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  1. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    Adam has 22, just so u know... u can count them if u really want to, but that might take some time and research. I am 100% he has 22 tops tho. Paul Abdelsayed OD/ ARG
  2. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    LOL Thanks a lot bro! Yeah it was great the whole day. Maybe DN just doesnt like you, lol.
  3. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    Mind crush was amazing all day man... especially against agents since u pretty much always know at least 1-2 cards in their hand. Helps you set up, and it stops you from pushing if you see your opponent has gorz.
  4. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    He doesnt really post on dgz. All u need to know that was different about his main, is that he mained 2 TKR that helped him a lot all day long!
  5. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    LOL yeah, im with u on the hero stuff Matt! Thanks a lot!
  6. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    Thanks Austin!
  7. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    No gach gachi, and the reason is because that is one of the biggest wastes of a diva i could think of. Every time I have diva, it is almost a guarantee that the play I can make is much better than a gachi gachi play. It just takes room in the extra, and there has never been a single time that I have wanted to make a gachi gachi thus far.
  8. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    Thanks man. I really wish I could have gone 10-0... freakin misplays bro! It continues.
  9. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    Thanks bro. Pretty sure it was: 1 infernity 2 agents 1 disaster dragon 1 chain burn 1 gravekeepers 1 tour guide plants 1 T.G. (Not in any specific order except the tour guide plants was a friend of mine and he went 10-0)
  10. Los Angeles Regionals 22nd Place Report

