I need to be unbanned from warring on here ;/
  14. Wow a Federer fan that home advantage for murray was retarded and too bad it didn't rain, stupid open roof.
  15. Yeah we have a team, we would be able to do a 6vs6 and demolished or not idc and could an admin edit my name back to Sun >_>
  16. Wow i fucked up my display name -.-

  17. Does DGZ wanna war XeroCreative? and whatever happened to warring vs DN
  18. Looks like your status is banned on DN, bmazing9, gee i wonder why lawl