    Yeah wish I coulda gone 10-0. Good luck at your regionals and hope you do well. Thanks for the support!
  11. So, the day started early at around 6 am meeting up with 14 other people from my area. We all rode in this bus that my friend's dad owns. It was a pretty sick ride, not gonna lie. So the whole week prior to the event I was pretty sure I was gonna run Absolute Zero, just not sure if I was gonna run it with or without zombies. I ended up taking the zombie build to a local, and the deck proved very fragile due to the amount of agents that were being played. All your zombie set up pays would be demolished as soon as a kristya hit the board, so I decided to play a more consistent straight d-hero build. We got to the convention center at about 9 am, registered, re-sleeved and wrote our decklists. The tournament turned out to have the biggest lag and we found out that it was gonna be a 10 round regs with 576 people entered (they actually turned back about 100 more people). So the tournment ended up starting at 12:30 (round 1 that is) and everyone was pissed about this. So here we go with my rounds. Round 1: Absolute Zero vs. Hero Beat Game 1: He opened up with e-call into stratos, into alius, so i knew immediately what he was playing and this did not make me happy since I did not like this matchup by any means. He sets up early plusses with gemini sparks and a key hero blast on my malicious before i could synch with it. He wins with a shining play. Game 2: I open dustshoot and he reveals that he doesnt have any real threatening backrow and no gorz, so i otk him turn two with diva plays and miracle fusion, brionac, dark armed. Game 3: Late game he super polymerizationed his alius with my stardust for dragon knight draco-equiste with a skill drain up, but he was at 5100 so I went for game the next turn with cyber dragon, gale, dark armed and mind control and he had nothing to stop any of this. It was a very close game honestly. 1-0 Round 2: Absolute Zero vs. Junk Doppel sworn Game 1: I dustshoot and reveal 2 creature swap, 3 e-con and quickdraw synchron. He passes and I otk. game 2: He makes a key trishula play late for game. game 3: We go into time late and i needed to do 6300 for game on the last turn. I dropped plasma, took his stardust, (made my plasma 3150), summoned a brionac with diva+lost breaker+ last goat token, drop dark armed, and miracle fusion for absolute zero for game. He gave the hand shake and was very impressed with the deck, especially plasma. 2-0 Round 3: Absolute Zero vs. Norleras Sworn Game 1: My main deck kycoo kills him since his phantom of chaos get no effects. Game 2: Her turn 0 resets me and I have no way to come back (he had armed wing on board form vayu and sirocco in grave) Game 3: First turn kycoo against this deck was good i heard. He couldnt do much. He went out of his way to make catastor and i mirror forced it. GG 3-0 Round 4: Absolute Zero vs. Hero Beat Game 1: He hits a warrior lady and a gale into mirror force and i otk the following turn. Game 2: He makes shining, sets monster and passes. I mind control his face down penguin soldier, bounce his shining, summon diva, remove malicious, sacrifice 2 diva and malicious for plasma and take his shining, miracle fusion with his penguin soldier and my malicious for zero and attack for game. 4-0 Round 5: Absolute Zero vs. Agents (Deck check at table 4) Game 1: He summons earth gets venus, dualities for herald of orange light, and sets 3 to his backrow. I draw, he activates dustshoot, then mind crush, then another mind crush. I heard that was pretty good. He wins 2 turns later. game 2: I set 5 pass (little did he know there wasn't a solemn or starlight down). He summons earth i activate light imprisoning mirror he msts, i chain disappearance. He summons venus the next turn, i bottomless and those two turns allowed for me to set up a board of kycoo and thunder king. game 3: Light imprissoning mirror and doom lord combine to remove his monsters and buy me enough time to push for game with dark hole and catastor and stardust. 5-0 Round 6: Absolute Zero vs. Agents Game 1: I dustshoot him and his hand is dead when i put back earth. His remaining hand is double hyperion, gorz, bottomless. I swing in with kycoo. Next turn he topdecks another earth. I lose my kycoo to his set dark hole. He gets venus attacks. I summon diamond dude and atk. He summons venus, makes gachi and attacks. Next turn i summon diva get lost blue breaker, mosnter reborn diamond dude, and trishula his earth form the grave and on board venus to keep the hyperions dead. He topdecks another earth next turn but can get through my next turn of double miracle fusion and stratos for game. Game 2: I summon stratos and pass. He mind controls summons herald and synchs for gaia. His hand was definitely weak if he had to do that. I mind control his gaia, summon plague and synch for stardust. I dustshoot next turn and he offers the handshake. 6-0 Round 7: Absolute Zero vs. Infernities Game 1: I set goats, set sangan pass. He flips his set avenger, mind controls, summons beatle and makes catastor with my sangan. He still has 3 cards in hand. I search out diva (if i searched veiler i would have won here but i did not think he was going to be able to go off that turn). He forces me to activate my goats to stay alive after he goes off and i cant drop my plasma anymore. I can't do anything. Game 2: I get greedy mid game with kycoo and catastor and attack to try and remove, but mirror force hits me and my dark armed is now turned off with 4 darks in the grave. I should have let my catastor die first, then drop DAD and win. Two misplays in this match cost me the round. Its ok though, you live u learn. 6-1 Round 8: Absolute Zero vs. Six Samurai Game 1: He goes off and leaves me at 100. I drop Dark armed followed by Plasma and annihilate his board. Game 2: We are in a back and forth game. At one point in the game in time, he had a grandmaster with safe zone, face up grave of the super ancient organism, 3 backrow and kizan to my face up zero. Neither player could do much for the rest of the game. He loses in time. 7-1 Round 9: Absolute Zero vs. Junk Doppel (deck check again) Game 1: I win with steelswarm roach after i mind crush and see gorz. Lets me play around the gorz a lot. Game 2: Gains too much advantage with a trushula play. Game 3: Late, I misplay by summoning gale and making gaia knight instead of summoning diva and making a trishula. This ends up costing me the game in time and he wins the next turn with a topdecked avarice to put back his tengus for more synchro plays. 7-2 Round 10: Absolute Zero vs. Hero Beat (3rd one of the day) Game 1: He gets smashed on by Plasma taking his shining mid game and he scoops up. Game 2: I remove his shining with doom lord, summon stratos and pop a backrow, he activates super poly and makes adoration. He hits i activate goats. Next turn 1 take his adoration with plasma and decree locking down his backrow, miracle fusion for zero and make stardust for game. Doom lord removing the shining gave me game. 8-2 So I ended up 22nd place out of 576 which is pretty good in my opinion since this would have meant that I pretty much would have topped a YCS since this regional was bigger than most YCS's anyways. I was happy with the way the deck was playing the whole day and really surprised a lot of people. Here is my channel with the deck included (Please comment, like, and subscribe): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFzscGHCapQ&feature=channel_video_title Decklist: Monsters: 19 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Gorz 1 Stratos 2 Malicious 1 Diamond Dude 1 Doom Lord 1 Plasma 1 Mystic Tomato 1 Sangan 1 Spirit Reaper 1 Blackwing Gale 1 Plaguespreader 3 Deep Sea Diva 1 Lost Blue Breaker 1 Effect Veiler 1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Spells: 17 3 Duality 2 Destiny Draw 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Reinforcement of the Army 3 Miracle Fusion 1 Heavy Storm 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Monster Reborn 1 Dark Hole 1 Book of Moon 1 Scapegoat 1 Mind Control Traps: 5 1 Trap Dustshoot 2 Mind Crush 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Mirror Force Side Deck: 15 2 Thunder King 1 Kycoo 1 Cyber Dragon 1 Super Polymerization 2 Royal Decree 2 Light Imprisoning Mirror 2 Chain Disappearance 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Starlight Road Extra Deck: 15 1 Catastor 1 Brionac 1 Gaia Knight 1 Black Rose 1 Armor Master 1 Stardust 1 Dark End 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Trishula 1 Leviair 1 Utopia 1 Steelswarm Roach 2 Absolute Zero 1 Elemental Hero the Shining Pros: - Getting my invite - Starting of 6-0 - Brian and Trenton also getting their invites. - Judges not being that bad that day. - Robbie packing a Tour Guide (honestly, this guy wins YCS Indy, a 2K right after, and now packs a tour guide, wtf!) - Letting everybody know how D-heroes role son! - Plasma having a 100% win ratio. - Trenton driving us in the sickest vehicle ever. - All the support I was getting the whole days. - Homies hooking it up with high rarity cards in my deck, especially the super rare divas. Thanks. Slops: - Ending 8-2 when I easily could have ended 10-0 - Not packing anything out of 9 packs that i received. - 12:30 start time. - Getting home at 2 am. - Most of Overdose not showing up. Hope you guys enjoyed, and please try out the deck. I think you will find to love it just as much as I did, still do, and always will. Thanks, Paul Abdelsayed OD
  12. Ghost!

    Why the veilers side boarded if u already side board d fissure? Are u worried about the mirror match? Because if so, why dont u just run jowls or jujitsu master? Just wondering. Other than that, deck looks good, alhough to fit my playstyle, i might cut 1 trap stun for something like forbidden lance, e-con, smashing, or waboku. -Paul Abdelsayed
  13. Locals Tournament Chaos Deck

    wow... the comment was obviously not to be taken that way... him raping me refers to the plus 5 and 6 he was up on me games 1 and 2 respectively... wow
  14. Locals Tournament Chaos Deck

    I dont think he was sacking me, but he definitely raped me... yeah it is fast, i just couldnt draw answers to his plays.
  15. Locals Tournament Chaos Deck

    Call was bad in testing... It would get decreed, trap stunned, or oppressed. I like the card in general but not in this deck.